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Thread: Underground Bars & Clubs

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    Default Underground Bars & Clubs

    Or above ground, as the case may be!!

    Water Tower in Chelsea Manifests a Secret Life

    The Night Heron, an invitation-only nightclub held in a water tower in Chelsea, was accessible only by ladder through a trapdoor
    The Night Heron was as exclusive as it was lawless. The only way to get in was to be handed a pocket watch by a prior guest (who had been instructed to offer minimal explanation), report to a street corner at a certain time, and call a number pasted inside the watch. Mysterious helpers led guests through one decrepit building into another and up 12 flights of stairs to the roof. The watches were taken at the door, but guests were given the chance to buy watches at the end of the night if they wanted to continue the chain of invitation.

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    The piano theme is cool.

    Wonder where the toilet facilities are.

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    We got this through the office.

    The problem with this is simple. I can spell it in 4 words and it rhymes with Shire.

    All of this is cool until you get a story of a dozen people roasted alive trying to get through a single trap door in an undocumented "cool" club.


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