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Thread: 59 West 36th Street

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    Default 59 West 36th Street

    The parking garage is being demolished, to be replaced with a hotel.


    Demolition status as of 5 Jan 2014:

    Property was purchased by Hidrock Realty about one year ago:

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    Default 25 Jan 2014

    through-block demolition also visible at 62 West 37th Street

    both properties were purchased by Hidrock:

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    This area has so many beautiful buildings. It would be nice if they built something decent.

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    Hotels going up midblock in this area you pretty much have to expect them to be Poons and Kaufmans nowadays.

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    I never thought I'd see a poon that I didn't like. I love poon.

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    "Proposed garage"?! Are they seriously planning on demolishing those pre-war buildings, at least one of them a highrise, for a three story garage? Even if demolishing historical buildings makes them happy, how is this an economically viable way to use this land? What about community boards? Yes, I understand that their main fight is to turn Manhattan into a low density suburb and they could care less about meaningful aesthetics issues like streetwall or historical preservation, but you'd hope that even they would have something to say about this plan.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LeCom View Post
    I understand that their main fight is to turn Manhattan into a low density suburb
    I fully, 110% agree with everything you said, LeCom ... except the "low-density suburb."

    If only. Low-density suburbs from before WWII are charming, wonderful places. The putrid version of NYC coming to fruition in the Garment District and elsewhere thanks to Poon, Kaufman, O'Hara and developers like Chang, Macklowe, Moinian and the many small-timers is a land of cheap-o roach motels that belong, architecturally, at an interstate pit stop (only turned on their sides to be vertically rather than horizontally oriented). Even the average low-density suburb wouldn't do that to itself.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stroika View Post
    a land of cheap-o roach motels that belong, architecturally, at an interstate pit stop
    Feel free to hate them, but there is absolutely nothing similar between suburban motels and these new Manhattan hotels. Not cost, design, price, amenities, parking, nothing.

    In fact they're completely opposite types of hotels; one being cheap roadside motels with no amenities, standard design and geared towards drivers and the other being expensive urban towers with amenities, non-standard design, and no provisions for drivers.

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    Also, pretty sure they're demolishing a 2 story garage and replacing with a 3 story garage. It's quite possible there's some sort of crappy zoning they're trying to work around. These places are not setup to turn a profit if the lot turns into a ULURP shitshow.

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    Default 19 Oct 2014

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    Default 31 May 2015

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    Default 19 Dec 2015

    view from 37th Street

    view from 36th Street


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