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    Quote Originally Posted by mariab View Post
    Do you know the address for the new one @ 45th St?
    I believe its 731 Avenue E, Bayonne, NJ. The building is called Tagliareni Plaza.
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    Cool Cape Liberty Cruise Port Expanding

    Royal Caribbean's Cape Liberty Cruise Port development approved in Bayonne

    By John Ambrosio/The Jersey Journal
    on July 24, 2013 at 8:10 PM, updated July 24, 2013 at 8:11 PM

    Royal Caribbean's Quantum of the Seas cruise ship (Royal Caribbean)

    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey has approved a plan to allow Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines to redevelop the Cape Liberty Cruise Port in Bayonne.

    The Board of Commissioners approved the plan to develop the PA-owned property today at their monthly meeting. The new development would accommodate Royal Caribbean's new Quantum of the Seas cruise ship, which is scheduled to debut next year.

    "This new lesase extension will bring to Bayonne one of the most modern cruise terminals in the country," siad PA Deputy Executive Director Bill Baroni. "Royal Caribbean is going to invest $50 million in the new terminal and two parking facilities for people going out of Bayonne."

    Baroni also said that the 167,800-ton, 4,180-passenger ship will give Bayonne's economy a boost.

    "This new terminal will help create jobs in construction and will have a long term economic benefits on our region," said Baroni. "When a ship like this calls a port that ship brings about $1 million a trip to the city in local economic activity. Once completed, the terminal is expected to bring in 600,000 people every year."

    Cape Liberty Cruise Port currently acts as a cruise terminal for several cruise liners, including Royal Caribbean's Explorer of the Sea ship.

    According to Baroni, Royal Caribbean's project still needs to have its finances approved by the Bayonne Local Redevelopment Authority and is expected to begin construction within a few months. Baroni also said that the project should be completed by 2014, just in time to launch the new luxury ship.
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    Good idea. The whole operation always had a temporary look and feel to it, and at least when they start expanding commercial shipping over there, they won't be able to take over the entire thing.

    "When a ship like this calls a port that ship brings about $1 million a trip to the city in local economic activity.
    Perhaps a new luxury hotel to go along with it?

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    Thumbs up Well that was fast.

    Quote Originally Posted by JCMAN320 View Post
    Bayonne gas station operator surprised to learn of redevelopment plan

    By Felix Alarcon/The Jersey Journal
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    on October 22, 2013 at 8:00 AM, updated October 22, 2013 at 8:17 AM

    THE BLOCK OF 224-230 AVE E. in Bayonne, where the city wants to build a housing complex. The area houses an active Exxon station. (ALYSSA KI JOURNAL PHOTO)

    The Bayonne Planning Board wants to build a multi-story housing complex and retail hub on Avenue E near 21st and 22nd streets, and the plan is a surprise to at least one businessman.

    Affected is 224-230 Avenue E, formerly the Bayonne Plumbing storage facility and an active, neighboring Exxon gas station. The property has already been declared an area in need of redevelopment.

    Avak Pashalian, 60, said he has been operating the Exxon station for a month. He said yesterday he is planning a grand opening for Nov. 1 and was unaware of any redevelopment plans.

    Plans for the redevelopment were approved by the Planning Board in a special meeting last Wednesday night and sent to the City Council for action.

    The board’s consulting planner, Anthony Rodriguez from T&M Associates, talked about his vision for the redevelopment at last week’s meeting.

    Under Rodriguez’ proposal, block 454 and lots 1 (Bayonne Plumbing) and 2 (Exxon) have potential for commercial and residential use.

    Proposed is a five-story, 160-unit multifamily development that would have above or below ground parking. The city would have to use eminent domain to acquire the Exxon property, said Rodriguez, but the plumbing supply property can be purchased.

    Owners were notified of the meeting, but none attended.

    A second site proposed for redevelopment is near Mechanic Street near Route 440, but it faces environmental obstacles. The land was formerly used for oil storage.

    “It would take 20 years to redevelop that land,” said Theodore Garelick, chairman of the Planning Board.

    If the city were to acquire the land, it would have to take the responsibility of the cleanup to Environmental Protection Agency standards.

    The area is currently owned by the Clayton Co. Gordon Mills, an engineer from the company, said, “My main concern was that the city might implement imminent domain. I’m comforted that that won’t happen. We’d like to work with the city.”


    This site is located right next to the 22nd Street Light Rail station, which you can see poking out behind the Exxon Station canopy.

    Former Bayonne Plumbing storage facility is demolished, makes way for new housing

    By Felix Alarcon/The Jersey Journal
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    on November 19, 2013 at 6:53 PM, updated November 19, 2013 at 6:55 PM

    Demolition continues on the old Bayonne Plumbing Supply building on Nov. 19, 2013 on Ave E in Bayonne. Alyssa Ki/The Jersey Journal

    The owner of the property 230-250 Avenue E, the former site of the Bayonne Plumbing storage area, stood behind the chain link construction fence, as the excavator, a construction vehicle, demolished the building this afternoon.

    "The proper permits were acquired for the demolition," said the new owner of the property, who declined to provide his name but said the property was registered to 230-250 LLC.

    The owner said he was at the site of the demolition to make sure things were going to plan.

    230-250 LLC plans to develop a multifamily dwelling with above ground parking. The city council recently designated the area as an area in need of redevelopment.

    The city planning board’s consulting planner, Anthony Rodriguez from T&M Associates, talked about his vision for the redevelopment at last month's meeting.

    Proposed is a five-story, 160-unit multifamily development that would have above or below ground parking, said Rodriguez.

    Bayonne police had closed off Avenue E between East 21st and 22nd streets for the demolition.

    At least three cars parked on the same side of the demolition side at 4 p.m. were towed. A police officer at the scene said efforts had been made to reach the owners of the vehicles to no avail.

    A sign was posted on the side of the demolition site that said parking was not permitted Nov .14 to 16 because of demolition activity.

    The police officer told The Jersey Journal that the sign was dated wrong and did not correspond to the demolition.

    "The building has many violations and it's getting demolished," said the officer. "That's why those cars can't be parked there."
    An official at the Bayonne building department declined to comment, but said there were no violations at the site of the demolition.

    City spokesman Joe Ryan and business administrator for the city Stephen Gallo were not immediately available to comment.

    The city recently passed an ordinance for an area in need of redevelopment for the adjacent Bayonne Plumbing that went out of business last month. The 85-year-old business was formerly owned by Richard Epstein.

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    Sounds like a railroading to me (pardon the pun), and if they're that pushy for something like that then they have to be just as pushy for an exclusive luxury tower or hotel, also.

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    Thumbs up Church on Avenue E to Finally Look Like a Church

    I agree Mariab; currently Bayonne only has one "hotel" and it is a motel along Route 440 that is a by the hour place; that's it. A luxury hotel near the old MOTBY to service the cruise port would be a great idea.


    Bayonne Zoning Board approves Church of Christ renovations

    By Felix Alarcon/The Jersey Journal
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    on November 22, 2013 at 9:10 AM

    THE CHURCH OF CHRIST on Avenue E. in Bayonne had its request for renovation approved. (ALYSSA KI JOURNAL PHOTO)

    Prayers were answered recently for members of a Bayonne church who hope to soon see majestic spires and a gable roof over their house of worship.

    The Bayonne Zoning Board approved a request from the Church of Christ to renovate 280 Avenue, much to the delight of more than 120 members of the church at an unusually crowded meeting at City Hall.

    “This is very important to us,” said Rudy Pumar, head deacon of the church. “We did a devotional prayer for this.”

    Attorney Bill Feinberg represented the church in its efforts to modify the building, which, for now, has the cookie-cutter appearance of an office building.

    “The church has a flat roof,” said Feinberg. “We have to change the roof and gable it, so the steeples can be supported properly. The height of the building will be within the zoning laws and we’d like to put in a side door at the parking lot so the parishioners could have access — along with an outdoor lift for the disabled.”

    Teoborico Samson, resident minister of the church, said the board gave permission a year ago to use the building for church purposes and now church leaders are focusing on making the building look more like a church.

    “We have 219 parishioners to be exact,” said Samson. “Most are from Bayonne and Jersey City. We are here to make certain changes to the resolution. One of the principal changes is for permission to build two steeples on the church.”

    Construction is expected to begin in the next few months and during that time members will be worshiping at the church’s Elizabeth facility, Pumar said.

    “All the variances passed the first time around,” architect Raymond Frank said. “The exterior improvements will add to the design of the existing building and it will be in conformance with the community. There are no negative impacts.”

    Remigio Gumangan, 39, and his wife, Angelica, 40, of Bayonne, were eager to head back to the chapel and celebrate.

    “We’re going back to the church to pray and have a dinner,” said husband Gumangan.

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    There's hope for redevelopment in Bayonne yet. They are accepting offers for a 55 acre mixed use redevelopment on the Peninsula. If they want it to be a destination city, they have to start thinking ahead and get some live theater and other performance centers, as well as museums there.

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    Lightbulb Bayonne Seeks Developers

    Quote Originally Posted by mariab View Post
    There's hope for redevelopment in Bayonne yet. They are accepting offers for a 55 acre mixed use redevelopment on the Peninsula. If they want it to be a destination city, they have to start thinking ahead and get some live theater and other performance centers, as well as museums there.
    Mariab indeed you are right. It's the parcels of land located closest to Route 440 are the ones set aside for development while the rest of the Peninsula will be the new port. Here is an article I found on


    Dozens of developers show interest in Bayonne Harbor land

    By Felix Alarcon/The Jersey Journal
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    on December 12, 2013 at 10:58 AM

    Dozens of developers expressed interest in the 55 acre land at Bayonne's Peninsula at the harbor. Dec. 12/10/2013.
    Felix Alarcon/The Jersey Journal

    More than two dozen development firms have already responded to Bayonne’s official “request for an expression of interest” in 55 acres of undeveloped land at the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor as the city is seeking high-end commercial interests.

    “Many exciting redevelopment projects are already bringing jobs and tax ratables to Bayonne,” Mayor Mark Smith said. “The 55 acres that are now available for redevelopment at the Peninsula at Bayonne Harbor will offer the biggest opportunity in several years to make a major impact on the future of Bayonne.”

    City officials said: “While some of the Peninsula property has been sold to the Port Authority, there are still dozens of city-owned acres scheduled for private redevelopment projects. This 55-acre tract known as the Harbor Station South is one of them.”

    Smith said the submissions are intended to be “high-level concept plans.”

    In the request for an expression of interest, the city says: “Bayonne envisions the [Harbor Station South] District as a transit-oriented mixed-use development with a preference for retail and commercial development that includes amenities that complement the adjacent Royal Caribbean cruise port operations, such as a luxury hotel and supporting retail services.”

    “Both construction and permanent job creation, dollar value for land sales and increase in tax ratables are of primary consideration,” said Smith.

    A redevelopment plan allows the city to redevelop underutilized and unproductive properties with private developers. The developers are privy to develop the land as if it were a blank slate, pending the city’s amendment of the plan. The city said the developer will undertake the responsibilities of the utilities infrastructure in the area.

    Last week, the Bayonne Golf Club served as the venue for the city’s Redevelopment Seminar, which more than 75 developers and professionals attended.

    “All respondents must submit a concept plan with site-specific redevelopment proposal; describe their commitment to implementation; detail their financial resources; and provide an estimated offer for the purchase of all or a portion of the Harbor Station South District,” said city officials in a press release.

    Bayonne is inviting parties to submit five hard copies of their proposal to the law firm of McManimon, Scotland & Baumann, LLC, Special Redevelopment Counsel to the City of Bayonne, 75 Livingston Ave., Suite 200, Roseland, NJ 07068. The proposals must be received by 4 p.m. on Friday, Jan. 31, 2014, along with a $3,000 nonrefundable certified check. Developers can get additional information at

    Bayonne will conduct interviews with the developers in February and conditional designation will be given in March.

    “Actual proposals can be developed once we have selected a preferred project or projects,” said Smith.

    Contracts from the city must be approved by the City Council.

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    By the looks of that planning map, they have the entire back end of the peninsula all sewn up, which is great. No sense in letting it sit there looking like an abandoned botanical garden. It could be its own neighborhood if they do it right.

    Smith said the submissions are intended to be “high-level concept plans.”
    Glad to hear that. They don't want just another strip mall or cluster of stores with a big box anchor. They already have a couple of those. And in time, people would be willing to venture into town if they revitalize even further.

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    Thumbs up Bayonne Lux Abatement and Extension of Newark Bay Walkway Wanted

    Bayonne City Council to vote on tax abatement for luxury rental complex

    By Felix Alarcon/The Jersey Journal
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    on December 27, 2013 at 8:15 AM, updated December 27, 2013 at 8:17 AM

    A KENNEDY BOULEVARD LUXURY DEVELOPMENT IN BAYONNE will learn next month if the Bayonne City Council has approved its request for five-year tax breaks. (FELIX ALARCON JOURNAL PHOTO)

    The Bayonne City Council next month will consider approving a five-year tax abatement for a new luxury rental complex under construction on a redevelopment tract near the Bayonne Bridge.

    The tax abatement was requested by Camelot at Bayonne LLC, a 96-unit rental project being developed by Kaplan Companies at 28-58 Kennedy Blvd.

    The council plans to hold a final hearing and vote on the five-year abatement at the council meeting slated for Jan. 15, at 7 p.m.

    The Camelot at Bayonne applied for a tax exemption with the hopes of obtaining financial assistance for the project.

    The development consists of two separate, 5-story residential towers, each containing 48 units, for a total of 96 units of rental apartments with ground level parking. The tower at Kennedy Boulevard and West 3rd Street is closest to completion.

    The proposed tax abatement ordinance says, “the Municipal Council has determined that the authorization of a tax exemption for the project is in the best interest of the city and will facilitate the rehabilitation and redevelopment of the city and the Redevelopment Area for productive use.”

    The proposed agreement specifies that exemptions will apply to “the improvement constructed in connection with this projection upon completion of each tower.”

    For the first year, Camelot at Bayonne, LLC will have 0 percent of the real property tax due. For the second year it will be 20 percent, third year 40 percent, fourth year 60 percent and fifth year 80 percent.


    RiverWalk in Bayonne far from finished, priority for city development

    By Joseph R. Vena/The Jersey Journal
    on December 29, 2013 at 4:10 PM, updated December 30, 2013 at 8:16 AM

    A section of the Stephen R. Gregg Bayonne County Park portion of the Hackensack RiverWalk, the completion of which will be a top priority for riverside development, according to city spokesman Joe Ryan. (Joseph R. Vena/The Jersey Journal)

    Bayonne residents can look forward to being able to stroll a little further along Newark Bay as the city plans to lengthen the Hacksensack RiverWalk as riverside development proceeds.

    According to the 2013 Bayonne Open Space Resources report on the Hudson County website, the city does not have a great deal of developable land remaining, but there are unoccupied sections - namely along the Hackensack River - that can be developed and built upon.

    "Bayonne is by and large built out; however, opportunities exist to increase open space along the Hackensack River and throughout the City by the incremental acquisition of vacant parcels," the report says.

    One of these opportunities is finishing the city's portion of the Hackensack Riverwalk, a currently partially-constructed walkway along the Hackensack River and Newark Bay which also runs through Jersey City and Secaucus, the report says.

    "One of the City of Bayonne's open space priorities is the completion of the Hackensack RiverWalk along Newark Bay," it says.

    City spokesman Joe Ryan confirmed carrying out the remainder of construction for the walkway, which "covers the majority of the west side of Bayonne" and starting from the north runs mostly through Rutkowski, Stephen R. Gregg/Bayonne County, Veterans, and DiDomenico-16th Street parks, was of utmost importance.

    "Increasing the walkway's length and connectivity are goals of the City of Bayonne's Master Plan," he said.

    Portions of the walkway also exist in certain residential areas near West 21st Street and in the Boatworks housing development west of Avenue A between North and Eighth streets, Ryan said, which along with dock areas and drops in terrain make it difficult for the path to have an unbroken continuity.

    Although Ryan could not speak to any time frames, specific plans in motion for adding to the RiverWalk or how long it will eventually stretch, he asserted it will definitely be built upon when more riverside development begins to unfold.

    "New sections of the walkway will be included in new developments on Bayonne's west side," he added. "An extension of the walkway is likely to be included when the Texaco property is redeveloped in the southwest corner of Bayonne."

    Capital for the project has been funneled out of public funds of "various governmental sources" designated for park development, Ryan said, as well as money from residential developers who erected neighborhoods through which the walkway stretches.

    "More developer funding is expected to cover extensions of the walkway as new neighborhoods are constructed, notably on the Texaco property," he said.

    The Open Spaces Resources Report also notes several areas containing the path suffered extensive damage from Hurricane Sandy which required, and may still require, repairs.

    "Bayonne's waterfront parks sustained significant damage as a result of Superstorm Sandy and efforts to repair affected areas are ongoing," it reads.

    However, Ryan said the damage the storm dealt to the walkway has since been handled, allowing room for expansion, although waterfront docks still require additional care.

    "The waterfront areas of the park, including fishing docks, were damaged, and the electrical system, including lights, got knocked out of service," he said. "Most damaged items have been fixed or replaced."

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    Camelot already finished and advertising on Trulia, unless the interior pics are models but they don't look like it. For Bayonne, this development looks like an uptick in prices for 1 & 2 bedrooms. What is the criteria for the abatement? Either way, if it will help the city like the ordinance says, give it to them.

    I'd like to see the Texaco property cleaned up. Keep industrial properties east of 440 before it veers west towards Kennedy and the bridge approach. They have it designed well that way, and the only sore thumb seems to be the Texaco property as far as the west side is concerned.

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    Thumbs up Bayonne looks to help Broadway

    Bayonne looks at redeveloping a block on Broadway

    By Felix Alarcon/The Jersey Journal
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    on January 12, 2014 at 6:15 PM

    Bayonne looks to redevelop block of mostly empty storefronts on Broadway between West 23rd and West 24th streets. Jan. 9, 2014. Felix Alarcon/The Jersey Journal

    A vote to authorize a redevelopment study for a square block of Broadway between West 23rd and West 24th streets is scheduled by Bayonne’s City Council at a meeting Wednesday at 7 p.m.

    The block has only two active businesses and consists mostly of blighted, empty, boarded-up storefronts.

    The vote will authorize the Planning Board to conduct a redevelopment study for the properties on the Broadway block, consisting of 7 lots, and will include the possibility of condemnation.

    “We want to find out if it meets the requirement for an area in need of redevelopment,” said the city’s business administrator Stephen Gallo. “There are a lot of vacant lots, a fire damaged building and vacant parcels on the back end of the block.”

    One of the still-active businesses that would be impacted is Barney Stock Shops.

    Mel Stock, of Barney Stock Shops said last week that his family has operated the business for 60 years.

    “[Highway] 440 business took shoppers off Broadway,” said Stock. “There are very few family businesses left. This killed our block.”

    Stock said a number of factors are to blame for the loss.

    “Lighting is an issue,” said Stock. “People are afraid to walk at night. I remember year’s ago when police patrolled this area. They would all want this route to watch the ladies leave the store. [Mayor Mark] Smith was one of the guys that patrolled this area back then.”

    Stock has had to resort to ingenious ways to keep business alive.

    “Customers complain about the meters outside,” said Stock. “They run until seven. Why, does the city have them running that late? It’s not good for business. So, with minimum purchase at the store, I give them a quarter for the parking and the business.”

    Stock pulled out pages of his receipts to demonstrate the quarter deal and other business savvy methods he’s had to come up with to survive.

    “We’ve never gotten through with anybody in the city,” said Stock. “It’s a shame. There are hardly any merchants left.”

    Gallo said the redevelopment vote is was the first step in a lengthy process to revive the Broadway block.

    “This is certainly part of the Mayor Smith’s project to redevelop Broadway,” said Gallo. “We have an interest in keeping the shopping district at its highest quality.”

    “If it meets the state’s plan, then we’ll meet with developers to come up with a comprehensive plan,” said Gallo.

    Stock said he is going to meet with city officials the week to discuss the city’s plan for block. “The empty building next door is a health hazard,” said Stock. “Cats and pigeons live next door.”

    More photos here:

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    I've seen that block and it could use it. I wonder if they will help the two or three businesses there move, or set them up once it's redeveloped. Few more Broadway blocks could use it, too.

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