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Thread: Dream Cars

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    New Mercedes-Benz C Class, in the designer's words:

    "In 2005 Mercedes-Benz introduced a new design idiom with a focus on clarity of expression: the designers were guided by the principles of purism, which were interpreted in keeping with the times."

    "This means concentrating on what is important, i.e. surfaces and lines, and dispensing with all superfluous embellishments or visual detours.

    "Less is more: the dialogue between tautly drawn lines and large, tranquil surfaces is enough to convey the message of effortless superiority and serenity. The new C-Class is a further representative of this design idiom."

    That is NOT a pure, taut shoulder line

    Jeep Trailhawk concept:

    Chevy Volt concept:

    The Volt Concept is the first application of GM's E-Flex System, in which electricity can be produced from different types of fuel. It is equipped with an electrical motor coupled with a compact 1-liter gasoline engine that can re-charge the battery, increasing range and fuel economy.

    more info can be found here:

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    November 30, 2006

    First Glance

    Finally, a Fuel Cell Car That Doesn’t Look Like a Science Fair Escapee

    Jamie Rector for The New York Times
    The Honda FCX fuel cell design study. After years of fiddling and fine-tuning, Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell technology is tantalizingly close to production.


    Introduced on Wednesday: Honda FCX Concept

    Is it real? As real as the future.

    What’s the point? You don’t have to be a scientist, rocket or otherwise, to grasp the significance of hydrogen. The universe positively reeks of it. Figure out a way to pump it into cars and you will be the energy baron of tomorrow.

    The company line: “The FCX Concept achieves a new dimension in environmentally friendly driving pleasure not found with gasoline-engine vehicles,” said John Mendel, senior vice president of American Honda.

    The view from here: After years of fiddling and fine-tuning, Honda’s hydrogen fuel cell technology is tantalizingly close to production. Three times more efficient than a gas engine? Twice as thrifty as a hybrid? Sign me up.

    What makes it tick? In his round of advances, Honda introduces the vertical-flow fuel cell stack, a design that is smaller, lighter and more efficient than earlier efforts. Performance also improves in the critical area of cold start-up, and range is improved by using a more powerful lithium-ion battery.

    How much, how soon? If you have to ask how much, you couldn’t afford it. The first FCX production vehicles, due in Japan and the United States in 2008, will be selectively leased, not sold.

    How’s it look? Beyond cool. Defies contemporary beliefs that any hybrid or alternative-fuel vehicle must be as homely as a 1977 Lada Niva.

    Copyright 2007 The New York Times Company

    [mg] ew.jpg[/img]

    Earlier version:

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    Default 2004 Mazda RX-8 For Sale Only 8400 MILES!

    Unfortunatly, I have to let go of this beauty, my loss is your gain!

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    So Sticka, Shocka?

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    Very nice car, Shocka. When were those pictures taken? I see full green lawns and deciduous trees with leaves.

    P.S. Three more posts and you become a Senior Member!

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    Thanks, I wish I could afford to keep this car in LIC, just not going to happen. I know I am going to regret selling it!

    Those pictures were taken in January, one of those random 60 degree weeks.

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    interesting thread. Mustang Celline 2007 just bought it don't have the picture right now, but i'll post it later.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AMBITION View Post
    interesting thread. Mustang Celline 2007 just bought it don't have the picture right now, but i'll post it later.


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    Celine - isn't that the one with the annoying squeak?

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    Arrow Top Dream Cars of 2006

    ... That is, nightmares!

    Forbes: Slideshow of Most-Recalled Cars of 2006:


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    Default How easily dream cars are dashed...

    No joke: U.S. comedian wrecks rare Ferrari

    March 27, 2007

    LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Maybe Eddie Griffin should leave the driving to his chauffeur. The comedian destroyed a rare million-dollar Enzo Ferrari on Monday [3/26/07] when he crashed it into a barricade while promoting a movie. He was unhurt in the low-speed incident, at Irwindale Speedway, about 20 miles (32 km) east of Los Angeles.

    "The brother's good at karate and all the rest of that, but the brother can't drive," Griffin told reporters.

    He was practicing for a celebrity charity racing event tied to his upcoming film, "Redline."

    The car, one of just 400 manufactured, belonged to the film's producer, Daniel Sadek. Sadek estimated that the car was worth $1.2 million, and seemed philosophical about the loss, saying he was just happy that Griffin was unharmed.

    The real-estate investor has put up his own money for the $26 million picture, and allowed one of his two $200,000 Porsche Carreras to be destroyed for a scene in it.

    News Source:

    The limited edition Enzo Ferrari was shown at the 2003 New York International Auto Show, April 16, 2003:

    (Does anybody remember seeing it?)

    The videorecording of the Eddie Griffin crash is posted in this clip:


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    When Dreams Collide

    1938 BUICK Y-JOB Considered the first concept car.

    FUTURE SHOCK The 1955 Lincoln Futura, which became the Batmobile.

    The 1961 Ford Gyron.

    TWO ENGINES The 2005 Jeep Hurricane.

    1956 DODGE DART Only the name made it into production.

    1956 PACKARD PREDICTOR Made with Ghia of Italy. The car caught fire before its debut.

    1958 FORD NUCLEON A nuclear dream.

    1959 CADILLAC CYCLONE The jet-fighter look, without wings.

    1962 FORD MUSTANG I Some of its ideas are in the Porsche Boxster.

    1990 CERV III Never produced, but made it into a video game.

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    2000 GENERAL MOTORS PRECEPT A diesel-electric hybrid.

    2003 DODGE TOMAHAWK With four wheels and the V-10 engine from a Dodge Viper, was it a car or a motorcycle?

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    A flying DeLorean! Nah, not really. THIS would be my dream car:

    But,...seeing as I don't even know how to drive -- that won't happen until I get my license and become rich.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp View Post
    1938 BUICK Y-JOB Considered the first concept car.
    That's Harley Earl at the wheel, and his ghost might dispute your characterization. After all, at Chicago's 1933 "Century of Progress" Exposition Earl himself had unveiled the Cadillac Aero-Dynamic Show Coupe.

    Breathtakingly ahead of its time (just like the Y-Job), dramatically streamlined, pontoon fenders, fastback, V16, V-split windshield, amazingly clean lines --well before Gordon Buehrig's second-generation Cord.

    This car would influence designers for years to come (just like the Y-Job) and showed that Earl had a visionary view of automobile design. While intended only as a show car, it went into limited production and twenty were built between 1934 and 1937.

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