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Thread: NYC Window Blinds: photos, comments, advise.

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    Post NYC Window Blinds: photos, comments, advise.

    Here is a picture of a the window treatments recently done at a loft apartment on 24th street, between 5th & 6th Avenue. There are actually two separate roller shades on a single bracket in each window: one see-thru solar shades & one room darkening black-out shades. In front of the window frames containing the double roller shades are full length drapes attach to a curtain rod mounted on the concrete ceiling. More pics of NYC window treatments to come soon.

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    Here is a look into a newly occupied NYC appartment: the window blinds have been specified, measured: but not yet installed. Once these naked windows are properly dressed I will post photos of the completed project.

    The window heights here are over 10 feet high: finding the right window treatment was particularly tricky because I am not permitted to attach any brackets to the window mullions: so every bracket must be drilled into the concrete slab ceiling. The reason for attaching to the ceiling is that the ‘window’ manufacturer invalidates the product warrantee if ‘holes’ of any type are drilled into the metal framing around the panes of glass.

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    This is a view of the Manhattan Skyline with 432 Park Avenue looking tall & thin among its neighbors. The window treatment is called a 'slumber shade' because it is a room darkening fabric and has side tracks that keep any light rays from shining in on the side: this room gets pitch black when they are closed - even in the daytime.

    Brooklyn's Eastern Parkway is just outside this window; so both noise and streetlights need to be well blocked out for a good nights sleep - slumber shades are perfect for this purpose.

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    Here is the private office of an a investment banker; this building is located near Grand Central Station: across Lexington Avenue, facing southwest.

    He was getting blinding glare due to sun reflections coming off those mirrored glass windows across the street. He went with 1’ aluminum horizontal blinds so he could control the amount of light by tilting the horizontal slats as needed.

    This was an interesting measure/install because of the curved window wall, and there was nowhere to attach the brackets on the window frames: so I had to mount all the window blind brackets on the sheetrock ceiling soffit. Toggle bolt anchors inside the sheetrock ceiling insured the blinds would not pull-out when when using the lift cords.

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    What an original idea for a thread. Keep these coming.

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    Thanks. I think this thread will be of interest to those interested not only in seeing window covering ideas: but also will enjoy an 'inside' look at NY real estate.

    I will be posting again to this thread: so please do check in again.


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    I'd like to second my enjoyment of this thread. Also, if you're willing to do work upstate (WAY upstate) PM me. We should talk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RoldanTTLB View Post
    I'd like to second my enjoyment of this thread. Also, if you're willing to do work upstate (WAY upstate) PM me. We should talk.
    Glad to hear that enjoy this thread Roldan. BTW, an odd coincidence - I will be traveling to Colorado this winter for a one week installer training course at the 'Hunter Douglas' headquarters. Maybe we can get together for an afternoon of Sking the Colorado mountain tops....LOL

    PS. I think traveling Upstate would make the price too costly: but thanks much anyway..

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    The comeback curtain: it is i’s now modern and ‘sheer’ function. This article in the WSJ has some interesting video clips in addition to the article text.

    excerpt -
    Ms. Crabill wanted a sheer layer of drapes overlaying roller shades in a pearl color; she wanted blackout shades for maximum light-control at night. When the shades are up, the drapes filter the daylight softly and billow pleasantly if the windows are open. They look like "a flowy, sexy dress that always makes a woman look amazing," Ms. Crabill says.
    Many sheer window treatments incorporate a high-tech layer of protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays, which can penetrate regular window glass and damage skin, discolor fabrics and overheat rooms.

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    Time now for ‘talking-trash’ about the window covering industry. Here is a look into the New York City Department of Sanitation office located downtown in the FIDI district on Maiden Lane: this is a newly built-out office space completed only recently. The final touches on this new office space was the installation of aluminum horizontal mini blinds on all the interior glass wall partitions; there were about 12 small & large conference rooms with floor-to-ceiling panes of glass serving as see-through partitions.

    Oddly enough the GC and interior designers did not specify what ‘type’ of window treatment to choose for this particular interior application: so it was left up to me, the installer, to specify what I thought would be the best ’type’ of window treatment for this office. Since there was only a small 1 1/2 inch frame depth, mini blinds were the perfect fit for this particular application; as well as mini blinds providing the perfect function for controlling privacy and view-out levels.

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    Making a decision about what type of window blind to choose for your home can be daunting; deciding style, color, material, function, source, cost, installation all require careful consideration.

    This is a good place to ask advise on those questions: someone, if not myself, will likely have answers to any questions you may have on the subject. There have been about one thousand visits to this thread in only the last few weeks: I am sure someone has had questions on the subject - particularly NYC apartment window coverings
    Here is a unique "hells kitchen" window treatment solution using automated roller shades -
    Here is an 'upper east side' solar shade solution -
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    If you find the photos helpful and or interesting, you'll find many more on my website:

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    Please like this THREAD on the upper left corner if you find this post at all helpful or interesting: THANK YOU.

    Take a look at the second floor row of windows on this little ‘black box’ of a building located on the corner of Walker and Church streets: above the resturant. Then, take a look from the inside looking out; with the partial view of the corner intersection of the same street. These window shades - mounted in reverse roll for decorative affect - look terrific. There were 17 in total installed: these 4 on the South Window Wall, and 13 on the West Window Wall.

    When those shades are rolled all the way up there is a good view of One World Trade. Installing on 9/11, as I did today - could not help to wonder what that same view, at that same time 9AM, was like on THAT day..,,

    That is a simulated ‘rice paper’ fabric on the roller shade made of a polyester and vinyl blend: it has the same soft translucent glow of rice paper when light shine through. There in no ‘view out’ when they are down - as do solar shades that have some degree of ‘transparency’ - buy this offers them evening privacy as they often work late hours in this office.

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    Sleepless in Billyburg: what's a hipster to do.....

    This room still gets “too much light at night” as I have been told: ambient light from the street, the moon, the buildings across the road all make for a sleepless night for the young couple who just moved into the new Williamsburg apartment.

    I don’t know what to tell them: other than wear sleep masks at night.

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    “Save Me From What I Want” by Jenny Holtzer - and what I want is 13 roller shades that do not give me any privacy or even block very much light.

    That above ‘truism’ is one of the many phrases used by the above mentioned “conceptual artist’ for whom I just installed these tinted roller shades….

    Actually, these tinted film shades block the harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun that both heat-up the studio, and also degrade the painted canvases in the studio. This was a ‘cool product’ to use for this studio filled with really cool people and some really great art work.

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