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Thread: Explosion at 121 Second Avenue, East Village

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    The specific situation here - at least as much as is already known - is unauthorized tampering with the gas supply within the buildings. If the street mains were brand new, nothing would have changed. The explosion would have still happened.

    The need to replace aging street mains is a separate issue. Even if there was no explosion, they would have to be replaced because they are old.

    Jesus H Christ!

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    ^ What he said.

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    The reply to this will be - "the reason they tampered with the gas supply is because they didn't have money to pay for gas - because Wall Street put profits over people."

    There - I saved Wobert the trouble of writing that. This thread practically writes itself.

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    Thanks EastMillinocket, you're beginning to get my drift ......

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    Plumber Admits to Illegally Tapping Gas Line That Caused EV Blast

    By Liam Mathews | April 6, 2015 - 09:03AM

    An unidentified plumber has admitted to illegally tapping the gas line at 121 2nd Avenue, the site of March 26th’s fatal explosion. The New York Post reports that the plumber confessed to rigging an illegal hookup to supply gas to the building’s upstairs apartments under the orders of Michael Hrynenko Jr., the landlord’s son.
    “Investigators suspect an illegal hook-up in the building was removed from a gas line ahead of a Con Ed inspection on the day of the explosion, then reinstalled before the devastating blast about 30 minutes later,” the Post reports.
    Investigators haven’t decided whether to cut a deal with the plumber in exchange for his testimony or to use his statement against him, sources say. The plumber is not Dilber Kukic, the allegedly unethical general contractor who was in the building with Hrynenko Jr. at the time of the explosion.
    The Post’s sources say that whoever is found responsible for the explosion could face charges of second-degree manslaughter and reckless endangerment.

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