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Thread: Your Favorite Architects

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    Default Your Favorite Architects

    Chris, don't be such an irritable prick.

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    Default Your Favorite Architects

    Two "typos".

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    Default Your Favorite Architects

    I also really like Frank Williams. *Does anyone else like his work in NY?:

    Rihga Royal Hotel, W54th between Sixth/Seventh Ave
    Worldwide Plaza residential complex
    The Gotham, Third Ave between 86th & 87th
    Trump Palace, E68th/69th
    Four Seasons Hotel, E57th/58th
    Park Belvedere, W79th
    Vanderbilt, E40th
    Trump Parc refurb (formerly Barbizon Plaza - it's so disgusting the way that man puts his name to every acquisition), CPS
    Columbia, Broadway/W96th
    Alexandria, Broadway/W72nd
    Belaire, E71st/72nd

    I really like the Alexandria. *The AIA to New York City, however, says of it:

    "Ramses II's mummy may return to blow up this insult to ancient Egypt. *It took two distinguished firms to consummate this travesty." *(SOM was the other)

    Perhaps one of the more learned of you can explain this? *I think it sits very well with its neighbour, the Ansonia and I like the colour scheme. *Very Upper West Side-ish (my favourite neighbourhood and where I would live, money no object).

    Another art deco favourite is H.I. Feldman (Bronx and northern Manhattan apartment buildings).

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    Default Your Favorite Architects

    An Architect's World Turned Upside Down

    Michael Graves...

    Aside from being a very sad story, this article mentions "his first Manhattan skyscraper a 67-story mix of retail, office and luxury condominiums was going up at 425 Fifth Avenue, at 38th Street."

    67 stories?

    Fred R. Conrad/The New York Times

    (Edited by NYatKNIGHT at 1:58 pm on June 12, 2003)

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    Default Your Favorite Architects

    Michael Graves was my favorite architect for the short-time I was in Denver. I wonder if this injury will eventually alter his colorful take on life, and inturn change his architecture.

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    Default Your Favorite Architects

    Cass Gilbert. I like it old skool.

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