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Thread: Soccer Stadium Could Come to the Bronx

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    Default Soccer Stadium Could Come to the Bronx

    If this can somehow happen, it will be a huge boost to the local community. I hope my South Bronx neighbors share this YIMBY attitude.

    • Jobs
    • More business for Stan's, Billy's, etc.
    • For soccer fans, it's on the 2, 4, 5, B and D lines and Metro-North. This is a GREAT location for a transit-oriented stadium.
    • One less blighted unused garage.

    A Major League Soccer franchise, whose plans to build a stadium in a Queens park were interrupted by community opposition, has a new site in mind: just south of Yankee Stadium in the Bronx.

    If the latest proposal is successful, the New York City Football Club would build a 25,000-to-30,000-seat stadium that offers connections to subways and rail lines, as well as Yankee Stadium and the Gateway Center, a large retail complex near the Harlem River.


    It will not be easy for the club to put the Bronx site together. Sitting on the parcel under consideration is a parking garage for Yankee Stadium that is run by a troubled nonprofit, the Bronx Parking Development Company. In April, the company defaulted on a $237 million civic bond.
    The soccer club would have to strike a deal with the parking company that would compensate it for the garage and put it on more solid financial footing.
    The club would also have to acquire the land currently occupied by a highway ramp and a 100,000-square-foot factory, GAL Manufacturing Corporation, a family-owned business that makes elevator components and employs 225 people. Bronx officials do not want to lose a major employer. According to one person who has been briefed on the talks but was not authorized to discuss them, the soccer club has offered to build GAL a new factory elsewhere in the Bronx.

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    After looking up the spot on Google maps, are they planning on building over 153rd? The parking lot itself doesn't seem very big, and the GAL factory is across the street, so I am not sure what it has to do with anything unless they were essentially combining both blocks into one larger one, thus needing to buy and clear both.

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    I believe closing 153rd st. would be part of the plan. Admittedly, 153rd doesn't really go anywhere in this direction. If there were big concerns, 157th St could actually be reopened on the north side of the street and offer the same connection back to the western onramp.

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    Excellent. There was lots more news on this within the last day or two. It looks more likely to happen now than it did back in August.

    The New York Times

    Daily News

    New York Post


    Capital New York

    New York Observer


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