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Thread: The New Gilded Age Skyline of Manhattan

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    Default The New Gilded Age Skyline of Manhattan

    For any oldtimers who happen to peruse... here are two fantastic articles from the NY Times chronicling the super-towers being put up to meet the demand by the ultra-wealthy for real estate to park their money in.

    NYCs evolving skyline (June 2019)
    An interactive piece focusing on the residential towers for the rich specifically (June 2019)

    Miss the conversations that would've been here on these projects back in the day...

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    The delusional hypocrisy at the Times knows no bounds! This is the same newspaper that publishes real estate pieces about how it's normal to earn 300K+ and pushes the lifestyles such people lead. Then on the complete opposite end of the spectrum as you posted, they are now bizarrely railing against skyscrapers only the ultra rich can afford.


    I don't understand the Times's problem on this. I will never be able to afford an apartment in these supertalls but do I want them built? HELL YES. The taller the better and the more the better. That's what NYC is all about - progress. Property taxes are huge on these places, we all benefit


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