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Thread: The Forumers Thread

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    Default The Forumers Thread

    Marking an extended period of time since the last edition, which included a software switch, this is the newest version of the 'member info' thread.

    Here's where you tell us all about yourself, so we can get to know one another better and maybe satisfy a bit of curiosity .

    Suggested fields:

    Place of birth:
    Random facts/talents:

    Pictures are also welcomed.


    Name: Eli
    Age: 16
    Location: Brooklyn
    Place of birth: Brooklyn
    Interests: skyscrapers, architecture, design, vocal music, astronomy/space technology (especially X-Prize and related), food
    Random facts/talents: I was Metlife's 'blood boy' of the year when I was 5 or 7 or so. My face was on posters all over the city.
    I have an amazing gift/curse of weight. For the past two years at least, my weight has stayed between 100 and 110 lbs, most often hovering at around 105. No matter what I eat, or how much of it, my body refuses to cross the line into the hundred and teens.

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    Name: Ginger
    Age: 32
    Location: A desert island in the pacific
    Place of birth: Hollywood, CA

    I'm a glamorous movie star.
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    Name: J.B.
    Age: 18
    Location: Greenwich Village
    Birthplace: Upper East Side
    Interests: history, architecture, music, reading, writing, computers, video games (but I barely have time for it anymore)
    Random facts/talents: (recently changed) Junior at NYU, one older sister.
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    Name: Oscar Santana
    Age: 15
    Location: East Harlem
    Birthplace: The Bronx
    Interests:Architecture, Cars, Baseball, History
    Talents: I pitch a Fastball (2&4 seam), Curveball, Knucleball, Triangle Change, Splitfinger, and Splitfinger Fastball. I'm the Co-Web-Editor at my community service site.

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    Name: Kenny
    Age: 17
    Location: Ohio
    Place of birth: Ohio
    Interests: Big cities, television, movies, football.
    Random facts/talents: I currently am an assistant producer/director at a local community owned T.V. station. When I graduate I hope to go to college in Los Angeles to earn a degree in movie/television production.

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    Place of Birth: Urumqi, Xinjiang Uigur Autonmous Region, China
    Big interests: Politics, Football, Basketball, Euro and Dance Music
    Random facts/talents: play piano, visual arts, debate team member, formerly swim team member (but I'm outta shape now)

    P.S. can any of you guys pronounce my place of birth?
    heh, heh

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    Well I know that 'x' is pronouced 'ch', right?

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    Name: Googlybear
    Age: 18
    Location: Harlem
    Place of Birth: Ithaca, New York
    Interests: Photography, cities, architecture, The Simpsons, useless trivia

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    Harmless bump.

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    Default Re: The Forumers' Thread

    Age: 33 (just like Jesus when he died or something)
    Location: europe (capital of europe actually)
    Place of birth: NY, only for a few day's unfortunat...
    Interests: NYC and the USA in general (not just an interest: a passion)Random facts/talents:
    I'm a gamer, i especially like: wolfenstein, day of defeat, MOH, .....

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    Post 9/11, I reassessed my career and went into non-profit work to hopefully make a difference in the lives of the less fortunate and disenfranchised of our society.

    Wow that's terrific Rob!
    I wish i could do that....

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    Sorry, I bumped into this thread on the way out. Please excuse my klutzness.

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    Name: Alexander
    Age: 16
    Location: Santa Monica, CA
    Birthplace: Los Angeles, CA
    Interests: Music, Writing, Film, Photography, Writing, Architecture, History, Philosophy, Psychoactives
    Random: I play the guitar and the piano. I'd like to go to NYU, but I'm not sure if I can swing it - my SATs are real good (770 verbal) and I my teachers like me but my grades suck and I have no patience for school. Whatever happens, I want to be some sort of musician when I'm older and hopefully live in New York or London.

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    Name: Julian
    Age: 27
    Location: Upper West Side, NY/Philadelphia, PA
    Place of birth: Cali, Colombia.
    Interests: ALOT! :wink:
    Random facts/talents: I love wirednewyork! I just hope we have more participation from more members to just write about anything they want in the threads, really. I am a student and work in the non-profit section right now... Nothing big yet.

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