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Thread: New York-Amsterdam Photo Comparisons

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    Default New York-Amsterdam Photo Comparisons

    Not sure if this site has been noted here before. It's now defunct, but remains open for perusal. Essentially it consists of photo comparisons between different aspects of the two cities, New York and its original namesake. For example, taxi shows both a yellow New York cab and a red Amsterdam one. The concept seems childishly ridiculous, but the entire collection makes for some interesting cultural insights and observations.

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    Default New York-Amsterdam


    a favorite:

    New York above - Amsterdam below

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    Default New York-Amsterdam

    That Statue of Liberty is reversed. *The real one holds the torch in her right hand...

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    Default New York-Amsterdam

    Just FYI, this website was posted in another thread: New York City Websites. I enjoy the photo comparison.

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    hey man this site doesnt work on my comp (is it down mayby?) and i couldnt find a simulairity picture NYC oposite Amsterdam (btw ill be making pictures of some houses here in Rotterdam and they are the most simulair houses ive seen compared to NY appartements. But ill post them when i have them.)

    greetzzz silly_rock

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    I think their "experiment" is over. Maybe they decided it wasn't worth the cost of keeping it online.

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    hmm that could be true yes
    to bad though couse i really wanted to see the pictures, well bummer for me i guess.

    greetzzz silly_rock

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