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Thread: The Shard of Glass - Renzo Piano's London Bridge Tower

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    The Shard now is now fully funded. Demolition is currently taking place, with a white sheet rising up the existing building.

    Tuesday January 22 2008

    LONDON, Jan 22 (Reuters) - The "Shard of Glass" development, one of London's most high-profile skyscraper projects, came a step closer to being built on Tuesday after a Qatari consortium agreed to finance the 2 billion pound ($3.88 billion) scheme.

    The consortium comprises equal shareholdings of the Qatari Islamic Investment bank QInvest, Sellar Property Group, Qatar National Bank, Qatari Islamic Bank and Barwa, a statement said, after the acquisition of stakes held by CLS Holdings and the family trust of entrepreneur Simon Halabi.

    QInvest Chief Executive Professor Abdul Latif Almeer said the development, near London Bridge just south of the City financial district, would " undoubtedly be Europe's most recognisable commercial property landmark."

    "Our investment in this 2 billion pounds development not only reflects our admiration for what has already been achieved in getting the scheme to its present level, but also underpins our confidence in the London commercial real estate market," he said.

    The news brings to an end months of speculation concerning the future of the development, which has been dogged by financing problems since the onset of the credit crisis last year.

    With investment now secured, developer Sellar Property Group said it was confident it could fast-track completion of the scheme by the end of 2011.

    But there are concerns that the 2 million square foot project could tip a fragile balance between office space supply and demand in London's financial district, as occupier take-up falters and banking sector job cuts mount.

    Two major pre-lets have already been signed for the London Bridge Tower component of the scheme, with Shangri-La Hotels taking almost 200,000 square feet of space and Transport for London (TfL) contracted to occupy 190,000 square feet of office accommodation.

    It is estimated that development of London Bridge Quarter will cost up to 1.4 billion pounds, with the majority of the initial construction finance provided by the Qatari consortium.

    At 310 metres, London Bridge Tower will be Europe's tallest mixed-use skyscraper, the developer said.

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    Great news, this is a gorgeous tower!

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    I agree.

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    Shard London Bridge - the UK's first 1000ft skyscraper

    CLICK any part of images below to see Animated video of
    planned demoltion and subsequent construction

    Courtesy Les Roches Alumni

    Demolition Animation starts at 00:32
    Shard Construction Animation starts at 01:02
    TOTAL TIME: 2 min 50 sec (No Audio)

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    Absolutely beautiful.
    I can't help but think ....that clean design is what BOA should have looked like... instead of the goofy, fussy shape, stunted top and busy pin-stripe suit.

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    Thats the difference between a decent and a good architect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidtownGuy View Post
    Absolutely beautiful.
    I can't help but think ....that clean design is what BOA should have looked like... instead of the goofy, fussy shape, stunted top and busy pin-stripe suit.

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    A second red crane has appeared at the front of the existing building.

    I took a picture the other day, but haven't been able to upload it, but i'll hopefully sort that out later this week.

    There seems to be a lot of activity around the building, but demolition still hasn't started.

    By the way, i work in the ugly tower to the right of the Shard in the rendering a couple of posts above

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    Greenpeace activists scale the Shard to send an Arctic message to Shell

    Six campaigners arrested after 310m tower ascent in stunt drawing attention to oil firm's drilling plans

    The Guardian
    July 11, 2013
    The sight of six tiny figures inching up the smooth glass exterior of Europe's tallest building was almost too much for some of the onlookers gathered below.

    "Rather them than me," said Nigel Steward, 55, who was on a day trip from home in Surrey with his wife and her sister. "We were on the viewing platform earlier and could see them coming up. It was quite a sight."

    Steward was one of hundreds of people craning their necks at the base of the Shard in central London as a team of six environmental campaigners scaled the 310-metre glass tower above London Bridge to draw attention to Shell's oil and gas drilling plans in the Arctic.

    Speaking on a mobile phone, perched two thirds of the way up the building, one of the climbers, Victoria Henry, 32, told the Guardian the climb had been exhilarating but challenging.

    "We are all exhausted because we are carrying a lot of weight and have been going since early this morning but it is going really well.

    "It seems that our message about what is happening in the Arctic is really getting out there, which is great."

    The idea for the protest was hatched two months ago when several Greenpeace activists visited the Shard's viewing platform. "We were standing there and realised that we could see three Shell buildings including its HQ," said Ben Stewart, head of media at Greenpeace. "We realised if we can see them, they can see the Shard, so it seemed like the perfect place to get our message across to them." ...

    London's Shard scaled by Greenpeace activists - video

    Six women climb the Shard on Thursday to protest against plans by oil giant Shell to drill for oil in the Arctic. Greenpeace says it chose the Shard, Europe's tallest building, because the London skyscraper is modelled after a shard of ice. The climbers aim to raise awareness of Shell's Arctic drilling plans and have attempted the climb without permission

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    Ooops ...

    View From the Shard Can Surprise Hotel Guests

    May 10, 2014

    LONDON — The new hotel at one of London's skyscrapers offers rooms with a view — but it isn't always what guests expect.

    The Shangri-La Hotel — located on the upper floors of The Shard — has a design quirk that means glass panels protruding from the skyscraper can act as mirrors once internal lights are switched on at night. That means that in some rooms, it is possible to get a glimpse of neighboring guests.

    Darren Gearing, the executive vice president and hotel general manager, says in a statement Saturday that blinds are available for privacy. Guests will be advised when they check in.

    The Renzo Piano-designed 72-story building is unique in that it features entire walls that are windows. The hotel in the 310-meter (1,017-foot) tower opened last week.


    Shard becomes London’s ‘eyeful’ tower

    By Tom Robbins
    May 9, 2014

    Some hotel rooms come with views of other guests reflected in the glass

    The first guests at western Europe’s tallest hotel came expecting unforgettable views – but may have got more than they bargained for.

    The bedrooms in Shangri-La’s luxury hotel, which opened last week in London’s 310m-tall Shard building, come with binoculars so guests can survey the city’s landmarks through the floor-to-ceiling windows. But thanks to a quirk in the building’s design, some rooms also come with potentially revealing views of other guests ...

    When the Financial Times stayed at the hotel last week, guests in the neighbouring room were clearly visible as they prepared for bed, as was the bed in another room on a lower floor.

    Of course, many hotels have bedrooms that look into the windows of others, but the Shangri-La is unique in that the entire walls are windows, and guests will naturally want to keep the blinds open so they can enjoy night-time views of the city lights.

    The hotel said it was aware of the issue and that it would be pointed out to guests. “In some rooms, due to the unique shape of the Shard, guests may be able to glimpse into a neighbour’s room,” said Darren Gearing, the hotel general manager. “For this, blinds are available for guest privacy.” ...

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