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    While the US concentrates on the Trump/Clinton election and the UK government is in a constitutional mess over BREXIT, there are far more important issues that the occupy the minds of many Brits - what is the correct pronunciation of the word 'scone' (the English type of scone, not the American type).
    Does the correct pronunciation of the word 'scone' rhyme with the word 'gone' or with the word 'bone'? On such matters grown men have been known to weep!

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    The word 'reprise' - does the correct pronunciation of the word rhyme with 'prize' or 'breeze'?

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    What is the American pronunciation of both words?

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    Incorrect pronunciation can be fatal......

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    You say 'rout', we say 'root'

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    Gloucester - we pronounce it Gloster
    Towcester - we pronounce it Toaster

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    The English town of Norwich, we pronounce it Norridge.


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