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Thread: Jersey City Rising

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    Cool The love affair with JC and Mayor Fulop Continues!!!

    The Scroll

    Mayor Steven Fulop Aims to Reinvent Jersey City
    Buzz surrounds the new mayor–a Goldman Sachs alum and Iraq War vet

    By Adam Chandler|November 19, 2013 10:00 AM


    At 36, Steven Fulop has one of those jaw-dropping resumes specially reserved for rising politicians. Oxford. NYU Stern. Columbia. Goldman Sachs. The United States Marine Corps. Iraq. Jersey City’s youngest ever city councilman. The story ain’t bad either. As the Observer gushed:

    Steve Fulop’s biography reads likes Horatio Alger: he grew up in middle-class Edison, N.J., the second of three sons of Israeli and Hungarian immigrants. His parents owned a deli in Newark, where Steve worked as a teenager. His grandparents were Holocaust survivors who the Fulop family says came to America penniless.

    In May, Fulop was elected mayor of Jersey City. It was a bizarre, special election in which Fulop defeated the incumbent, Jerramiah Healy, who had (amazingly enough) been convicted of obstruction of justice earlier in his mayoral term and refused to resign. Despite this, Fulop remained something of an outsider in the race and won without the backing of the political establishment. His critics charge that he’s too friendly with Wall Street while his admirers see a striking resemblance between Fulop and former Newark mayor and newly minted New Jersey Senator Cory Booker, who is also young, cozy with the finance service industry, and very active on social media. (Booker supported Healy in the special election, but the two men have since had a bro date that included jogging and some artisanal ice cream.)

    When I met Fulop at his office at City Hall last month, he expounded a bit on his outsider status. “When my family came here, they thought it was important that I have a Jewish education,” Fulop told me. “So I went to Orthodox day school up until 8th grade.” Fulop confessed that it had “kind of a strange experience” because his family wasn’t religious. He added: “I remember kids would come over to my house and play and I would always have to pretend or hide the Oreo cookies.”

    Only a few months into his first term as mayor, the picture of Fulop is still inchoate. In addition to tackling education reform, Fulop says he wants to turn Jersey City–the state’s second-biggest city–into the next Austin or Portland. A medium-sized city whose vigor is restored by the arrival of young professionals and artists. Jersey City has a lot going for it. It boasts cheap real estate and an unacknowledged proximity to Manhattan. As Tablet contributor Nona Willis Aronowitz recently noted:

    It has the dual upsides of being smaller (its population is right around 250,000), cheaper, and more community-oriented than its gargantuan neighbor—yet closer to the tip of Manhattan than some places in Brooklyn and the upper Island. Real estate prices in downtown Jersey City, which has experienced rapid development over the past few years, can rival yuppie Brooklyn’s, but residential neighborhoods like Jersey City Heights are starting to entice young people with actual cheap rent, laid-back bars, and a cornucopia of inexpensive ethnic restaurants.

    As Fulop and Jersey City try to make the case to disenchanted New Yorkers who are being squeezed out of the outer-boroughs, there remains a stigma among some that Jersey City is…well…a little bit weird. Not liable to help is a story about how Jersey City’s City Hall was evacuated yesterday after someone sent Fulop an envelope with mysterious white powder and a picture of erstwhile New York Jets quarterback and part-time pastor Tim Tebow.

    The shocked aide quickly called police, triggering a response from police, the fire department, the city bomb squad, the hazmat unit and ambulances that circled city hall. [Jersey City Public Safety Director James] Shea said those in the room where the envelope was opened were segregated and all others in the building were evacuated.

    Two tests performed on the powder revealed it was harmless and by 3:15 p.m. City Hall workers were called to the building’s steps where they were told the good news was the powder is harmless and the bad news was they had to go back to work.

    Fulop had this to say about the incident.

    Steven (Steve) Fulop @StevenFulop
    Every single day is something new in this job. This is from today @TimTebow … #JerseyCity

    6:08 PM - 18 Nov 2013
    7 Retweets 1 favorite

    And with that, Fulop was off to light the Jersey City menorah with his mom and dad.

    More In: Cory Booker Jersey City New Jersey Steven Fulop Tim Tebow
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    Cool Union Republic Restaurant and Grocer to Open at 340 Third St.

    A new restaurant and grocer specializing in Ramen will be opening in the Village section of Downtown Jersey City at 340 Third Street. It is the new luxury infill building at the corner of Third Street and Newark Avenue. Complete info courtesy of

    Also according to, it will opening tomorrow 11/23/13:

    Union Republic website:
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    That is actually a good looking building. Simple but elegant.

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    That's great news! I used to live 2 blocks further down Newark Ave and pass that site everyday when it was an eyesore of a decaying parking lot. What an improvement! Hopefully something similar gets built at the gas station site at the corner of Monmouth and Newark - it's a large site and the zoning allows for taller buildings (plus it's directly across from Eagle Hall). Ironstate built 340 third as its first URL building; hopefully they get their hands in other mid-sized infill projects in downtown.

    btw - a 5-story building was proposed for the parking lot next to Jordan's Lounge (if I remember correctly, it calls for 20 loft-style units and garaged parking).

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    Cool Super Bowl Teams to Stay in Jersey City

    ^Yeah I definitely think Ironstate's URL "line" will be looking for more locations in Jersey City and it will be nice to see this quality of work and design on small buildings like this pop up throughout JC. As for Union Republic I will check it out this week.

    This past weekend I was Googling info related to the Super Bowl here in Jersey and came across this article and realized I never posted it on here. It is dated but still relevant. For the Super Bowl, both teams participating will be staying in Jersey City; one team at the Westin and the other team at the Hyatt. This will definitely be a boon for Jersey City along all the hotels Downtown. The Westin has a deal with the NFL where the teams while traveling to play in other cities will stay there. So the Westin in Jersey City is the hotel teams stay at when they come to play the Giants or the Jets.


    Next year's Super Bowl players will stay at Jersey City waterfront hotels

    By Anthony J. Machcinski/The Jersey Journal
    Follow on Twitter
    on April 19, 2013 at 8:00 AM, updated April 19, 2013 at 8:17 AM

    The Westin is one of two Jersey City hotels to host the Conference Champions prior to the Super Bowl in February. (Journal File Photo)

    Two Jersey City hotels with scenic views of the New York skyline will be hosting the teams playing in next year's Super Bowl at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford.

    The Hyatt Regency and the Westin hotels, both Downtown either on or near the waterfront, have been selected to provide accommodations for the teams that will be competing in February.

    "We are thrilled that the NFL has selected the Hyatt and the Westin for the players during next year's Super Bowl," Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy said in a statement.

    "The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events of the year and will allow us to showcase our city to the world."

    Hudson County Chamber of Commerce President and CEO Maria Nieves added: "It highlights how robust the amenities and infrastructure are here. It will be a great opportunity for everybody to showcase what a gem we have on this side of the river."

    Representatives from the Hyatt and the Westin could not be reached for comment.

    The team representing the National Football Conference will train at the New York Giants' training facility next to MetLife Stadium, while the American Football Conference team will train at the Jets' facility in Florham Park.

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    Well as long as they're not staying at the Paramus Holiday Inn (cheesy Ghostbusters II reference).

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    Default KRE Group Developments from Kushner Himself

    From the NY Times:

    How is business?

    A. It’s great — it’s better than it’s ever been since I started working full time in 1999.

    We made a shift in the early 2000s to go from being suburban builders in New Jersey and Pennsylvania to being also urban builders. We’ve built an urban brand and we have about 12 projects in different stages — from Bayonne, Jersey City, West New York, Hoboken and Fort Lee — along the Gold Coast of New Jersey. All of our locations are transit-oriented, where you can walk to mass transit and be in Manhattan.

    Q. Most of what you’re doing now is residential.

    A. The lion’s share of what we’re doing is residential in focus and rental apartments. Our current holdings consist of about six million square feet of office, warehouse and retail space and roughly 10,000 apartments. In addition to that we have over 7,000 apartments in different phases of design and construction.

    Q. Let’s talk about some of these developments.

    A. We’re under construction on 18 Park in Jersey City; we’re about 75 percent complete. That’ll be opening in March or April. It’s 550,000 feet and it’s 422 apartments, all rentals, plus 30,000 feet of retail. And at the base of that building we’re building a new Boys and Girls Club.

    We just broke ground on Journal Square, a three-phase, 2.4-million-square-foot project. The first phase is a 640,000-square-foot residential tower — 54 floors and 540 rental apartments, next to the train station. The other two phases are probably three and five years out; we’re going to build one rental tower at a time. The second tower is going to be 70 floors and 700 units, and the third tower will be 60 floors and 600 units.

    And we’ve also just broken ground this summer in Fort Lee for the Hudson Lights, a one-million-square-foot mixed-use project we’re doing with Tucker Development. It’s 142,000 feet of retail, 276 rental apartments, 470,000 feet of office space, plus 2,000 parking spots. We’ll be delivering Phase 1 24 months from now. The office building will come in the second phase.

    We’re in construction drawings on 235 Grand and 101 Grove — 688 rentals in two towers, a 45-story tower and a 10-story tower. That project will have stunning views. We will probably break ground the summer of ’14.

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    Question Majestic II Abatement Deal in Question

    Jersey City mayor wants more tax money if Downtown project's abatement is amended

    By Terrence T. McDonald/The Jersey Journal
    Email the author | Follow on Twitter
    on December 03, 2013 at 1:09 PM

    A Jersey City plan to amend a long-term tax break for a proposed Downtown development next door to City Hall has hit the skids, with city officials saying they want to postpone the deal to win more revenue for the city.

    The 99-unit development received a 20-year tax break in 2007 when it was going to include condos, but the deal must be amended now that developers Eric and Paul Silverman plan to convert all the units to rentals.

    An amended agreement received initial approval at last week’s City Council meeting and is scheduled for adoption on Dec. 18, but it has to be changed before Mayor Steve Fulop will support it, city spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill said.

    Without extra revenue, Morrill said, “there is no incentive for the city to amend the agreement.”

    She added that Fulop has spoken to council members about postponing the measure’s final adoption.

    The agreement approved by the council last week would get the city on average $422,940 annually in payments in lieu of taxes, down from $454,867 under the original agreement. The lot, most recently a parking lot, currently brings in $146,500 in property taxes annually.

    In addition to 99 rental units, the $23 million project, located at 272 Grove St., will have 46 spaces in a separate garage and 20,000 square feet of commercial space, including ground-floor retail and offices.

    The original plan had 88 condos, 96 parking spaces and 9,000 square feet of commercial space.

    A request for comment from Paul Silverman was not returned.

    When the development received its original, 20-year tax break in 2007, Fulop, then a councilman who loudly opposed most Downtown tax breaks, voted no.

    After he was elected mayor, he devised a tax abatement policy that offers only five-year abatements for Downtown developments. A city official noted that plan begins one block east of where the Silvermans' project will be.

    Rents on the 272 Grove St. units will range from $2,000 for a studio to $3,800 for a three-bedroom apartment, according to financial documents related to the abatement.

    Construction on the project, expected to begin in January and finish in June 2015, will create up to 250 full-time jobs, while the completed development will lead to about 50 permanent jobs, according to the Silvermans.

    The Silvermans are the developers behind multiple Jersey City properties, including Hamilton Square, Schroeder Lofts and The Majestic.

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    Union Republic looks great, and a nice building too!

    So glad to hear that J2 is just under way with the first of the towers in the project breaking ground. Glad it does seem to be that the 70 story tower looks on track for sometime in 2016 and the 60 story third tower set for sometime in 2018 for groundbreaking... it seemed the date seen of 2029 was definitely a mistake regarding the completion of the project and indeed it does seem more like 2019 or 2020 when everything gets fully built out. Understandable that KRE isn't going to do all at once, the market has to shake out and anyway the infrastructure for the area has to be developed so it will take some time. At least though it is a foreseeable future they're looking at...not over a decade and a half. Even with just the first up it's going to radically change Journal Square and I think for the better as the whole concept is built out over the next few years.

    Also really happy to hear about how soon 18 Park will be ready and especially that the tower being planned for the old Boys and Girls Club site( which will look great at the new location as part of 18 Park) IS 45 stories, not 36 as written elsewhere which means the original intended height will stand, something between 475-500 ft. most likely. The main tower will be 235 Grove, a ten story smaller tower facing Grove Street.... in addition to the stunning views I had read originally it will have a vibrant streetscape and strong retail presence which also will be a great addition to the neighborhood.

    Reading some today about the ceremonial groundbreaking of Marbella II, which now seems to have been re-christened M2... will have an enclosed terrace on its rooftop as well as a number of other amenities. 38 stories and 311 apartments looks like it will be much sexier than the original as we have seen on the renderings earlier put up here.

    Hoping this new tiff with the Majestic II developers can be quickly fixed up, but if they are making significant changes that take from what the city would have received they should work with the city... Fulop supports development but not business as usual with the downtown developers trying to keep the gravy train going . I'm glad because you know with former mayor Healy the city administration would have in response to developer machinations just let it go.

    Now with URL and Mack-Cali/ Ironstate partnership.... they have everything now they wanted including those tax credits they originally said they weren't going to go for... they are supposed to break ground on Phase 1 of the major URL project in the huge lot next to Harborside 5... well, when are they finally going to break ground on the first 69 story tower? I know the project is in two phases, one tower built, then the other two... but when is it starting? Supposed to be by the end of this year but nothing yet...c'mon, move already!

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    Default J2/Harborside Tower

    Not to rain on the parade of good news we've had in JC lately on the development front, but I passed by both the J2 and Harborside tower sites on Sunday and there was no sign of construction at either site whatsoever (although a few buildings at the J2 site had been torn down; but no equipment was present at either site). Hopefully the scheduled mid-December groundbreaking for J2 won't be a repeat of the City Center Towers groundbreaking that took place in 2009...

    Edit: you can see the article below that states that the Harborside tower will have its groundbreaking in two weeks:

    JERSEY CITY, N.J. (CBSNewYork)
    – Another high-rise has broken ground in downtown Jersey City.

    The 38-story building will feature 311 luxury rental units overlooking the Manhattan skyline.

    “You’ll see steel coming out the ground very soon,” Mayor Steven Fulop told WCBS 880′s Levon Putney. “When you travel the streets of Jersey City during the day, you hear the sound of construction, which is the sound of jobs.”

    Across the city, construction sites and cranes are hovering along Washington Boulevard and near the old Powerhouse off downtown Jersey City’s waterfront.

    Another new apartment building is already going in along Washington Boulevard, Putney reported.

    We have 4,000 units under construction. This will create another 400 jobs,” said Fulop. “The market here is on fire. We’re going to be starting in two weeks breaking ground on a 69-story building, which will be the largest in the state of New Jersey on the residential front. So, the demand is there. We’re creating culture and restaurants.”

    The mayor said the city has provided incentives to entice investors. He said he wants to attract a creative class to live in the city.

    “Our goal is to make Jersey City a regional destination place for culture, arts, living, working,” said Fulop.

    He said part of that vision includes adding more bars, restaurants and events.

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    Nice! Once about 5 or 6 lots get filled up, the waterfront of Jersey City will actually be a proper downtown!

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    Cool Downtown Jersey City Construction Update

    Photos from 12/1/2013 - sorry for the delay!

    110 First Street

    Looking southeast from 1st & Warren:

    Looking southwest from infront of the Marbella II site:

    Facade is starting to scale the building:

    Provost Square

    View to the northeast from Marin & Bay:

    70 & 80 Columbus

    View to the north from Columbus:

    Looking west toward Grove Pointe:

    Looking east with Marbella, the Athena, Trump I, and 50 Columbus in the background:

    50 Regent Street

    Looking south from Grand Street:

    South Grove Majestic II)

    Overview of the site:


    Looking northeast from Warren & York:

    View to the West down York Street from Washington Blvd:

    148 First Street

    Facade is making its way up the front of the structure:

    104 York Street

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    Very nice, tbal......great way to go over 1,000 posts! Keep the pic updates coming!

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    ^^^ Congrats on your 100th post

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    Thanks! Many more to come - especially with several groundbreakings expected next year in Journal Square and Newark. And I'll try to add a bunch from Union City and a couple from New Bruns and Fort Lee.

    I was in Lower Manhattan last night and the JC skyline is really starting to look impressive from that side of the river. It looked like 110 First, Provost Square, and 70 Columbus will all add quite a bit to it in terms of filling in gaps and giving it a really solid appearance. Hopefully 99 Hudson starts construction sometime next year so that the gap between 77 & 101 gets filled in too.
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