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Thread: New York & All Its Glory

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    Default New York & All Its Glory

    that is true, we have more culture emminating from this city than Europe does, i will say that. We are also the center of the world financially, as well as the entertainment business. I have been outside the US, I have not been to England, but i will tell you that England might have an edge historically, but why did all the immigrants come ashore here if there world in Europe was so great.
    * * For example, the automobile business is huge. The United States is the only nation where the man who screws the chasis down on a new Chevrolet Impala, can afford what he helps create. The Foreign car business is not like that, the people who help make these vehicles such as Jaguar, Mercedes, Volkswagon, BMW, AUDI and others generally cannot afford to buy the products they create. How New York became such a great city is because all the people who wanted to live there lives to the fullest, who wanted to be somebody, and who wanted freedom came here and they got that as their reward. They got this city full of pride, arrogance, happiness, fun, every culture known to man, styles, architecture and much more. The city has thrived for way over a century because of peoples dreams, diversity, and exceeding expectations.
    * * I am not trying to say anything bad about anyone else, but i am simply displaing my pride, arrogance, and belief that we are the best city.

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    Default New York & All Its Glory

    Hell yeah! New York rules. I love New York. I always talk about New York at parties, mostly abouts its buildings and landmarks like the late World Trade Center or Empire State Building.

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    Default New York & All Its Glory

    I've been telling people that I'm a New Yorker stuck in a Californian's body. *I've been here for 22 years, and now that I'm graduated college, I've decided to move to the greatest city on Earth. I bought my one-way plane ticket yesterday. New York City, here I come!

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    Default New York & All Its Glory

    Welcome, hope your NYC life is as great for you as it is for us!

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    Default New York & All Its Glory

    Congrats Radiogirl, you are member number 200 on this forum.

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    Default New York & All Its Glory

    yeah congrats

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    Default New York & All Its Glory



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    As great as New York is, it can be better. Some ideas:

    1. Build a parallel George Washington Bridge, and run commuter line tracks on the lower level. Then, as an integral part of this collosal project, widen/expand the Cross Bronx Expressway and make it "Son of Big Dig." Housing and parks atop the new CBE.

    2. Build the Rye-Oyster Bay Bridge.

    3. Build a parallel Whitestone Bridge. Same specs.

    4. Eliminate all building height restrictions in Manhattan.

    5. Build the 2nd Avenue subway. Extend the 7 line. (Just do it!)

    6. Restore the High Line and make it part of the subway system.

    7. Beef up street lighting throughout city. Upgrade from sodium-vapor to newer technology.

    8. Find a new Robert Moses.

    9. Put on a World's Fair in 2014. At Flushing Meadow. Of course.

    10. Widen/clean up the Van Wyck Expressway. Landscape it as a grand entrance to the city.

    There's enough ideas here to get everybody riled up. Or, thinking.

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    Default I love NYC!

    You guys are damn happy 'coz you're living in this city. I adore NYC since I was a child. Its skyscrapers always stunned me. It definitely is my dream city. I realize I will never live there in my current life [but well, maybe in the next one?], but hope it is at least possible to see it. OK, I can try to save some money for the trip, but I can't imagine how can I make such a trip? I didn't see any tour operator's proposals of travelling to NYC from here. So I'd like to ask if it is possible to make a invitation to me to travel to NYC for a week? It is actually more a dream than reality because I haven't yet enough money for a trip, it's a matter of pretty far future. I just wanna know IS IT possible at all? I realize, it's not easy after 9/11, but... My very best dream is a walking from Central Park and midtown to downtown and Battery Park. Here are the buildings that I adore and would like to see: ESB, 500 5 Ave, Chrysler, Chanin, Lincoln Center, Flatiron, Municipal, Woolworth, Park Row, Adams Express, Empire Building, One Wall St., 70 Pine St., Equitable (120 Broadway), Trinity Church, Trinity & US Realty (Thames St.), Standard Oil Bld., Downtown Athletic Club and Whitehall Bld. As you can see I mostly love old buildings and curtain wall black boxes aren't my cup of tea. I would like to make a russian-language web page dedicated to Manhattan high-rises. Everything I can do now is just to use pictures from other sites or scan pictures from wonderful Eric P. Nash book "Manhattan Skyscrapers" which I got from my very good friend from Oregon. But I realize it's not legal. But how can I legally share my love of NYC to other russian-speaking people? Just to make a trip to this wonderful city, with digital photo camera and also with my miniDV one. I'd be happy to see NYC in any weather: cloudly or sunny it is beautiful anyway! And what do you think, how much money requires such a trip if I'd choose the most cheap living place and so on?

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    As a Bronx baby, I share in your awe of NY, NY, especially Manhattan of course. Thing is, what industry are you in, where you have the resources to be able to live, work, play in the greatest city in the world? Yes, a percentage of people who have the opportunity to live in NYC think the way you do, but alot of folks who are giving up a big chunk of of their $50-75k/year are ekeing out a living and subsisting due to the high cost of living. I would venture to say that people making $35k-50k would almost qualify as the "working poor". Where is the quality of life in that?

    You can say, yes, get a better education, hang w. a better class of people to build contacts, build your own business, or get a nice cushy corporate job w. perks... but not everyone will have that opportunity w. the life choices they've made.

    I'm not trying to be Mr. Negativity, just looking to hear solutions, or options, for those who want to be a part of what NYC has to offer, but may not have all the resources in the world. Is it possible?


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