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Thread: Trump International Hotel and Tower - Chicago - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    Due to high winds, the spire atop Trump Tower couldn't be installed.


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    I hope someone catches the spire installation on video.

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    Given that it's the 'Windy City' I wonder how long they'd have to wait.

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    Taking another peek and
    Trump-Chicago's spire
    still on hold

    Courtesy christos-greece

    Courtesy Denetsu SSC via flickr / Atelier FLIR o thwartedefforts

    View from Aqua. ^

    Courtesy flickr / Hornplayer

    Courtesy harryc SSP

    Courtesy Chi649 SSC

    At least the Entrance at the base is open and finished. ^

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    First and fourth shots are amazing! Depending on the angle, this building can look really sleek, or well - like crap.

    Thanks for posting the pics Zephyr.

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    Trump Tower spire topped out; installation brings tower's peak 90 feet short of Sears Tower

    In a sky-high drama that few would have anticipated after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks chilled America's appetite for building tall, construction workers on Saturday installed the underpinnings for the spire atop Donald Trump's Chicago skyscraper, which ranks as America's second-tallest building after Sears Tower.
    Even as biting winds snapped the flags on the Michigan Avenue Bridge, a blue and white Sikorsky S-61 helicopter dangled three-legged steel sections of the spire over the tower's roof. Ironworkers aligned the sections, then bolted them into place, despite the blasts of cold air from the winds and the helicopter's clattering blades.
    "That's the amazing thing--that [the ironworkers] have the dexterity to put the bolts in at this temperature," said structural engineer Dane Rankin, who worked on the skyscraper for its architects and engineers, Skidmore, Owings & Merrill of Chicago. "It's going to be a long time before we see another one like this in Chicago."
    As the spectacle unfolded more than 1,300 feet above the sidewalk, with the chopper levitating near such landmarks as the Wrigley Building, pedestrians on Michigan Avenue stopped in their tracks and recorded the sight with a variety of devices--cell phone cameras, camcorders and conventional cameras.
    Among the astonished onlookers were Eddie Campbell and his wife, Margaret, from Dublin. Standing in the plaza of 401 N. Michigan (the former Equitable Building) and leaning back to take in the sight, Eddie Campbell said, "We're from Ireland. We don't have construction on this scale over there."
    The operation took four hours and fifteen minutes, ending just after 1:45 p.m. as a cable from the helicopter was unhooked and the chopper roared eastward over the Chicago River toward Midway Airport. The construction workers had installed eight steel sections atop the five sections that already formed the spire's base.
    Four sections were intentionally left bare to prevent the wind from blowing on them like a sail. That would have made it difficult for the ironworkers to align the sections. The fiberglass will have to be installed around the steel trusswork in the coming weeks.
    The spire stretches the height of the financially troubled hotel and condominium high-rise to 1,361 feet, 90 feet shorter than Sears Tower and one foot shorter than one of the World Trade Center towers destroyed on 9/11.
    Trump, the New York developer and reality TV star, had considered erecting the world's tallest building on the site, but lowered the skyscraper's height after the terrorist attacks. Later, when he expressed disinterest in putting a spire on the tower, Mayor Richard M. Daley ordered him to do so, leading to the Chicago Tribune headline: "Daley to Trump: 'You're spired!'"
    On Saturday, however, there were no celebrities or leading politicians in evidence. The stars of the drama were anonymous construction workers.
    After the helicopter lowered the fifth section of the spire into place, an iron worker clad in a red jacket climbed to the top of the section and disengaged the cable to which the steel piece had been attached. Seen through binoculars, he resembled a fly. "That's the lead dog pulling the sled," said one onlooker on the construction team.
    Beginning in late October, several previous attempts to install the spire were postponed. One, last month, was aborted because of high winds.
    Here is a time-lapse of the tower's construction. Here is an in-depth look at the spire's construction technique. The tower is expected to be completed in late spring or early summer.
    For a gallery of photos from Saturday, click here.

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    Kinda stubby...

    by matt.sellars

    by matt.sellars

    The Trib has a great video compilation of the construction - 92 stories in just over 2 minutes.

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    Thanks for that Trib link....AWESOME time lapse!

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    There is surely more spire to be put on top.

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    Quote Originally Posted by alonzo-ny View Post
    There is surely more spire to be put on top.
    They still have to install the fiberglass.

    From SSP
    Quote Originally Posted by hawkeye view View Post

    And the unfurling of Old Glory

    Quote Originally Posted by cbotnyse View Post

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    Quote Originally Posted by alonzo-ny View Post
    There is surely more spire to be put on top.
    Structurally, it's as high as it's gonna get. All of the spire members have been installed.

    The framing that you see will be wrapped with a fibreglass covering. Several pieces are already wrapped.

    When viewed from a distance, the spire truly adds more vertical thrust to the tower.

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    wonderful view today gents. another great day for chicago.

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    Best way to compare at this stage - render vs actual.

    Thanks ...

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