The Governor was mad as hell.
"Their rights ?" he said, when asked about the Syrians ( and others) who are being resettled into Florida by the Obama Decree. "What about our right to security? They are not vetting these people!".

Governor Rick Scott was referring to the 49 new Syrians who were just introduced-- SINCE the slaughter of 49 people by an Islamic terrorist in Orlando-- into the State of Florida by the Federal Government, people who were indeed NOT vetted before they were taken from refugee camps in Jordan and brought to our country. The protracted 5 year Syrian war on it's own people has made over 4 million take refuge in countries other than Syria, and Obama is bringing 85,000 of those unfortunates here-- before September 30th. Scott had informed the Government last year that Florida ( along with 20 other states), would NOT be accepting these people, but the White House thought otherwise and has been quietly placing them in clusters in 5 cities in the State since November.

The resettlement effort cannot possibly vet all these people.
Most are coming in from a 650,000 person refugee camp on the J ordan/Iraq border.

-- They are not in their home country and probably not in possession of any documents to PROVE (vet) who they say they are, so no one REALLY knows who they are. The applicant for refugee status can be anyone they choose to be, and nobody is around to challenge them.
Plus, can the docs that they manage to present be trusted to be authentic?

--There is no way to check back with the Syrian bureaucracy, since it mostly does not exist. Thus, no birth certificates, no school information, no marriage licenses, no health history, no work references, family connections--nothing.
--The communication network in Syria is a mess, so trying to obtain any information on anyone is near impossible anyway. (Assad probably isn't taking any calls from America ).
--Most do not speak English.
--ISIS, the Muslim Terrorist Army, was born in Syria. It's named itself the "Islamic State of Iraq & Syria".

So, 85,000 ( and possibly MANY more if Clinton gets elected) will be admitted and resettled around the country, and no one really knows WHO they are.

In 2016, thus far, 4,328 Syrians have been brought here. (In 2015, the number was around 2000 for the year).

4,299 of the 4,328 are Muslim.

If 2% of them are ISIS plants or jihadists in disguise, we will have nearly 100 members of the jihad army as our new neighbors.

Syria has been on the Government's Terrorist List since 1979.
Syria is supported, in part, by Iran. They sell weapons to Assad, who has been creating this Nation of Refugees by mercilessly destroying the cities and bombing the civilian population. Over 400,000 have died, over 4 million are displaced within the country and nearly 4 million are now outside of Syria, either in camps in Turkey or Jordan, or already in Europe as part of the largest mass movement of refugees in the last 70 years.

Hillary Clinton, Obama's lap dog, faithfully follows the Boss's path, and has upped the ante, saying she is in favor of "at least" 100,000, and that "...we should take care of persecuted minorities, including Christians".
Of the 4328 admitted to America so far this year, 4,299 are Muslim.
98% are Muslim.

Trump, famous now for his take on Syrian refugees, sees a definite security threat. 'We don't know who they are. They have no documentation and we don't know what they are planning", and has said that he wants to ban their admission to America until "...We know what the hell is going on. Until Congress figures this out."

Meantime, to fulfill Obama's decree, the agencies that are bringing the Syrians here must import some 6,000--2,000 per month-- to reach their quota (for THIS fiscal year.).

The Administration is just bringing them here and placing them in communities throughout the USA, with little advance notice to the local City or State governments where the Fed decides to put them. Concord, NH for example, had some 22 refugees show up in town, families mostly, with one day's advance notice. The City and State were taken by surprise.

What is not clear is how these thousands of dependents will be funded. Congress has not approved funds for them, and the NGOs that are acting as Obama's proxy will not be supporting them for long. Where will these people live, how will they eat? Who will be paying for all their needs? Can they find jobs in a place that is culturally foreign to them, where they don't have an ability to communicate, where there may not be any mosques for them to worship in?

Will the FBI or local authorities be expected to shadow them?
I couldn't find any information about any of that.

Governor Scott; "'s not fair. The Administration is not sharing ANY information with us about these people".