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    Default Peter Green - British Guitarist

    One of my all-time favourite, (and in my view, greatly under-rated), British rock/blues guitarists - Peter Green

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    [QUOTE]Andy Thomas1 month ago
    Green had it all. He brought Light And Shade to the table. His feel was entirely natural. He could play up a storm. He also knew when 'less' was more! The '67 Bluesbreakers Live In London recordings that have appeared recently show how incendiary he could be. He had a point to prove with Mayall. Green was far more than merely Clapton's replacement! The 'Hard Road' album pales in comparison to that bands live sound. We were all gobsmacked by The Beano album when it first came out but listening to it now you have to admit Clapton's playing is pretty one dimensional. I mean that the guitar sound is SO in your face on every track. Its great, but its out to impress! Have You Heard for example....the solo starts off raging and continues in the same manner all the way through. I wonder what PG would have done with it? Compare Clapton's Have You Heard with say, the way Green smokes on the Mayall version of So Many Roads![/QUOTE]

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    Joe Cooper7 months ago
    Everybody has their favourite white blues guitarist from that era and each one has his merits. Clapton invented "the sound" (Les Paul into a cranked Marshall) and Page really invented Heavy Metal. Jeff Beck had his moments too and it's great to see that he's still playing creative music now and not just resting on his laurels. But my favourite is Peter Green. He could rock with the rest but he also had the most delicate touch of all of them. Listen to him playing a slow minor blues like "I've Got A Good Mind To Give Up Living" or "First Time Alone" on John Mayall's "Blues From Laurel Canyon" and you realise that he really had the blues. B B KIng famously said that he was the only white blues guitarist who gave him the cold sweats and I'm with him on that.

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    The LSD party in Munich that ruined Peter Green's mind and supposedly caused him severe mental illness.

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    Another one lost to too much LSD, Syd Barrett, original songwriter/leader of Pink Floyd.

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    It's interesting to note that once the original songwriters/leaders of the bands left, (both victims of too much LSD), the bands became totally different bands. The Fleetwood Mac and Pink Floyd were nothing like the original versions.

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    Arnold Layne - a cross-dresser who stole female clothing from washing lines ....

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    Sad news, the great guitarist Peter Green has died .....

    One of his greats
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