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Thread: MLB Playoffs, 2013

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    Default MLB Playoffs, 2013

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    I'm going with the Pirates and the Dodgers.

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    Pirates are an easy choice for me. I went to school in Pittsburgh, and the home of my in-laws.

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    Plus we get to feel nostalgic for Yankees from days-gone-by. Like AJ giving up 7 runs in a 2 inning start in Game 1.

    LA beats Atlanta. That's good. I hate that tomahawk chop more than anything in baseball.

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    I am kind of rooting for the A's. I like Billy Beane, and I like the fact that a team with a low payroll made the grade. I am rooting for the Pirates for the same reason.

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    I hate to say it, but I doubt any team in the AL can stop the Red Sox.

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    At least our new mayor will be happy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hbcat View Post
    LA beats Atlanta. That's good. I hate that tomahawk chop more than anything in baseball.
    You should be happy today.

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    I hear him with the tomahawk chop thing.

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    Yes, death to the chop and good riddance. Good for Donnie Baseball too; apparently he's fighting for his managerial life in LA. He was the best of players, but I am not sure if he's good in that job.

    However, the best playoff game I have seen this year was the Game 2 pitchers' duel between Sonny Gray and Justin Verlander. The 23-year-old kid matched Verlander zero for zero through eight innings. The A's won 1-0 with the decisions going to the bullpens. Great stuff.

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    The A's haven't decided if they'll pitch Bartolo Colon or Sonny Gray in Game 5. I know what I want to see.

    And, oh yeah, Boston beats TB and advances. I am for any other team, although if the Braves were still in it, I'd be torn.

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    A's and Pirates .... A's and Pirates .... A's and Pirates .... A's and Pirates ....

    I guess I would take the Dodgers too. I can't help it, I am a sucker for Mattingly.

    ON a side note, Colon gets radical surgery that requires HGH to finish the repair on his elbow. He than gets justifiably creamed by MLB, loses 50 games, but salvages his career.

    As oppossed as I am to PED, I can't say I blame him.

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    He took a calculated risk and paid the price, which includes a big hit to his reputation.

    Watching young athletes emerge as the elite in their sport is just too much fun. Colon had his day; now I want to see Gray. If Gray pitches and wins, Bartolo gets to pitch again anyway. Also, AL hitters have seen everything Colon can do. The added element of the unseen gives the kid some edge here.

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    Sonny Gray wasn't as sharp as he was in Game 2, but he was okay. Unfortunately, Verlander was unbeatable, taking a no-hitter into the 7th inning.
    So now we have Detroit vs Boston. Go Tigers!

    LA lost a heart-breaking in extra innings of Game 1. Must win tomorrow.

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