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Thread: Welcome to Prague, Central Europe

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    Default Welcome to Prague, Central Europe

    We have our very own discussions coincidentally called Wired Prague and would welcome you to join. But if you are interested in Prague Architecture, take a look at our very own Flatiron Building.

    We discuss the good and bad about the city of Prague, it's culturally very interesting to many people from the States and other Western Countries to see exactly the truth here and some more interesting topics we discuss are the state of customer service here, the security guards and their over-watchfulness, warnings about the shady hostel business and even why street food is not all it seems. We have members who have come from New York and other Western Cities to retire, and they are producing a HD TV in a separate part fo the forum. We also have some great videos showing the street life here and even go go dancers for those of you who love the Czech ladies.

    This is our YouTube

    OK SO ENJOY my tour of this city. And here's some videos of our museum, opera house and train station!

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    People smooching in public is a huge thing here in Prague. They "hack face" without any restraint.

    People here take their cars very seriously. If you dare cross a pedestrian crossing and make a car wait, they gety and swerve around you and drive through the crossing! Cars from germany, even 20 year old beat up Audis give their owners an even greater sense of superiority, but even a Skoda is enough to make these people feel like Kings!

    People and their cars have a sense of superiority that makes them hold up entire trams! This lady was quite angry her shopping was interrupted!

    Marks and Spencer could be classified, for Prague, as one of the luxury food stores. It's prices and quality of product are above the norm for Prague. But they'll take your money and let you pack your groceries - with nary a help!

    Prague cuisine is some of the least impressive in Europe. Witness: the KING BAKED POTATO at something attempting very hard to resemble a Mexican restaurant. Czech-Mex isn't that great as you can see. There are other strange hybrids in Prague too, as you can see.

    An original Cubist building on Celetna Street.

    20 years after the fall of communism, finally, Prague metro stations get their own coffee stands. This is actually a new trend and these stores are only a few months old. There are rarely any customers at all.

    Many of you more dainty members will like this: the Paris Hotel, Prague.

    TV Products? Yes, TV Products. You mean TV Products? Yes, I mean TV Products, as seen on TV.

    That is all today.
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    And now the reason why Prague is such a world leader when it comes to matters culinary. In fact it would be fair to say that Prague food dwarfs that of your restaurants in NYC. I present to you the most delightful food ever made.

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    Shopping in Prague can be quite the experience. Here's how one poor fellow experienced the delights of the staring security guards while shopping for groceries. Culturally, this is quite fascinating.


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