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Thread: Terrorism at The Pulse

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    Default Terrorism at The Pulse

    This is local news, happening as I type this...

    At around 2AM, at a large gay nightclub in Orlando named "Pulse", a shootout began in a room packed with over 300 patrons. First, a lone wolf gunman had an initial altercation inside the club. He left, then had a full-out shootout with an off-duty Orlando cop who was working security at the place. Then he went back inside and took the place hostage, using an assault rifle to kill. After 3 hours of that, the OPD SWAT stormed the club, had another shootout with the killer. Then he got killed and the hostages rescued. Nearly 50 were wounded.

    TWENTY PEOPLE DIED!! ( that changed-- to 49)

    Orlando is about an hour's drive down the Turnpike from where I sit, typing.
    ALL of my local news through my cable connection are Orlando-based, six channels, and the big cable news stations are starting to
    broadcast their programming with local feeds from the stations in my "market". I'm getting all this from six perspectives. It's been all over TV since I woke up.

    The club--described as an "Ultra Lounge"--is a Destination in Orlando.
    The area is loaded with Theme Parks and other attractions and gets as many tourists as Vegas--over 50 million annually. A large number are gay, and the Pulse is a must-see for gay out-of-towners, something to do after Disney World closes. It is on the Southside of Downtown, on Orange Ave at the edge of the City's big Church Street nightclub district. It's a gentrified area which had fallen into decay only to be rebuilt and reborn as an upscale entertainment zone, filled with restaurants, motels, tourists and families from around the world.
    Mass murder this place does not need.

    Live interviews with those who escaped tell a horrible story, one of indiscriminate shooting in a crowded space, panic, blood, the terribly wounded littering the floor. Like Paris...

    The police, FBI and Homeland Security are calling it "domestic terrorism", and are cautiously hinting at a Muslim connection.
    One of the news people said that if it IS Islamic terrorism, it will be the largest US body count since 9/11.
    Terrorism--Islamic terrorism--is something that Orlando does not need. Nobody needs it.

    Things are still evolving and the cops aren't saying much, so I'll just keep learning about it, watching TV
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    Omar Saddiqui Mateen, that's the shooter's name.
    He's a young fellow, allegedly a citizen, from Afghanistan via New York.
    It's not clear if he is--was--Muslim, nor is it clear if the attack was directed at primarily an American target or at homosexual targets. Nor is it clear if Omar is a jihadist, or an Islamic extremist, a lone-wolf ISIS operative or a Sunni nutcase.
    He does--did--live in Florida (Ft Pierce), that much is clear.

    The son of a bitch killed FIFTY people not 20, and his victims are still dying.
    It has become the largest mass shooting in our history.
    6/12 is joining 9/11, December seventh, nineteen fortyone and 11/22/63 as one more of America's days of infamy, thanks to Omar Saddiqui Mateen, who may (or may not) be Muslim.
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    From what I've read he was a US-born Muslim and pledged allegiance to ISIS. Islam seems to have a major problem dealing with gays and in many cases with women. Even his father seems to have 'questionable' beliefs?

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    My deepest sympathies to the victims and survivors of the massacre at the Pulse.

    The local news channels are full of stories orbiting around the murders. This horrible act and the deaths of so many innocent people has become personal to me. I live very near Orlando and I'm there often.

    Orlando is a mid-sized city, one that retains a small town feel, and the stories of individual death and suffering, road closings, vigils and community suppport dominate the news broadcasts and are affecting nearly everyone who lives there. The city's economy is based on tourism, and the image that Orlando is a safe, family friendly town has been destroyed. The local fear is that the horrible mass murder will forever stain this city's reputation, just as Dallas was harmed by the JFK murder.
    The gay community is devastated, as is the Hispanic population. Most of the bar's patrons Saturday night were of Spanish background, enjoying a "Hispanic Night" at the club. Orlando is very popular with Puerto Rican immigrants and has one of the country's largest Puerto Rican concentrations-- outside of New York's.

    It is also becoming apparent that, along with his acknowledged affiliation with ISIS, the murderer Omar Mateen was either a closeted homosexual with a killer's instinct or a 'lone wolf" Muslim gay-hater, a creep who stalked the club and waited for an opportunity to kill as many gay people as possible in the name of the jihad. It looks like he was both.

    His connection to radical Islam comes from within the family. His father--who clumsily tried to deflect attention from his son's homosexuality by saying he had became upset seeing two men kiss--hosted a jihadist radio program in the early years of this century, and young Omar has recently visited several countries where jihadism was born and bred, doing his Muslim duty.

    He was identified by an ex-wife and a co-worker as being gay and was noticed by several of the survivors of the Pulse massacre as a frequent patron, one who kept to himself and drank alone--after driving the 125 miles from Ft Pierce to Orlando to do so.

    Islam, through the suras of the Koran and cultural indoctrination, admonishes the faithful to punish homosexuals. Omar was probably a secret gay, conflicted by his fascination with the gay lifestyle and his religious beliefs, and sought to purge himself of the conflicts by applying jihadist thinking to the problem. So he killed and maimed as many as he could, knowing he would be cleansed of his errant ways the moment he became a martyr, forgiven by Allah and embraced by the idiots who support ISIS or the Taliban or what's left of Al Qaida for his courage.

    Obama was quick to NOT mention Islam as a factor, instead blaming the thing on "gun violence". Hillary, a candidate who is bound to follow Obama's thinking, DID mention "radical Islam", but did not focus on the actual situation, instead making up a weak association with lone wolves and guns, as she was told to do.
    Trump, as usual, went off the mark, commenting on the Democrat's "deadly ignorance" of Islamic fundamentalists, and said that he, as president, would suspend immigration from known jihadist territories and stop the Obama plan to bring 8-10,000 Syrians ( or more) into the country.
    (Omar WAS born in New York City, Donald.).

    This story is just beginning. The inevitable probe into Omar's life may eventually determine if he was an Islamic terrorist, a secret homosexual, a lone wolf gay-hater or a combination of each. He was certainly NOT mentally ill. He planned this for a long time, patiently visiting the club numerous times, buying the weapons, waiting for last call before he went to his car and grabbed his guns, knowing that security would be lax at that late hour. He knew exactly what he was doing.

    The abiding questions at this point are--was Omar's action political, religious or sexual--or a conflicted combination of each??
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