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    --Clever, eh?

    A simple play on words, a pun. But, like all attempts at humor, it does have some substance behind the word.
    In case you haven't deciphered it, it does NOT mean multiple Hillies, or a plural of Hilly.
    And it doesn't refer to those wooded bumps in the earth that you can sometimes see Upstate, or to coal-country rurals.
    The only laughter it solicits is a soft, cynical chuckle.

    It means Hillary lies.
    It refers to the near-pathological persona of the woman who aspires to rule America.

    Hillies abound in this particular campaign and there are, fully documented, a remarkable series of lies and misdirections from Mrs Clinton's mouth that cover nearly 40 years, decades when she was either a government employee or a dependant of an employee. She lied, confused or otherwise hid the truth from her employers--the American people (ie: the Arkansas voter, the New York taxpayer, the Department of State, Federal investigatory commissions, etc) --about a variety of things, items that could have compromised either she or Bill as they each made their way up the political corporate ladder.

    Bill was the first to have his really big lies fatally exposed.
    Well into his second term, he looked straight into the TV camera ( --and right into MY eyes) and said, indignantly, "I DID NOT HAVE SEX WITH THAT WOMAN..." when we all knew that he damn well did! Hillary was right at his side, Standing by Her Man as she had during the Whitewater scandal, the Rose law Firm debacle or the mystery of the missing papers that suddenly turned up in the White House.
    She was happy to say whatever was necessary at the moment to protect the Clinton Family's Business--collecting that paycheck from the Dept of the Treasury.
    "They must have been here all the time", she said about the papers, chuckling privately about it. The special prosecutor had been demanding them from the Clintons for years, but Hillary insisted that they'd gone missing.
    Then one day at the White House they just appeared.
    A classic Hil-lie.

    I voted for him.
    I liked him and I was angry about the Special Prosecutor clinging to both of them like a burr, relentlessly probing into both their backgrounds-- right up to that night when Bill lied, the night when I didn't like him anymore. (Let's call that a "Billie").

    I thought he was a good President and I was horrified when he said those words.
    At that moment, I lost all trust in the guy. ( I NEVER held any trust for Hillary. Ever). I wished that I could get my vote back.
    Amazingly, he beat Impeachment (a trial that was held BECAUSE of his lies), which must have empowered both of them to think that they were bulletproof, able to wade through scandal without any harm falling on them or their efforts. All they had to do was lie and/or confuse the truth, and they could rise to the top.

    I began paying attention.
    I saw dozens of examples from Bill and Hillary that confirmed what I already knew, that this politically-infused couple would say or do anything that would enhance their government careers. They were also obsessed with enriching themselves, and went about amassing a small fortune from book-writing to speaking engagements to charity fundraising. Bill became the NGO-In-Chief, Hilly the political maven who charged a hundred dollars per word to speak before you. They got rich.

    They cleverly tied both of those endeavours together and amassed hundreds of millions of dollars and a deep pocket of influence, then she became SecState and was practically given a license to lie and coverup. After her term, as a private citizen she returned to the speaker's circuit, knocking off high-paying speeches to the Saudis and to wealthy people and corporations that today she flat refuses to release.
    Why can't we see them?
    Are they massive Hillies, or what?

    Bill, meanwhile, was tapping those same deep-pockets people for contributions to the Bill and Hillary Clinton Fund, and he amassed a hell of a lot of money. Together they were an effective team, I'll give them that.
    Together, they've funded Bill and Hillary quite nicely.

    Years later, after she and Bill found ways to make themselves really rich, Hillary, as the Democrat's Chosen One, exercised her empowerment and began channeling a series of lies, obfuscations and misdirections about mishandling National Secrets, about Benghazi, about Syria, emails, servers, etc., to the interested media, throwing anybody involved with her under the bus if things went badly.
    A liar, calling everyone else liars.

    She has even begun lying about her lies. I watched her do it--expertly-- in an interview last Sunday.

    One wonders why she has held only a couple of unscripted press conferences.
    Is it because she would have no control over the questions that she would be asked?
    Is it because she would never be able to answer the serious, probing questions that actual journalists may ask her?
    Is it because she can't recall all her lies, or that she couldn't handle being called out about them?

    --Is it because, as Jack Nicholson once brilliantly said--"THE TRUTH??? YOU CAN'T HANDLE THE TRUTH!!!"

    Hillary Clinton has looked right into the camera --and into the eyes of the Benghazi families-- as she lied about her biggest failure, one that involved the four deaths in Libya and a Youtube video that nobody ever watched, not even Muslims. She involved all of us in her dishonesty, forcing us to either condemn her or to just overlook her lies, even as she rattled off her most recent chorus of falsehoods, untruths and omissions while running for the country's highest office.
    She has a lot of balls in the air right now, managing the multiple Hillies that she's created, and we've all taken sides.

    She's looking for your vote, for the permission to run our fractured country and to occupy the most powerful position in the world.

    --Do you think that, if elected, she will be frank, honest and transparent with all of us, all the time?
    --Do you think that she can shuck the devious habits of a lifetime and, for four years at least, actually become an honest woman?
    --Do you think, as Commander-in-Chief, that she will someday hold frequent press conferences?
    --Do you think, as President, that she would lie to all of us--again?
    --Or, using her words--"At this point, what does it matter"??

    Please, no more Hillies.
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    What happened to the move? Did you move to St Petersburg?


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