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    Not being from NY, and since I have never visited, I was wondering if the majority of the stereotypes that you see in movies and television are basically true. Example: *the snooty rich, the upwardly mobile straights and gays, the Bronx and Brooklyn blue collar toughs, etc., etc., etc., etc., ............. * I can tell you, being from the midwest, that most midwestern stereotypes, (in television and the movies) are about 80% true depending on the individual region of the midwest.

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    Default Dumb question?

    The only thing typical about New York is that nothing is typical in New York.

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    Default Dumb question?

    You'll have to list the separate stereotypes in order to get a comprehensive answer. *Regarding the ones you mentioned - the blue collar toughs is probably true, as you would see in any Mets game. *I would disagree with the "snooty rich," as the current fashion is "understatement." *The conspicuous consumption craze came and went in the 90's.

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    Default Dumb question?

    I remember when I lived in Colorado in the eighties hearing a recording of a conversation between a New York cabbie in the fifties and a customer who had given him a fifty dollar bill for a fifty cent ride. The abuse that cabbie gave the guy was something I will never forget. It was such a fantastic example of New York speak that I bet doesn't exist anymore.
    Are characters like that still to be found in New York today? That particular recording must still exist in some dusty cellar. I would love to hear it again as a reminder of the New York that we over hear grew up on.

    A bit like the Cockneys of London who have long since disappeared under the jackboot of multiculturism.

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    Default Dumb question?

    not really, most people like that have either meallowed out or burned out, lol, NYC is a great place where everyone is really nice. Hell, i dislike certain groups of tourists, but love to help them out or say hello to them while walking down the street. It depends where you are and who you are communicating with.

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    Default Dumb question?

    Listing all of the stereotypes would probably not be worth the effort or trouble. I am going to assume, since NY is such an amalgamation of interwoven people and cultures, that art generally imitates life to a fairly accurate degree. *Thanks, for all of your input everybody!

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