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Thread: Trump and Women

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    All the above proves is that WNY, like the country at large, is being overtaken by mentally deranged idiots.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastMillinocket View Post
    ... the country at large, is being overtaken by mentally deranged idiots.
    Thanks for confirming how you and your ilk are actually the ones responsible for Trump's rise and potential presidency.

    Only when the concerns of his core supporters (which contrary to popular belief are not bigots or misogynists) are addressed will that base consider other candidates. Everyone knows Trump is a crass grandstanding blowhard - it doesn't matter. Yes he's had many contradicting views - it doesn't matter. Everyone knows this, nobody is getting the wool pulled over their heads. When will the left realize this?

    Trump is primarily about addressing the decline and prosperity of the middle class and pushing back against political correctness

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    Careful, GordonGecko. Your reasoned response may stain you as an overtaker, a mentally deranged idiot. But, then again, you'd be joining a distinguished population of idiot overtakers, like the ones at WNY, or maybe the rest of the country at large.

    This odd character, EastMillinocket, hijacked a couple of my posts with negative irrelevancies and non-responses to the subject matter. His/her rejoinders had nasty references to WNY's purpose, direction and existence. Without any attention paid to the subject matter, he attempted to diminish and belittle my comments, using a barely disguised negativity and some kindergarten references to my intelligence and "delusions". Prior to those posts, I had never corresponded with this person. Yet she felt the immediate need to inject irrelevant negativity into not one, but both my postings. Then he turned on some others.
    Why, as a 2000 plus poster, does she deride WNY and the people who have remained loyal to the site, while dismissing the site as being somehow unnecessary?? Why stay here if the place so displeases him?? Why the negativity and half-hearted bullying?
    And why have the members and the mods tolerated this since 2011??

    Curious, I delved into his/her prior posts.
    It seems that the majority of the posts since late 2011 are non-original, reposts or reprints of things that others have written. They mostly concern development, demolition and proposed structures around the City and his comments are couched in neologisms. YIMBY seems to be a self-identifier. While interesting, there is very little original material and most of her first-person dialogue are simple soundbites, one or two sentence responses that are overwhelmingly smug, negative, snarky or critical. And if anybody challenges him, as I did in defending my posts by questioning his rudeness, he dismisses the challenger and anyone who would side with him as being an idiot, or some other third-grade insult.
    ( Interestingly, earlier in this thread he used MY words describing HIM as a vehicle to describe ME, a classic, paranoid re-post)
    I suppose some of that passes as humor, boldness or insight, because some posters seem to endure it.

    When she does expose some personality, it is usually bizarre in extremis.
    For example, she has referenced coprophilia, the first reference to THAT among the millions of posts on this site, and has praised the work of Wes Craven, a bottom-feeding Porno/Slasher movie "producer/director" who created some of the most vomitous "entertainment" to emerge from the gullet of bad taste.
    "He will be missed" he intoned. By whom?? The deranged?

    He dismisses New York as a place that "...used to be a leader, now it's just following European cities".
    In the thread "Guns for Christmas"-- a memorable one and the post that inspired THIS particular paragraph ( hell, this entire response!! )-- he went too far..
    In a burst of unexpected, extremely offensive vitriol, he describes God (GOD !!!) as " evil piece of shit", who, "...does not exist, but if He does exist is a sick, masochistic Motherf***er who is worthy of destruction and not praise". Wow.

    THAT post inspired--required-- THIS post.

    He has created ugly speculation about the DEATH of Edward and Lofter, since they weren't posting anymore, and has said that WNY, Edward's baby, "lacks direction and is running on autopilot". On some of my posts, again, totally out of context, he condemned WNY for not emphasizing development as much as he would like, not realizing that the posts were located in the "Social Club" or "News and Politics" sections, opinion sections and areas that are clearly NOT places for discussions about development.

    And you guys have freaking tolerated this negative, disturbed weirdo-- for FIVE years??

    Maybe this is why WNY's post count is down, regulars have fled and visitors to the site have fallen by nearly 50%. i wouldn't want to be in the same room with a character like that, even if it's a digital chatroom!
    EM is a flamer. An insult to the intelligence of the WNY reader, a non-original amateur architectural buff who's weak comments point to a need to be heard rather than understood. He plagerizes a few interesting things about stuff he found on other websites, then takes license to insult and belittle. What gross entitlement.

    I have been away for awhile so I missed the emergence of goofs like EastMillinocket, and I hope there aren't many more like him on these boards. When he jumped my posts with his unexpected Bulls**t, I knew I had to respond.
    Still, I will continue to post my musings here, not as a flamer or a critic, but as a long-term member of Wirednewyork and an ex-citizen of the greatest City on earth, one who has something to say about a number of subjects. I've been here since 2001, and while I haven't been a prolific poster, I have been a proud contributor to this community. Sure, some of my posts are worth challenging and/or criticizing (...and some are deliberately designed that way), but I post to entertain and share ideas, not to draw the reader into some oddball argument or to insult his intelligence with non-responsive flame.
    And I really loathe personal attacks, but sometimes someone just posts so stupidly that I HAVE to respond strongly.

    I guess I have more in common with Donald Trump than I realized!!
    My intent, as I've expressed before, is to inject some life back into Wirednewyork, to bring a few visitors into the site, enhance the conversation and maybe spark a revival of sorts. This is a good website, worthy of good social interaction about a universe of things.

    I will NOT post to attract the attention of EastMillinocket. I didn't want it in the first place, and having locked horns and been forced to respond to his/her BS, I've decided that I want no more of this nutcase, nor will I engage in anymore pissing contests with him/her.

    Go away, you jerk...
    Last edited by Hof; May 25th, 2016 at 03:54 PM.

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    Wes Craven is dead. It is possible Lofter is dead as well (but I did not start the rumors). But unlike you, I was not raised to speak ill of the dead. Say what you will about Wes Craven, but he had many fans, and they are not all deranged.

    I have no idea if God was ever alive or existed, but if God was/did, then God died a while ago. So I did violate my rule about speaking ill of the dead. For that, I sincerely apologize.

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    I spoke no ill of Craven.
    I spoke ill of his work, made when he was among the living. It is disgusting crap and has attracted more flies than fans.
    You should read things more carefully.

    God's existence is not a subject that I will ever discuss with you, except to wonder how His infallibility can allow for such an error as yourself.
    Some of us are believers and won't take the kind of mindless observation that you seem to think is cute, or bold. After I read that peculiar soundbite, I saw it as the ravings of a lost soul. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you have no soul.

    Once again, your weak soundbites have exposed your amateur snarkiness. I will begin ignoring them as soon as I put a period to this paragraph. This isn't fun anymore.
    And, is that ALL you got from that post?? Really???

    Now, will you please just go away.
    Last edited by Hof; May 25th, 2016 at 07:11 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hof View Post

    Maybe this is why WNY's post count is down, regulars have fled and visitors to the site have fallen.....

    I will NOT post to attract the attention of EastMillinocket. I didn't want it in the first place, and having locked horns and been forced to respond to his/her BS, I've decided that I want no more of this nutcase, nor will I engage in anymore pissing contests with him/her.

    Go away, you jerk...
    Your always a pleasure to read Hof: and I agree with the statement about yourself and many other 'long time' posters here on WNY - "but I post to entertain and share ideas, not to draw the reader into some oddball argument or to insult his intelligence with non-responsive flame. "

    To your comment about why we put up with certain posts or people here at WNY. My approach to "please go away" is to ignore any further post by anyone you find to be antagonistic in any way. As you may have noticed I don't ban people, even when they are silly enough to insult me , I just go away.

    I actually believe EM contributes to this site, rather than diminishing our ever dwindling readership and participation rate: so for that reason I say we 'tolerate' this poster. I hope I am right on that assessment - the goal is to keep things 'interesting' , 'enjoyable' and active.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hof View Post

    God's existence is not a subject that I will ever discuss with you, except to wonder how His infallibility can allow for such an error as yourself.
    Some of us are believers and won't take the kind of mindless observation that you seem to thing is cute, or bold. After I read that peculiar soundbite, I saw it as the ravings of a lost soul. Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe you have no soul.
    George Carlin, who you seem to like enough to have as your avatar, discussed the lack of a "God". Was this "the ravings of a lost soul"?

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    I agree that EM's contributions (construction, destruction, development, etc) add to the site. I've read a number of them and found that they sparked a lot of dialogue and opinion and inspired a lot of WNY people to add to the conversation.
    That is, interestingly, the exact goal that I have set for my postings. That is the same goal I have, to bring some interest back to WNY and try to stem and halt its unfortunate recent descent. If his comments were less offensive or more original, I'd probably look forward to new subject matter from him/her. That kind of stuff is what brought me here to begin with.
    He/she must spend a lot of time combing through other websites, looking for things to post here, so I see why you do tolerate and welcome his contribution. The information he uncovers are just what this site needs.
    But he should stick to what he does best. Just post and shut up, EM.

    After reading and enjoying his prior, plagerized contributions, I recoiled at his nasty, naive comments.
    --Cursing God and praising slasher flicks--that was the flame that lit my wildfire.
    --Jumping my posts with no real reference to the subject matter-- and negative reference to WNY?? That was the catalyst that drove my anger.
    --How do his informative reposts grant him the entitlement to practice rudeness?? That was the question I posed to this board, to our readers.

    BTW, he really reached to invent that comment about my Avatar. I chose Carlin, knowing of his atheism but enjoying his humor. Not believing is a lot different than insulting. Carlin made me laugh. EM makes me sneer.

    I WILL ignore him and wouldn't think of banning him. As much as I find his comments loathsome, I think it is important to let characters like him expose themselves, so that we all know where they are and what they are thinking. The Devil you know vs the one you don't, etc...

    And I know that he will not go away, but one can hope, right?

    I plan to remain interesting and enjoyable, sparking controversy and making up complicated metaphors. Maybe we can go back to discussing Trump and women, the genesis for this thread, without anymore juvenile interruptions.
    One can only hope, right?
    Last edited by Hof; May 25th, 2016 at 07:10 PM.

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    Thank for getting this tread back on topic: but Trump is playing 'rope a dope' with the media and the public. Attempting to 'engage him' in any way insult or praise uses our time/energy to his advantage. So, that being the case; I will say little more than' DT "please go away".

    I do see much truth in what you say, but I still want him to go away. GG was correct in his observation that TRUMP represents a huge ground swell of discontent in America with the way this country is going: somebody needs to effectively address those issues - unfortunately right now that person is Trump.

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    I wish we had been given another choice during these primaries. When the debates began, there was a field of the GOP's best and brightest that winnowed down to Trump. His brash style, amateur status and manipulation of the media did not endear me to him, and some of the off-the-wall proposals he's presented are half-baked and somewhat scary, but he IS the hand we have been dealt and it needs to now play itself out through the electoral and popular vote.

    He has tapped into the anger and fears that many Americans feel, and that emotional response is what is driving his popularity.
    His non-PC demeanor is refreshing, even as he skewers the liberal establishment's best efforts to fool and control the people.
    He's not a fool--he sees the hypocrisy and double-speak that the liberals feel entitled to and addresses that selfish means of control directly.

    He has identified a lot of problems with our country, but his delivery system is poor. His ideas to fix the country are not.
    Immigration, jobs, a $21 trillion Federal deficit, outsourced manufacturing, a lousy deal with Iran, government poking its nose into every aspect of our lives, the treatment of veterans, the liberal denial that those problems exist--these are all REAL problems that need immediate attention from DC, attention that has not been focused in recent years. This political malfunction ( by BOTH parties) is what is angering the voter and causing massive distrust of the DC establishment,
    Those, and other problems are crying out for solutions. Trump claims to have solutions, he just presents them clumsily.

    My first choice for the Office was my ex-governor, Jeb Bush. His two terms as Florida's Governor were very successful, and many Floridians to this day admire and praise him, agreeing that he was the best Governor that the State had in generations. He would have made a good President, I believe, but the legacy of his disliked brother instantly eliminated him from the running.
    Kasich would have been a great candidate; "Little" Marco Rubio, despite his Freshman status was strong for awhile and even Christie appeared to have the right stuff. Ted Cruz, despite having a "likability" factor several levels below Trump could have been a contender, but one by one they all fell by the wayside, leaving Trump as the last man standing.

    He's what we've got, and unless the voters are bamboozled by Hillary, he's going to be our next leader, so we need to prepare for that.
    Many of his proposals, though poorly presented, are needed to forestall an economic meltdown, international humiliation, and to repair some serious social problems that our country is going to have to deal with, so he's not entirely a Hobson's choice, but do I wish there was a better candidate.
    The media need to lay off, to act like an American institution before they lose all the credibility that they have left, and begin treating Trump with dignity and respect. It's apparent that their best muckraking efforts are fruitless, so instead of insulting all the potential Trump supporters and making the USA look like a ship of fools, they should at least adapt a genteel neutrality concerning the man.

    He MAY be the President of the United States. As such, he deserves everyone's support now. It's a contest and no longer a debate.

    Have the media forgotten 1968's rebellious mantra--"The Whole World is Watching"?

    He's not going to go away...
    Last edited by Hof; May 26th, 2016 at 12:32 PM.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hof View Post
    And I know that he will not go away, but one can hope, right?
    You don't even live in NY. I would tell you to go away, but thankfully you've already left for good.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EastMillinocket View Post
    This used to be a well-used site for discussion of development in NYC.

    It has devolved to having two basic functions:

    1. Facilitating amateur sexist attacks on Hillary Clinton
    2. Tracking construction in Harrison, NJ
    EastMillinocket, I credited people here with the intelligence and foresight to understand the reason for using emoticons. Apparently, I shouldn't have.

    I take issue with you accusing me, it seems, of a sexist attack on Hilary Clinton. If so, WRONG! It was tongue-in-cheek, and as Hof said sarcastic, nothing more. I am NOT sexist is any respect whatsoever. And anyway, why would I make sexist remarks about Hilary Clinton? I'm female, too, FFS.

    And please stop with the insults about being amateur. Rude and condescending.

    Seriously, lighten up.

    Quote Originally Posted by Hof View Post
    "Slimeball/Slimeboob" is a good start. It's a pun, it's sarcastic, it references BOTH Clintons at once ( Making it "bi-sexist"? Trans-sexist?). It has created a brand new word, one I've never actually seen in print, it's semi-funny and indirectly references genuine New York politico-citizens ( an actual slimeball) and it is innocent Oz commentary from another Forum regular.
    I just made it up on the fly. In this age of ridiculous, infuriating PC, a little humour, that's all. NO sexism.

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    BTW, OT but it's been mentioned in this thread, I don't believe anyone here has actually started rumors about the demise of any WNY members. The regulars have expressed their concern about Lofter's wellbeing and that he's greatly missed, but no more. Since Lofter shared his health issues with us and told us when and where he was going on vacation, it's reasonable to wonder why he's been gone for so long and, indeed but sadly, to think the worst. As for Edward, he has for a long time only posted very occasionally, but that doesn't mean he's gone. WNY doesn't run itself. Zippy's sudden departure from WNY was a shock, though, but he did say his discussions with Lofter were what primarily kept him here of late. I really miss the good times prior to the departure of many WNY regulars.

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    I may have briefly left these forums, but I didn't leave for good.

    Around the time I stopped posting on a regular basis, I had had spirited, ongoing conversations with Stern, Brianac, Lofter, Zippy, Midtown Guy, GordonGecko, Edward, Scumonkey, Ninjahedge, Merry, even TLOZ, (when he was still with us). I could mention a dozen others, REGULARS, who were all newbys at some point but who all dropped little gems onto the site and made it a place that you wanted to visit to get your daily dose of the City.
    They were interesting, kindered spirits, not negative, hostile and dark. There was a real intimacy, too a feeling that you were actually making a new friend...
    You felt that you knew the posters, or wanted to have a beer at the Bear Bar or meet up on the Staten Island Ferry or hang out in The Village with some of them...
    And, like Merry, Brianac and others, they didn't even LIVE in NY, they just had a love for the place and anything to do with it.
    So many have vanished.
    One wonders why...where'd they go, and WHY did they leave?

    Those really WERE the days, a time when WNY's posters would introduce new subjects daily (...the PIZZA threads, SS Sandy, the attacks and rebuilding of the Trade Center, NY history, the killing of Trayvon Martin, favorite movies, new buildings going up, old ones coming down...).

    They all gave voice to the site, and instead of Twitter-like soundbites ( type-bites?) and endless reposts of things others had originated somewhere else, instead of critical snipes and cheap shots there was a neat intellectual give-and-take, an actual Forum of fresh ideas, writ large. Often, someone would post a photo or an article cribbed from some other source, something to bolster their viewpoint or to enhance a subject, but always it was a NYC-oriented subject with a broad, friendly discussion attached.

    Sure, there were places on the site to talk about other things, but posters would stay on point and would actually talk about things until the subject matter grew exhausted.
    One knew, when he entered a post or a thread, that he was going to be dealing with intelligent, savvy ADULT New Yorkers, or people who had a desire to learn something about the Big City, wherever they may be typing from--and flamers and trolls learned pretty fast that their input was not desired. Off-topics were politely guided to the proper sites, or they could create their own area of discussion. It was quite democratic. Not liberal, or dumbed-down phony PC paranoia, just democratic.

    Wired New York became my live contact with the City, my phone-home, my touchstone for and about the things I left behind.

    And, as some have pointed out (well, one person, anyway), I'm not living in New York anymore. I was born and raised, educated and employed there, my family on my Dad's side are still there, in Queens. Dad had his office in the WTC North Tower, my sister graduated from Fordham, I lived in the Bronx, Brooklyn (Park Slope) and Manhattan (The Village, at Thompson and Spring), worked in Midtown and the WTC neighborhood and got busted in Staten Island (I occupied NYPD real estate there). I'm one of those kind of New Yorkers who could NEVER call Sixth Ave "The Avenue of The Americas"!!
    Eight days before they fell, I was a Tourist atop the South Tower.

    Since I moved to Florida ( where ex-New Yorkers are the dominant ethnic group) I have been back to the City dozens of times for business, pleasure and family things. I have a LOT of friends there, as well as a few family members.
    Yep, I don't live in the City anymore, but I keep my sand there.

    And I'm not FROM New York--I'm OF New York.

    I never really went away. I DID leave, but that's something I've done a hundred times. I'm a serial leaver.

    I always come back...
    Last edited by Hof; May 31st, 2016 at 04:39 PM.

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    Why, with a population of more than 320 million, can the US political system not produce better/more credible presidential candidates than Clinton or Trump? I ask this as someone who does not live in the US, (although my children live in NY & Colorado), but who believes that the quality of world leadership provided by the US is important, and indeed vital, for the well-being and safety of all of us. There again, perhaps I'm being somewhat naive in this matter.

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