If anyone's wondering (or disappointed) about the lack of modern buildings/skyscrapers photos, I deliberately didn't bother because Adelaide isn't known for skyscrapers (height restrictions), and most of the other modern buildings are pretty meh. A fair proportion of the Adelaide square mile (photo below) is probably quite under-developed and I was surprised to see this was still the case after my long absence. I'm glad, though. I also really like the wide streets and the consistent planting of plane trees, despite pleas for more variety.


Plane Trees (not a typical wide street, though)

More Adelaide beauties at SkyscraperCity

Oh dear (2012) \/

The current regime has a mix of recommended maximum building heights, ranging from two storeys to 103m in precincts north of Victoria Square. Most new development is capped at 60m.
This just would've looked really silly, though:

Artist's impression of a proposed 100-storey building for Adelaide in 2007 that never got off the ground.


The current tallest building, built in 1988 (!), is 132m, so the above numbers must have changed...a bit .

We've thankfully still retained much architectural history which, I think, defines Adelaide and makes it special.

This AMAZING book showcases this perfectly in wonderful then and now photos: