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Thread: Hillary, Subways, Pizza, Trump & WNY

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    Default Hillary, Subways, Pizza, Trump & WNY

    I was shocked--SHOCKED-- to see recent commentary on the fading relevance of WNY.

    It seems that the vitality of the site has waned and the number of new postings and contributions has fallen way off, causing an indifference and irrelevancy to envelop, one of my favorite places.

    Looking at the timeline and popularity of some of my previous posts has confirmed this. Posts that were made nearly a year ago are still very near the top of their respective slots, and while I admit to becoming a sort of non poster myself ( for a number of different reasons), I still lurk and peruse. BUT--I never thought that interest in WNY would fade into virtual oblivion, as it seems to have done in recent months.

    This site, which covers a gigantic subject--the freaking CAPITAL of the World--cannot possibly run out of viable subject matter. New York City is a constantly expanding universe of interest to millions of people, an organic structure composed of politics, architecture, criminal behavour, media concentration, food, culture (both bacterial and artistic), finance, sex, traffic jams and pizza ( plus about a thousand other subjects), a place where anything can happen and usually does.A city like no other, it is discussed and/or mentioned probably a million times per hour by those millions of people.

    How can a site, where NYC is the main focus, NOT have a beehive of activity surrounding it, all day, all the time?

    I plan on posting more often, stirring the blood of the regulars and causing attention to be directed to this place. How can I NOT???
    I admire WNY, always have since the day I discovered it, sometime around the turn of the Century.
    Hell, the site has become REFERENCE material, a source frequently quoted by Wikipedia, Skyscraperpage and others.
    It is an INSTITUTION, for God's sake!

    So, let me get the ball rolling by causing some fresh ideas to germinate. Such as...

    --Have Hillary Clinton and Bill DiBlasio (both quasi-New Yorkers) been sent from Hell to permanently screw up New York, and America???
    --Is Donald Trump (a genuine New Yorker) authentic, or what???
    --Did I spell DiBlasio properly? (A red line appears under his name whenever I type it)
    --Why can't George Zimmerman sell his weapon of individual destruction in peace???
    --Should Subway fares cost more than a slice of pizza, or vice-versa???
    --What did Obama do, and who did he do it with, when he lived in NYC???
    --Please bring back transfats and cheap cigarettes, OK???
    --Transgender bathrooms--may I use one if the need arises? And just how can one locate them when visiting NYC? Is there a guide or something ?

    Talk among yourselves, but post -- always post.
    Help save
    Hof, out. For now...
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    Flagellating the deceased equine?

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    Simply a stable effort to saddle up, exercise a few Hands on the keyboard and unbridle WNY from galloping over the next furlong and into the internet's Glue Factory in the Sky. I say "WHOA" to those who would toss the horseshoe of failure into the trough of ...

    ,,,sorry, I can't go on like this anymore. I was just feeling my oats, trying to spur some interest and got carried away with horse puns.
    I feel like the South end of a Northbound pony...
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    I lament the loss of the good times before BrooklynRider's meltdown and the subsequent (unrelated), progressive departure of a good few core regulars. I think the decline really set in when we lost Lofter. And then Zippy.

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    There is still a very large number of 'visitors' who come to read the forum each day: see "currently active viewers". I have stayed with WNY over the years because NYC art, architure and RE development is both a strong personal interest and closely related to the work I do here In NYC.

    We need a core group of people who are 'motivated' to participate based on a strong personal and/or professional interest on what is happening in the NYC art, architecture and real estate development scene - all of which is the primary focus of WNY.

    I think we do have that now, and will continue to, for the foreseeable future: as far as I can tell all is well. This site needs only the long term folks we have now, we know who they are, to maintain a viable and relevant existence; but a few more 'regulars' would not hurt.


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