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    i'm looking for a good Irish pub in Brooklyn, does anyone have any suggestions?

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    I heard good things about The Harp on 3rd ave between 77/78th streets in Bay Ridge. Apparently they have a beer garden that stays open all year around.

    Interestingly (at least to me) I used go live a block away - on the corner of 77th and Ridge (2nd Ave.)- Umm... 30 years ago ....

    They don't serve food but they sometimes provide complimentary stuff and they allow you to order out.

    Another Bay Ridge place, O'Sullivan's on 89th is supposed to be nice as well. They do serve food.

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    Hard to miss in Bay Ridge.

    If you stay on the R train to the last stop (95th St), walk to 3rd Ave, there are two pubs close to each other:

    The Wicked Monk, 9510 3rd Ave

    Kitty Kiernans, 9715 3rd Ave. (my choice)

    I recommend both, although I haven't been to either in over a year.

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    For something old school; Farrell's Bar & Grill at Prospect Park West.

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    Wow Farrels is old school. I believe it is actually on Prospect Park Southwest and 16th st. but I may be mistaken.

    Many years ago, I used to play 3B in a modified pitch softball league in Prospect Park and would frequent Farrell's once a week during softball season. At the time, it was purported to be the largest retail distributor of Bud on the East Coast - if you were a regular, you would literally order a cardboard container of Bud (1 qt) at a time - similar to what many take out restaurants give you when you order out.. I hate Bud, but I will say the taps were always very clean, and the beer was always very fresh there. When in Rome....

    The place was a real throwback, even back than.

    I recall an area around the bar bordered by floor tiles which were colored or designed differently than the rest of the barroom floor. At one point (way before my timr there) , I am told women were prohibited from entering the space inside the border.

    Another one of my memories (which are faded by age, and muddled by consumption), is that the women's restroom door could only be unlocked from behind the bar by a bartender who would push a button to "buzz" women in. The lock would literally buzz when the bartender pushed that button. Hence women (or the male companions) would signal to the bartender to let them know the women's restroom was needed. Not that there were very many women in the place. It goes without saying that I seriously doubt that arrangement exists today.

    Notwithstanding their neanderthal approach serving the clientele, I have to admit to having many fond memories of the place. They did not offer food, but there was a good pizza restaurant down the street where you were able to buy slices or pies, and bring them in.

    Another oddity - during the week when I went after games, a sizable percentage of their customers would be dressed in their softball uniforms. Apparently there were a number of leagues in the park, and a good many of the teams from those leagues would come in after their games too.
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    I was young, dumb and fresh off the boat in the States while, on my second day in the country, I was working with an ancient Irishman who had lived in Brooklyn for 50 years (having never returned to Ireland btw).

    After work we stopped in a bar and I failed to note the name when walking in. I had never seen a soda gun in a bar before (they are not used in Ireland) and I noticed "Wunder Bar" on the back of the gun and I simply thought, 'that must be the name of this bar'.

    A few years later I met some friends in Farrell's prior to a concert in the park. "Hey, I know this place..."
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