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Thread: David Cameron's last PMQT as Prime Minister

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    Default David Cameron's last PMQT as Prime Minister

    Today David Cameron was at the despatch Box in the House of Commons for his last Prime Ministers Question Time - see brief highlights on video clip

    At 5pm he went to the Palace to hand his resignation to the Queen and at 5.45pm Theresa May went to the Palace and was asked bythe Queen to form a government, thus becoming the new Prime Minister. Exchange of power and leadership all in a matter of less than one hour.

    Doesn't it take longer in the US for the handover of power from the outgoing President to the incoming President?

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    Reference to the Black Knight in Monty Phython ...

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    Tory song, 'The Common People'

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    Witney, Oxfordshire - David Cameron's constituency ...

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    David Cameron, the ex-Prime Minister, George Osborne, the ex-Chancellor of the Exchequer, and Boris Johnson, newly appointed Foreign Secretary, were all members of the Bullingdon Club, a 'posh boys' all-male dining/drinking club at Oxford University - uniform navy blue tailcoats, sky blue silk bow ties and yellow waistcoats.

    Is it like the Skull & Bones that George Bush belonged to at university?

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    The Bullingdon Club is nearly as old as the USA itself!


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