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Thread: Trump and Women

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    The System has indeed produced some unlikely (and unlikable) people this time around.

    Trump, as is the common wisdom, is a non-politico who has become the sounding board for the frustrations and various angers created by seven years of the leftist Obama Administration. Barry's litany of errors, miscues and apologies for the USA have led millions to reject any Democrat who PC double-talks their way into the political arena, and Trump feels that has provided the alternative to the Liberal. He owes nothing to the political establishment and says openly what most people have been conditioned to shut up about. He is clumsy, arrogant and speaks his mind, in a rambling offensive way, and a lot of voters are picking up on this as a strength, one that will lead us out of the Swamp we've found ourselves in.

    Hillary, on the other hand, had been nominated Obama's heir apparent from the get-go. Back in '08, when the Democratic Party saw opportunity to push an African-American into the White House, fulfilling the Dem's long-held ideal of being the FIRST to elect a Minority to the Presidency, Hillary was asked to step aside so the Party could fulfill its destiny.

    I believe that she was offered a DEAL, something the Dems are well-versed at. She and Obama had both emerged from the political machine in Chicago and they were competing against the other for the Big Nomination, so they knew the Machine Deal and how it worked:

    A little consideration towards us today, a nice payback waits down the line for you...
    You do the Party a BIG favor, the Democrats must have said to Hillary in 2008--step aside and let Obama win this election, and there will be a BIG position in the new President's Cabinet for you. Then, after his Administration has run its course, you'll get to run--as the FIRST viable female candidate-- and we will provide you with hundreds of Super Delegates and all kinds of support as a bonus, assuring your election. At the end of the Obama administration, you will be handed the Office.

    The Democrats gain another destiny-fullfiller, the first woman to get there, Hillary gets to play in the big leagues by staying visible and coasting in on Obama's coattails and the Liberal agenda stretches deeper into the 21st Century. She'll have a clear path to the presidency. A Win-Win-Win deal.

    But, back in '08, nobody anticipated Donald Trump.
    Neither did they expect Bernie Sanders to declare himself a Democrat and jump into the race.
    And they probably didn't expect Hillary to screw things up for herself.
    Clinton's candidacy was guaranteed for 7 years, then, suddenly it was not. Fate has taken a hand, and the easy road to her Presidency was snatched away. This frustrated her, and she's expressed that in her canned, well-researched and well-practiced speeches--and as she spoke, she came across as just another DC maven with a mouth full of promises and a political philosophy to fulfill, one that has been predestined for a decade.

    She is as unlikable as Trump, she just shouts her rehearsed lies out as a seasoned politician is expected to do. Everything about the government is going to hell, it's being mismanaged and going broke, and she's promising more of the same.

    People saw through that just like they can see through Trump's bluster.
    But, this is the hand we've been dealt. One of those characters will be the next President, thereby posing a nasty choice to the American voter. Two unlikable candidates, each espousing their unwanted platforms in unpleasant ways, both looking to seal the deal.

    Hillary's has come via the Machine, a Deal that was bought and paid for some eight years ago through the power of The Party. She has reinforced her end by announcing that if she is elected, we can expect 4 more years of the Obama Theory of Governing.

    Trump is closing HIS Deal His way, through the rejection of the Liberal, PC ideal and the strength of his personality, as unpleasant as it is. He has promised change and a more business-like way of being a politician and running the country. Then, somehow, he'll make a Government that addresses all the things that have been frustrating and angering Americans, lo these many years...

    And in a few months, WE have to figure out which one offers US, the American Society, the Better Deal...
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