I saw this on a transportation forum after some discussion of Flushing Commons and Manhattan West:

I wish there was a website that showed a map of all the different development projects going on in the city (or even the entire metro area), with details like sq ft of commercial, sq ft of residential, etc. It could be an interesting way of following what neighborhoods are really booming. Until I started reading some of the websites about development, I didn't realize just how active Flushing was.
It seems an excellent point: I've been following NYC real estate casually for several years, and I don't think I've ever seen anything like that. You could quickly and easily compile a long list of development projects from sites like this one, SkyscraperCity, Curbed NY, and New York YIMBY, but I'm at a loss for such a map. Does a current, comprehensive, publicly-accessible interactive map of (mega) development projects in the tri-state area or city as a whole exist anywhere?