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    Default NY Times Cut and Paste

    Today the Times seems changed the layout of the on-line edition ostensibly to make it easier to navigate through. In so doing, it appears as though they have made it extremely difficult to cut and paste whole articles into the forum - at least I am having a hard time doing so.

    Anyone else experiencing problems?

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    Here's the announcement, cut & pasted directly from the home page:

    To Our Readers

    The New York Times is introducing a new design for, its first since April 2006. The images are larger, the layout and typography are cleaner and the site navigation is better. More enhancements will follow.

    The type transfers smaller than it used to.

    I've found, for quite some time, that C+P from the NYT always takes lots of tweaks to get it looking right here.

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    The "Print" option (under "More") now points to a printer dialogue box instead of displaying only the text on the screen, which I used to use to copy/paste just the text and eliminate any unwanted bits. The photo at the top of the article (and enlargements) had to be pasted separately.

    I've just copied/pasted an article in the Endanged NYC - Lost & Threatened Treasures thread with no problems.

    Just requires a bit of formatting in Go Advanced, mainly adding hard returns after paragraphs and (now) removing unwanted extras.

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    I also noticed one can long loger C&P from the print paste - a practive I regularly deployed.

    As I indicted in the Christie post, my initial attempt at C&Pasting the artical resulted in words being superimposed upon each other creating the appearance of a hodgepoge of unreadable and seemingly random letters apearing on top of each other. In addition, Text not appearing in the article seemed to appear on the paste. It confused me - hadn't seen anything like it before.

    Initally I thought as you,the the Times may be attempting to create obstacles around pasting their articles onto news forms such as this one, but in retrospect, I am not sure that makes sense. They do enable subscribers to e-mail articles, so why not this?

    It is perplexing. I will try the Go Advanced option. I am used to adding hard returns after each paragraph, - I do that today on my PC but not MAC, possibly because if IE 7.

    As to the effect the new layout has on the appearance of the on-line paper itself - I am not crazy about it. It seems cheap and less elegant than the traditional layout , and reminds me a bit of the NY Daily News on-line edition - almost a bit tabloid in appearance. I am not crazy about the italicized head lines along the papers margin either. Maybe I am just a traditionalist.
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    Going to on the computer may resolve at least a few of the cut-and-paste issues.

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    Cut & Paste problems from certain web pages can sometimes be corrected by toggling the Editor Mode - "A" button at top left.

    WYSIWYG will display the page exactly as it looks on the source page, with all the code. Source Mode strips away all the coding. This is the same as Printer Friendly.

    The problem with Source Mode is when there are links in the text, the coding is removed. If text is going to be printed, a clickable link is isn't necessary.

    You can get around this problem by first pasting in WYSIWYG, then switch the editor to Source, and then preview the post. You can usually see what code is causing the display to be messed up, and correct it.

    Copying to a computer word processor isn't a good idea; that could introduce more unwanted code.

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    Ok, I will try it. Thanks.

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    A note to all forum members

    As websites become more complex and a wider range of platforms are used to view material, it becomes more difficult to display material correctly. Some sites deliberately make it difficult to lift text.

    Unfortunately, there is no Fix button; sometimes you have to change editor mode, preview, and manually remove the cause of the problem. This is the case with paragraph removal, a common error. It makes long articles difficult to read, especially on a tablet. If the site doesn't have a printer-friendly mode, you have to manually put in paragraph spaces.

    Also, unrelated stuff such as sidebar links, twitter and email links, should be removed.

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    I try to remove the links - but unless I am doing something wrong, I often have a hard time. It almost seems like some of the links and extraneous verbiage are embedded onto the main portion of the article itself - sometimes it is impossible to cull them out, deleting one means deleting the other. The nearest analogy I can draw is special pasting two peices of text or an excel sheet nto a single text box on a powerpoing slide as an image. It is all or nothing.

    The article I tried to C&P last week was pasted with text that was not even in the original. It was weird, and it was actually superimposed directly onto the workds from the main article, making the whole thing unreadable. I have not encounted that since however.

    Changing the editor mode on another article helpd with the paragraph removal which was handy, but honestly, adding paragraph breaks in is not the end of the world anyway. But I will contnue to experiment with the options you highlighted.

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    The post wasn't directed at anyone in particular; this was just a handy place to put it.

    The source mode displays all the code within brackets, what makes a page look the way it does. Pictures, colors, fonts, indents - it's all done with this coding.

    Sometimes if it's difficult to pick up what I want from a page, I find it helps to do it in pieces. Maybe the header first. run the mouse down the page until I see a problem, then back up a little and copy. Then continue from that point. But for me, these problems don't happen too often. I don't read it much, but I recall that USA Today was difficult to copy from.

    Browsers have copy-paste extensions that you can add on. I've never tried any, but I remember in early Firefox it was difficult to open certain types of PDF files, and I found a free extension that worked perfectly.

    You might look into that.


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