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Thread: Jersey City Rising

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    anyone know by how much 1 jsq will br "downsized"?

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    City loses yet another legal case trying to block a development, this time the tower proposed for 500 Summit across the street from where the Burger King used to be. They've been spending lots of tax dollars on lawyers (between this and 85 Bright St) only to keep on losing.... .html

    Both cases are now being appealed to the court of last resort, the NJ Supreme Court. Odds are slim that the Supreme Court will reverse either decision.

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    Boggiano: "Stay out of our neighborhood, Robbinhood!"
    This councilman is a threat to all Journal Square development. His anti developer attitude tells me he's only using the neighborhood as a stepping stone for higher office!

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    Last year there were "BOGGIANO 2017" signs illegally placed outside all over the city on fences and vacant lots. He was obviously planning on running for citywide office. But Fulop dropping out of the governor's race changed all that.

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    Another stupid thing Boggiano supports is the ill-conceived, arbitrary restriction against chains... just when it looked like the Administration wanted to pull back on it for now in the face of potential lawsuits, the city council including Boggiano votes 8-1 to double down in support of the law despite the likelihood of lawsuits to contest its enforcement. I'm not a huge fan of the chains but there was no danger at the moment of a downtown so overrun with chains it would lose its identity or character. Make it easier for smaller businesses and independents to open up and not have to go through so many regulatory hoops and charges. Where the city rejected CVS from opening because it defied the restrictions is in an area right across from what will be the tallest building in Jersey City(and New Jersey) so far... 900 ft. 99 Hudson. At first I thought the law was well intentioned but it's so arbitrary and confusing and before we distort the market with well intentioned but flawed remedies, let's try common sense and make it easier for smaller businesses and independents to get going and to have a decent chance to succeed in the first place... if the market gets too skewed towards higher rents and the chains that can only afford them.. then more restrictive(but fairly enforced, not arbitrary) remedies may be necessary.

    As for Boggiano's silly Hilltop boosterism, should the NJ Supreme Court fail to hear the anti Robinhood Plaza case or outright reject it, there will be nothing left for Hilltop to do then to say, "hello, neighbor!" The outrageous thing is that they actually want to build as soon as possible, unlike the debacle of One Journal Square. Hopefully they get the opportunity very soon... I'd love to see the egg on Boggiano's face served scrambled..anyone prefer poaced or sunny side up,lol?

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    Well, the chain-store repeal saw even Fulop's allies abandon him, with Rolando Lavarro saying "let the courts decide." I'm seeing a pattern here with the politicians saying "let the courts decide" on issues in JC...85 Bright St, the HAP tower, the tax reval dispute, the Loew's dispute. The city has resoundingly lost ALL of these cases in the past three months! And now they're gearing up for a legal battle on chain stores?

    Regardless of whether we like chain stores, or micro-units, or the tax reval, etc, I would say that breaching contracts and doing outside of the city's legal authority (and then fighting/losing the inevitable lawsuits) is NOT a good model of governance. The city (i.e., the taxpayers) is on the hook for thousands of dollars of legal fees for EACH of the cases I mentioned above, in addition to monetary damages. This trend has to stop.
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    Default Kushner Cos. Pulls Request for Tax Break for One Journal Square in Jersey City

    The real estate firm owned by the family of Jared Kushner has withdrawn a request for a big tax break for one its buildings in Jersey City, New Jersey, the latest setback for the company in the area.

    The Kushner Cos. sent a letter withdrawing its application for a 30-year break from city taxes for a planned two-tower project in the struggling Journal Square section of the city, Jersey City spokeswoman Jennifer Morrill said Wednesday. Opponents of the tax breaks marched downtown earlier this year and the city's mayor recently came out against the Kushner request.

    Jared Kushner was CEO of the family company before stepping down to become a senior adviser to his father-in-law, President Donald Trump.

    Kushner Cos. spokesman James Yolles said the company is committed to the "much-needed investment" in that area of the city.

    The loss of the tax break is the latest blow for the company in a city where it is major real estate developer.

    The 79-story building — One Journal Square — gained attention last month after Jared Kushner's sister, Nicole Kushner Meyer, mentioned her brother in a presentation in Beijing where she had hoped to attract Chinese investors in the building. Marketing material noted the "celebrity status" of her family.

    Government ethics experts blasted the family for what they said was an attempt to profit off Jared Kushner's position in Washington, and the Kushner Cos. canceled upcoming investor presentations in the country.

    The company said Meyer wasn't trying to use her White House ties to attract investors.

    The Kushner family is seeking 300 wealthy Chinese to invest a total of $150 million in One Journal Square. The family was trying to raise money through the EB-5 visa program that grants temporary U.S. residency to wealthy foreigners in exchange for investments of at least $500,000 in certain U.S. projects

    The company also is in danger of losing another tax break for the building. The shared office space firm WeWork recently pulled out as anchor tenant. That has put in doubt a state break tied to WeWork.

    Another project is off, too. The Kushner Cos. once considered bidding to develop a 95-acre industrial site along the Hackensack River in the city for housing, called Bayfront. Last month, it was revealed the family had withdrawn from those plans last year.

    The Kusnher Cos. has said politics had nothing to do with its decision to withdraw from Bayfront, and that "economics of the deal" drove the move.

    As for One Journal Square, company spokesman Yolles said the project will provide 4,000 construction jobs and $180 million in tax revenue for the city over 30 years.

    Jersey City Mayor Steven Fulop, a Democrat, is running for re-election this fall, and tax breaks to developers have become a major issue.

    Unlike neighboring Hoboken, Jersey City has granted dozens of tax breaks in recent years. Fulop had campaigned to reform the practice, but critics say he has done little.

    Another Kushner property in the city overlooking the Hudson River got a five-year tax break soon after Fulop was elected mayor. That 50-story building has licensed the Trump name and is called Trump Bay Street. The building was also partly financed with EB-5 visa money from abroad.

    The Kushner family owns or manages 20,000 apartments, 13 million square feet of office space and industrial properties in several states, including New York, New Jersey, Maryland and Illinois.

    __________________________________________________ _________________

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    somewhere along the line I read that work on 99 Hudson had slowed down? correct? any updates? thx

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    Quote Originally Posted by coralridge View Post
    somewhere along the line I read that work on 99 Hudson had slowed down? correct? any updates? thx
    I work right next to the construction site; work is not slowing. They have the rebar above the 5th floor for the tower portion up already and heavy equipment is legit moving on and around the site all day.

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    I totally concur with JCMAN... that site is really expansive(wraps all the way around that lot) and it's above the 5th floor now. Come fall it will be really noticeable in the skyline and the thing most noticeable will be how massive and stunning it will be. Can't wait for the other Goldman Sachs lots to be developed...55 Hudson on the other side of 77 Hudson is supposed to be next and 50 Hudson right next to the Goldman Sachs tower also has very substantial developmental potential. Probably closest shot Jersey City has for a cluster of buildings in the 900 ft range.

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    Default Journal Square Updates June 15th

    3 Journal Square

    32 Journal Square Plaza (Part of 30 Journal Square)

    30 Journal Square

    HCCC STEM Building

    362 Summit

    180 Baldwin Avenue

    61 Newkirk

    87 Newkirk, site of a future 15 story building

    101 Newkirk, site of a future 50 story building

    500 Summit Avenue

    Journal Squared
    This building for Art House Productions has been vacated and will soon be demolished for Tower 3

    Site of Tower 2

    Homestead Place Development corridor

    3 Journal Square

    2973 JFK Blvd

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    Default Downtown/Waterfront Updates June 15th

    Grove Street PATH Station Elevator

    70-90 Columbus

    247 Grove Street and 247 York Street

    54 Bright Street

    50 Regent

    28 Bright Street

    14 Bright Street

    235 Grand Street

    200 Marin Boulevard, Gulls Cove II

    33 Park Avenue

    193 and 213 Van Vorst

    99 Hudson Street

    Harborside Hilton

    Harborside Plaza 4

    Urby Harborside

    Provost Square II (10 Provost Street)

    167 Morgan Street (Future site of Canopy by Hilton)

    323 Warren Street

    331 Marin Blvd (future 41 story tower)

    360 Marin Blvd

    161 Second Street

    158-182 8th Street

    410 Marin Blvd

    Pier Six Project

    75 Park Lane (Park and Shore)

    The Ellipse

    700 Washington Boulevard

    Click an image or the link for my blog, http://urbanismvsmodernism.blogspot....l?view=sidebar
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    Thumbs up @ 190 Academy St.

    Developers break ground on Jersey City micro-units apartment building

    Updated on June 30, 2017 at 1:34 PM Posted on June 30, 2017 at 1:33 PM
    The Jersey Journal

    Nest Micro Apartments ground-breaking, June 29, 2017
    The Nest Micro Apartments will be in Journal Square and has easy access to stores, restaurants and public transportation. (GRO Architects)
    Kristen Keller | The Jersey Journal

    The concept of tiny houses has become popular around the country -- even spawning two HGTV shows -- and now developers are trying it with apartment living.

    Nest Micro Apartments will offer fully furnished units that are less than 300 square feet in Journal Square. The building is being developed by KSNY, of New York, and Strategic Properties.

    Ken Sato, CEO of Strategic Properties, and Keith Schwebel, CEO of KSNY, accompanied by Jersey City Mayor Steve Fulop and other officials, hosted a ground-breaking ceremony for the building Thursday.

    The building, at 190 Academy St., will offer 122 units ranging in size from 220 to 280 square feet, with some units leasing at under $1,300 a month. The units will offer a full bathroom, kitchen and a combined living room, bedroom and dining room space.

    Sato and Schwebel say they are using transformable furniture to get the most out of each apartment. The sofa unit folds out into a bed and the coffee table can be expanded into a table that seats from two to eight people.

    Nest Micro Apartments will be within walking distance of public transportation, restaurants and stores, and it received a walking score of 96 out of 100 from

    "Nest provides the best values in apartment living in Jersey City today: affordability, proximity and community," Schwebel said. "Nest Apartments are priced so (young professionals) can live autonomously ... with a quick commute to work in Manhattan or other parts of New Jersey."

    Residents will have access plenty of building amenities, including a coffeehouse, rooftop area, TV lounge and billiards, laundromat, gym and bike storage. The building will also offer community events like mixers and rooftop events to create a sense of community.

    The complex is designed for young professionals who work in New York City, but cannot afford to live there. Each apartment costs less than half of what landlords are getting for studio apartments in Manhattan -- and it's a short commute into the city.

    "Brooklyn's great, but with rents rivaling Manhattan, people are getting pushed farther and farther away," Sato said. "Journal Square is just 10 minutes from (the World Trade Center) and with Jersey City attracting more and more cool restaurants, it's a great alternative at an affordable price."

    The developers said they expect leasing to begin in August 2018.

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    Thanks towerpower for that really in depth pictorial update, hadn't had one here in awhile and we have some really great projects under way that your latest tour of JC development shows. Always look forward to them!

    Interesting project going on by the Square, JCMAN... would have preferred rooms closer to 400-450 sq ft, but these micro apartments look well though out and cleverly and creatively furnished to do more with less and it serves an important niche in the market. Try to get an apartment like that in Manhattan, even that small, at market rate... lol not happening so a good move here in Jersey City to serve the young professional market for the New York City area.

    JCMAN... I know you're from the West Side Avenue area(as am I currently) and the West Side/440 area is set for a big push topped off this fall for developers for the massive Bay Front site to be chosen. Already you see significant work on West Side Avenue with a five story apartment building where Mac's Videos once stood(the next door lot can probably support a similar sized development) and one side of the NJCU/West Side development through Stegman has a massive four or five story building in progress that wraps around one whole half of the block already. Any more info on what else is next and what do you think of the West Side additions? The Greenville/ West Side area hasn't really been talked about much at all compared to downtown/ waterfront and the Journal Square area but the more development spreads throughout the city away from the more glamorous, publicized areas, the better!

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    Default Journal Squared Phase 2 - Imminent?

    I noticed these big rigs on the lot yesterday and today. It seems as if the building that housed the Art House is coming down soon to make way for phase 2 of Journal Squared.

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