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Thread: Furnishing a 1-bed apartment

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    Default Furnishing a 1-bed apartment

    Where's the best place to furnish a 1-bed apartment, and by 'furnishing' I mean the the whole lot, everything you'd need to survive - and of course at a reasonable price! I'm talking 'new' rather than 'second-hand'.

    Any advice or suggestions would be welcomed.

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    Cheapest, Ikea. If you don't want to DIY, Gothic Cabinet Craft is probably as cheap as Ikea + hiring someone.

    Second-hand has its charms too.

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    I'm just going to say this - Gothic customer service is EXTREMELY BAD.

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    When it comes to fitting out the windows with blinds, shades or curtains you can contact me directly: I do both sales & installation of window coverings. I am definitely the best "value" in town - but not necessarily the "lowest price" in town.

    I use a facebook business page for social network marketing, you can find me here -

    Also, you can get lots of good ideas on how to dress a NYC window here on the thread about, guess what: NYC window blinds. -

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    Many thanks for your comments, I've come across Bed Bath & Beyond which seems to provide many of the basics - incredible store, we left with a taxi-full of stuff!

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    Finished off by visiting CB2, have now got most stuff - it's not been for me but for my son who has moved into his new apartment on Hudson Street.

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    BB&B has beautiful stuff, but they're not cheap. In the future, just until you're flush, try the middle-of-the-road department stores. Target, KMart, etc. They ain't sexy, but you'll save money, and when you trade up, you can sell on ebay, craigslist or donate your used stuff.

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    Anyone want a black wall unit that has a central space for a TV, shelves and drawers plus a chest-of-drawers in the same dark wood - free, all you have to do is collect.


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