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    Default Dreams...

    A thread devoted entirely to those strange and wonderful scenarios our brain creates as we sleep.

    I've been having a lot of dreams lately, and a good number of them I remember almost perfectly. Some I don't understand but others make perfect sense.

    So I made this thread in hopes of comparing mine to others...

    Have you ever had a dream which predicted the future correctly? Which dream do you remember best? What was your worst? Your best? The strangest?

    Please share...

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    Default Dreams...

    When I was 8, I had one where my living room turned into a giant factory whose sole puropse was to make cartoon boats.

    One that everyone finds funny is this one where I woke up (in the dream) only to find my... manhood missing. My little brother had cut it off. Then, for some reason, I had to go on a cross country trip to find it. It eventually turned up in Oklahoma in a pile of dog crap.

    The only dream that I ever had that accurately predicted the future was one where my girlfriend dumped me.

    Has anyone else had recurring dreams about the WTC since 9/11? For me, they've always been there but they look different, and it seems like I'm the only one that can see them.

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    Default Dreams...

    Funny enough, I always, and I mean always see 9:11 when I see what time it is. Almost every day when I look at a clock the numbers 9:11 are staring at me...

    I will have to think about strange dreams...give me a second here...

    NyC MaNiAc

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    Default Dreams...

    I guess you could say I've had a few World Trade Center-related dreams. A few of them have been rather fairy-tale like, but some have been rather surreal it's as if I were actually there.

    One one of my dreams, I dreamt that both planes had missed the Twin Towers, and had instead met in the sky above NY in a spectacular fireball. In another, I dreamt that the Towers remained standing long after the fires went out, and were rebuilt and upgraded.

    My most surreal dream about the World Trade Center takes me all over the complex, as if I'm in some sort of game exploring the site. It's a pity I never had the chance to see the splendor of the complex in person.

    I've had other dreams, too. *When I was five I had this dream that I was in a huge lightning storm. The dream took place at the home I had lived in at the time, but the lightning was striking the ground all around us, and even struck the barn across the pasture from our house. LOL.

    I've also had dreams about being a contestant on a few game shows (I'm a rather big game show nut, too). I've dreamt that I've been a contestant on TPIR, Jeopardy!, and a revival of an old early-80's game show called Bullseye.

    My weirdest dream takes me back to the time Mt. St. Helens blew (which will be exactly 23 years ago this next Sunday. And it was a Sunday, too. Sunday, May 18th, 1980.). In reality, I was only six months eight days old at the time, but in the dream (which was a sort of "Back-to-the-Future-like), I was much older, and a seasoned TV News reporter on the mountain's NE side. Like KOMO TV's Dave Crockett who barely made it out alive, I too was in a struggle for survival against the force of the eruption.

    And my worst dream? It takes place on the Tacoma Narrows Bridge here in Washington State. I dreamt that I was travelling on the bridge when the "Big One" (an earhquake scientist's say that we're at least 40 years overdue for) struck. I dreamt that all of the cars ahead of me plunged 220 feet down into The Narrows due to a massive failure of the bridge's center suspension span. I had stopped just before the break in the span, and had stepped out of the car and on to the sidewalk when a car hit my car from behind, knocking it into The Narrows as well. I woke from the dream kind of in a sweat.

    As irony played out, we had an earthquake a month later, on February 28th 2001.. I wasn't asleep that time!

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    Default Dreams...

    I've had dreams where I was at Windows on the World. *Or at least I thought it was. *I keep having these dreams where I'm in a place that looks nothing like the real thing, yet somehow in my mind it registers that I'm there.

    Then there are dreams where I keep getting my teeth knocked out from walking into a doorjamb or something. *Or that I'm on a class field trip to North Korea. *A whole series of dreams about my ex-girlfriend stalking me. *And then there was that crazy dream where I watched Donald Rumsfeld beat the living bejeezus out of Beshar al-Assad, the President of Syria...

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