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    Default Christmas TV Advert

    An illustration of how different American & British TV adverts are. This is the Christmas TV advert for Aldi supermarket:

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    The Christmas TV advert for John Lewis, department store:

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    The John Lewis Christmas 2012 TV advert

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    A parody of John Lewis advert made by a small furniture company ...

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    Can you imagine these kind of adverts appearing on American TV? This is the Marks & Spencer ( a large department store group) Christmas TV advert for this year.

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    The Trump/Clinton parody of the John Lewis advert.

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    London Heathrow Airport TV Christmas advert.

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    A typical British delicacy at Christmas are Mince Pies, small pastry pies filled with mincemeat - many families on Christmas Eve leave out a mince pie and a glass of whiskey for Father Christmas plus a carrot for Rudolf.
    American Santa's taste mince pies:


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