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Thread: Jersey City Rising

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    Nothing on either... still not sure if the Silverman tower has been officially approved yet. There were complaints about it being too out of place but with all the development around it including the rising first tower of Provost Square(Toll Brothers) and 70 Columbus that really seems misplaced as a concern, hopefully it's approval and construction should start soon.

    I think you first brought up the news that a 40 story tower was being planned in that parking lot behind Washington Commons if I remember correctly? Nothing about that either.
    I'm interested in what will be done in the huge parking lot owned by Evertrust across from Trump Plaza... two towers and a large public plaza could be built there, hopefully higher than Trump.

    As expected according to the Jersey Journal the new plan for a possible 42 story plaza on the lot next to the Summit House will meet with great resistance from the Journal Square area councilman and Nimby Richard Boggiano, who scoffs about the promises of a nice park and whines about how it would be out of place for the area, ruin the neighborhood... hopefully the Mayor has strong enough backing on the City Council to keep Boggiano from threatening further tower development in the area.

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    Yes I did in fact mention the 40-story tower on the lot behind Washington Commons a few months back (heard about it from a friend of a friend who works for an equity firm that is actively investing in Hudson County). I forget who the developer behind it is, but it was one of the big ones who has other large projects near the waterfront (may have been Dean Geibel or Mocco, but I forget).

    Is Boggiano a realtor? Or owner of a real estate firm? I feel like I've seen that name on a few for-sale signs...

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    Would be nice if your source is right about the 40 story tower but I still haven't seen news of it anywhere.... maybe it is only in the very preliminary stages but new stuff will be forthoming in the next few months.

    Boggiano's family, maybe? It does sound familiar. I do hope the developers behind that proposed tower really get strong council support if Boggiano resists.... even with the promise of a very needed park in that neighborhood he still cries that it's out of character. Well he'd better get with the times, and the best long term interests of Journal Square because all the tower residents will be constituents too whether he or another NIMBY runs for that seat. It's only the immediate area around the actual Square, and maybe over the tracks, that will get the real high rises. The rest of the neighborhood will also benefit from 6-8 story modern buildings going up in the shopping areas leading into the Square instead of the nondescript one and two story establishments that really make it look cheesy rather than a thoroughfare into the Center district of the city which it should be.

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    Cool SPU Tower Gets Boost and Green Space

    Jersey City moves forward with St. Peter's University expansion plan

    By Michaelangelo Conte/The Jersey Journal
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    on April 09, 2014 at 7:30 AM, updated April 09, 2014 at 9:56 AM

    McGinley Square in Jersey City

    The Jersey City Planning Board voted unanimously last night to recommend amending the McGinley Square East Rehabilitation Area plan to allow Saint Peter’s University to add 100 feet to its planned building there and to include a park in the plan.

    “I feel for the people who came here and spoke tonight because, yes they will live in the shadow of this building,” said board member John Seborowski before voting yes. “I don’t know that it is in the best interest of the people who live there, but it sounds like it is a positive for the city.”

    The proposed building, to be built across [Montgomery Street] Jordan Avenue from the Jersey City Armory, was originally to be 175 feet tall and 17 stories but Saint Peter’s now wants it to be 275 feet with 21 stories.

    Numerous residents spoke against the amendment and said they had concerns about the project in general. A handful spoke in favor.

    The board’s recommendation must go before the city council. If the council votes to amend, at some point Saint Peter’s will provide a site plan for the building to the planning board for approval. At that time, a far more extensive examination of the proposal will be undertaken, including traffic studies and other issues that will affect residents.

    At street level, the building would have 45,000 square feet of retail space, including an organic supermarket, a bank and a fast-food restaurant and other stores. Inside would be a grand lobby for a 13-screen cinema on the second floor. The floors above would include areas of apartments and a dorm area. On the 20th floor would be two penthouse restaurants with 20-foot glass windows facing Manhattan. It would have a rooftop swimming pool, Saint Peters officials said.

    The original proposal did not consider the cinema’s 32-foot-high ceiling and the penthouse restaurants’ 20-feet-tall ceilings.

    Also, because the $220 million project will include the cost of building a 4-story underground parking deck with more than 700 parking spaces at a cost $40 million, some additional apartments will be added to offset the cost, Saint Peter’s officials said.

    They also seek to include a park at the intersection of Montgomery Street and Bergen Avenue. An artist’s rendering of the park was shown, including a lawn, fountain in summer, ice skating rink in the winter.

    “This project we are building and a companion project, the park, which the city is building, will be transformational for the area and then the rest of the area will fill in, as well as the corridor on Bergen to Journal Square,” said Michael Fazio, vice president for external affairs for Saint Peter’s, who called the university’s building “the anchor of the redevelopment.”

    Resident Rigo Rodriguez cautioned board members, saying, “They have gone to great length to say this park is not part of this project. They are only using it as a selling point. They are not going to pay for it, support it, maintain it. I urge you not to consider the park at all as part of this.”

    “They are not offering to enhance the infrastructure … what are they giving the community?” said Kara Hrabosky of the Duncan Avenue Neighborhood Association.

    Numerous concerns were raised by residents, including an increase in density in an already crowded area and its impact on traffic, schools, residents and businesses already underserved by public transportation.


    An artist's rendering of the building Saint Peter's University is planning at Jersey City's McGinley Square.


    This great news and I am very proud of my alma mater. I assume the small building housing the Subway Restaurant will be moved to the base of the tower and the building will be knocked down and that's where the park will be built. I also love the idea of the movie theater and roof top restaurants. The Journal Square area is going to change drastically over the next 5- 7 years!! JSQ will become the heart of JC and Hudson County once again!
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    Cool Warren & York Opens

    Eco-friendly luxury apartment building opens in Jersey City's Downtown

    By Mike D'Onofrio/The Jersey Journal
    on April 09, 2014 at 5:12 PM, updated April 09, 2014 at 5:13 PM

    Jonathan Schwartz, senior vice president of BNE Real Estate Group, speaks during the ribbon-cutting ceremony for the luxury apartment building, Warren at York, at 120 York St. in Jersey City on Wednesday, April 9, 2014. Reena Rose Sibayan/The Jersey Journal

    With the cut of a ribbon, a new luxury rental apartment building was unveiled in the Downtown Jersey City today.

    Developers and city officials gathered this morning at the foot of the newest addition to Jersey City's skyline: Warren at York, an 11-story, 139-unit apartment building.

    While on the roof of the building overlooking the Hudson River, Mayor Steve Fulop said the focus on energy-efficiency and amenities fits his vision for future construction in Jersey City.

    "The environmentally friendly buildings are something we've asked the (city's) planning department to pursue," Fulop said.

    "The fact that we are attracting other developers who haven't done urban buildings of this size before, really speaks to the ... Jersey City progress," he added. "We are being business friendly and at the same time being environmentally aware of the impact on the community."

    Jonathan Schwartz, senior vice president of BNE Real Estate Group -- the project's developer -- called the building "one of the most eco-friendly projects in New Jersey."

    In addition to using recycled materials during construction, the building's green roof helps cool the entire structure and capture rain water in an underground storm-water retention basin that will help alleviate pressure on the city's sewer system.

    Fulop said he expects more of these types of buildings to rise in Jersey City.

    "The (city's) planning department has been really great on making sure that the development community understands the importance of this to the community and we are going to continue to push this," Fulop said about the building's eco-friendly features.

    The boutique building is located at 120 York St. in the city's Paulus Hook neighborhood, blocks away from the Exchange Place PATH station.

    The building is expected to attract residents from across the Hudson River and boasts a fitness center, billiards and media rooms, concierge service, a washer and dryer in each apartment, and on-site parking.

    The apartments range in rent from from $2,100 to $5,000 a month.

    As of Saturday, about 25 percent of the building has been rented, Schwartz said.

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    Great news, especially about the Montgomery St/ St. Peter's tower... that looks like a great jump start for the area. Only worry is the NIMBY's regarding further progress but the retail component is terrific and a new movie theater is certainly a great thing for the city, only having the Newport cinema left.

    My only thing about Warren / York is the expense... we're not Manhattan and other residential towers even closer to the waterfront aren't as high end expensive. Still a great project though and eco/ friendliness in this urban environment can't help but be a positive!

    Also, appears that grounfbreaking has officially begun on the first tower of URL/ Harborside.... my brother works at Newport Mall and takes the light rail there often and saw it today. Now if they can get J2 actually started.... last thing that area needs now that the site has cleaned up and is ready to go another situation like the City Center Towers, which also despite the redesign hasn't been announced to actually get going and it's been seven years now!

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    Thumbs up Two Developlment Moving Forward

    Quote Originally Posted by citybooster View Post
    A little confused about the project being debated... 25 Senate Place. It's across from Canco Lofts which is off of Journal Square so why would it be such a problem for Gulls Cove second phase? Longer term abatements are supposed to go now to the Journal Square area and other underdeveloped parts of the city Gull's Cove is in that borderline with downtown where only five year abatements (I guess some projects maybe 10 years at most) are supposed to be gramted. People crying about 20 year abatements in a part of the city that needs them doesn't make sense... it's clear Gull's Cove second phase doesn't fall into that kind of tax break and there shouldn't be any exceptions I any case.

    Also, hopefully this means Kushner will be going forth with 65 Bay fairly soon... any indications on groundbreaking? And when will Mack- Cali/ Ironstate stop talking and promoting their three tower URL site and actually get moving with the first building? The ceremonial groundbreaking was held in the Atrium area of the Harborside Financial Complex. Pretty representations in the jenga style of the buildings are nice, but the next ground broken will be the first so get moving!!!
    Ahhh Citybooster you stole my thunder lol. Yes indeed URL is getting going. I went to Newport yesterday to do some shopping and saw two backhoes sitting on top of a pile of dug up parking lot and a pile drive on the site. Great to see it moving forward and another parking lot of the late 80s/early 90s bite the dust. Yes Citybooster I agree I hope they really get moving with vertical construction of J2 ASAP!

    Also in more exciting news, the City gave final approval to start the construction of 65 Bay St. part of the Trump Tower complex and gave the 20 year abatement to 25 Senate Place project, aka CANCO Lofts Phase 2, in JSQ after a two week consideration. That project will proceed with foundation work and vertical construction immediately.


    Tax abatement allows 2 Jersey City construction projects to move forward

    By Michaelangelo Conte/The Jersey Journal
    Follow on Twitter
    on April 09, 2014 at 9:24 PM

    City Hall in Jersey City (Journal File Photo)

    A tax abatement approved tonight by the Jersey City City Council will allow two major construction projects to move forward at Journal Square and Downtown.

    Scores of union carpenters, electricians, plumbers and other workers were on hand when the council approved the five-year abatement for the proposed 50-story tower to be located at 65 Bay St.

    The tower is designed to have 447 units, including retail, and would share the Trump Tower parking deck but add 144 spaces to it.

    Council members were adamant that union workers and local workers be employed at the project and a spokesperson for the project said all work at the project will be done by union workers.

    “By God we are going to make sure that is enforced and we are going to make sure you get Jersey City people to work here,” said Council President Rolando Lavarro and as the crowd cheered he added the measure passed unanimously.

    The council also approved a 20-year abatement for construction of controversial $22 million project at 25 Senate Place which will be a 266-unit residential and retail project.

    At the first reading of the Senate Street abatement ordinance, residents railed against the generosity of the abatement, the stress the new residents would put on the school system and its alleged unfairness to regular taxpayers. They also said abatements are no longer necessary to bring developers to Jersey City’s Gold Coast.

    A public hearing on Jersey City’s 2014 budget was also held and a handful of residents criticized various items of the budget. Some criticized the amount of interest the city is paying on its debt. More than one person complained that the budget provides no money for continuing the renovation of the history Apple Tree house.

    The $501 million proposed budget slashes about $14 million from last year’s budget and includes a 2.1 percent tax cut. Last year’s $516 million budget, which was approved in July, included a nearly 8 percent tax hike, that city officials blamed on the previous administration.

    City officials said it will be a month or more before a vote on adopting the budget.

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    JC City hall looks awesome. All the others... look like fancy strip malls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JCMAN320 View Post

    Far, better than most college architecture. McGinley Square is a great urban space except for that stupid parking lot -- great to see a cinema and supermarket replacing it.

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    Thumbs up Pavers Being Put Down at Colgate Park

    Yeah Ninjahedge it is. It is going to undergo a paint job on the first and second interior floors to get rid of the pale yellow, which is not historically accurate, to the correct historical color. The Council Chambers are absolutely stunning with its Tiffany Glass skylight and wood ceiling. Unfortunately we lost the beautiful cupolas on the building due to a "modernization" in the 50's and they were never replaced after the roof was we re-constructed from a fire during a renovation. I hope that one day the City gets a grant to restore the cupolas.


    Yes 212 it will be s stunner. Yeah McGinley Square is a wonderful space with the various forms of architecture from the JC Armory, The Beacon (former medical center), St Aden's Church, Old Bergen Church. old 19th century buildings and the Art Deco Bergen Theater building. This square will improve so much with the University expanding its presence.

    In other news has pictures of workers laying down pavers at the Colgate Park. Very excited about this park opening and getting and upclose look at the refurbished Colgate Clock. The Jersey City waterfront walkway gets better and better every year!


    Stone being set for DMAVA Park along the Hudson River Walkway

    by jerseycitylife
    04/09/14 10:47am

    The 2.5 acre Department of Military and Veteran Affairs Park & Walkway (DMAVA), home to the Colgate clock is a highly anticipated park for Jersey City and its residents and tourists. The park which will hopefully be completed this year has begun to receive its stone walkway around the perimeter extending the Hudson River Walkway from its current halt in front or Goldman Sachs tower at 30 Hudson St. Check out our previous posts here*1 and here*2 about the new park. We will of course keep reader up to date on ongoing developments and installations as they occur.



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    Thumbs up Expanding of pedestrian plaza up Newark Avenue

    Got an email from Downtown Councilwoman Candice Osborne; there is a resolution coming up to the City Council on April 26th about expanding the pedestrian plaza on Newark Ave between Grove and Columbus all the way up to Erie Street along Newark Avenue. I think this would be a fantastic idea especially with all the new businesses that have opened and soon to open on that stretch of Newark Avenue! The only turn to make when driving East on Newark Ave between Erie and Grove Streets is onto Grove an the traffic backs up. It makes sense to just have Grove go straight across as well as Barrow/Erie without turning onto Newark Avenue.

    The first public meeting about this will be at the Harsimus Cove Neighborhood Association meeting on April 14th at 7:30pm at Grace Van Vorst Church Meeting Hall. The council meeting on April 26th will be the first reading on it open to public comment and the second reading will be on May 14th for final vote. I will definitely be in attendance for these meetings.

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    Default Downtown construction updates

    Marbella II, 2nd st, and Columbus
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    Default Journal Square Construction Update

    Unfortunately, J2 seems to be suffering from Journal Square Syndrome - yet another project with so much hope that just can't get anywhere. There's not a single piece of construction equipment onsite, nor any signs of work of any sort. In addition, there are still several structures standing that need to be torn down before construction starts (the most obvious of which is McLaughlin Funeral Home, which is directly in the center of the first tower proposed...I can't believe the city/KRE went as far as saying ground broke for the project when demo hasn't even started on one of the buildings that needs to be removed. Worse than what the Healy administration did with City Center towers (at least demo was complete at that point).


    3075 Kennedy

    Cook Street

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    Default Downtown Jersey City Construction Update

    URL Harborside
    Well, the piles themselves may not have arrived yet, but the parking lot has finally been ripped up & a pile driver delivered.

    70 Columbus

    110 First Street

    148 First Street

    Provost Square



    Majestic II
    This was originally supposed to be built by Silverman, but looks like either Silverman is now in a JV with Fields or Fields took over the project entirely.

    207 Van Vorst

    532 Jersey Avenue
    This last one is a 76-unit, 7-story building that is replacing the former Borinquen hardware store & a few smaller shops:

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    Thanks for the updates tbal. And especially for the often overlooked JSQ updates too. I could be wrong but I think I read the funeral home was never intended to be demolished as it is not in the footprint of the construction. The first phase will butt up against it. The old Verizon building may not even be in the way of the first phase. So I think they cleared what they needed to clear. Lets not forget this 3-phase project will be 15 years in the making! Lets hope not, but thats what they say. Though if you consider the delay from Trump Phase 1 and phase 2, I guess you could see how that would be the case. Lets hope they start phase 1 soon though.

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