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Thread: Larry Stutts - Wonkette's Shitmuffin of the Year Nominee

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    Default Larry Stutts - Wonkette's Shitmuffin of the Year Nominee

    Even considering the current low bar for moral character that's in place for politicians, this jerk has managed to slither under it.

    Dr Larry Stutts, Alabama state senator.

    Alabama Republican targets ‘Rose’s law’ he helped inspire

    Stutts' actions prompted a scathing editorial in the Alabama Political Reporter, in which he was described as evil.

    Stutts Becomes Pariah (Opinion)

    Wonkette picked up the story, and had their own take on his retraction:

    For his part, Doctor Senator Stutts released a statement explaining that the media got it all wrong, and that he would never ever ever in a million years ever do anything that might endanger a patient, and also he would just like to name all his children so you know he is a good person, you bet:

    “A practicing OB-GYN for the last 25 years, I have dedicated my career to improving the health of women in Alabama. My wife, Jackie, and I have been married for 34 years. We have four adult children; three daughters, Elizabeth, Rebecca, and Sarah; and one son, Collins. Jackie and I have one grandson, and another grandchild expected in May. I would never support legislation that would be detrimental to the health of any woman or child.

    “My sole intention with Senate Bill 289 was to re-center healthcare decisions between a patient and her doctor by limiting government mandates. Recent media attention has not conveyed this genuine intent.

    “After careful consideration and feedback from my constituents, I realize this legislation isn’t the best vehicle to achieve the original intent. Therefore, I am withdrawing SB289 and am comfortable with it not being considered in committee.

    “Let me also say that neither the bill nor today’s decision is related to any patient case I have had during my medical career, despite media insinuations to the contrary. I am proud of my 25 years serving my community and state as an OB-GYN, and I look forward to continue serving them both as a medical doctor and senator.”

    Translation: Dead woman? What dead woman? I have several children, did I mention that? Stop persecuting me. This has nothing to do with any dead patients of mine whose death might have led directly to the passage of the law I wanted to repeal. How dare you suggest such a thing! In fact, I’d pretty much forgotten how the law came to be passed in the wake of a woman’s dying while I was her doctor. It just struck me as a particularly unfair government intrusion into the sacred relationship between a doctor, a patient, and the patient’s insurance company. Also, if I’m very lucky, in four years no one will remember this when I’m up for reelection. Here, look at these pictures of my family.
    Alabama Doctor-Senator Was Just Kidding When He Filed Revenge Bill Against Dead Patient

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    Why is this ass-wipe of a state still part of the Union?

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    I sometimes wonder if we would have been better off had the south left the union.

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    Serious shortcomings in the health system should always be dealt with and one-size-fits-all laws aren't necessarily appropriate, but why exactly are Republicans spending so much effort (to the exclusion of higher priorities) on these kinds of issues (serious question)? Is it just playing the (misguided) morality card?

    PS: Shitmuffin <--- I like it


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