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Thread: Brooklyn Bridge Park - by Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates

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    Quote Originally Posted by billyblancoNYC
    Sorry, I meant Really re: your citing his cheap build-outs.
    Yes, his condos are obviously cheaply built. Keep it in mind, you're hearing it from a man who knows his way around Ikea blindfolded. But I've gone to openhouses in Dumbo and thought "$400K for a one-bedroom made from a warehouse and you're showing me that cheap formica and bargain-basement close-out appliances?"

    As far as his business sense, it does suck that artists are being bumped. NYC just needs to focus on building artist housing again, not only low-income housing. Are there any plans for this?
    I haven't heard anything about artist housing do they distinguish between low-income and artist housing? I guess it would be cool if they did so some notorious welfare recipient doesn't squeeze out a painter or dancer that's working hard toward a goal. (Not to be unsympathetic to the lower classes.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulcrapek
    Hurrah for the Empire Stores, ugh for the trolley eviction.

    The Stores fascinate me every time I'm at the park there. I think one of the buildings has modern, usable bathrooms in it accessible by the public.
    Yeah, it's a bummer about the trolley's being evicted, I hope they aren't destroyed (which seems likely).

    I talked with friend of mine who's on staff with the Brooklyn Bridge Park Coalition. I got the impression Trolley's were more of a long shot, that there would probably be shuttle bus service, but we can keep our fingers crossed.

    BTW, the Brooklyn Bridge Park Coaltion meets at 6:30 pm the first Thursday of every month at their offices at 334 Furman Street (just under the Brooklyn Heights Promenade, where Jorealemon St. dead ends into the Piers).

    I'll post reminders, but know this: the next meeting is January 8 (yes, it's the SECOND thursday but as the first is New Years Day...)

    There is no meeting tomorrow (for the month of December).

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    New York Daily News

    Dang, dang, dang goes the trolley

    The city is pulling up a two-block stretch of trolley tracks near the Red Hook waterfront, paving over the derailed dreams of Brooklyn's most ardent streetcar enthusiast.

    The move brought Bob Diamond - whose life's mission has been to return the clanging cars to Brooklyn - to tears last week as he watched construction workers toil on Conover St.

    He lamented that the line he envisioned as stretching from Red Hook to downtown Brooklyn was never completed after the city halted funding two years ago.

    "The people running the city have no foresight and vision for the future," said Diamond, 44, who said he spent $100,000 of his own money on the tracks.

    "I would say for the money they spent removing the tracks, they could have just finished it," he added.

    Unlike the Red Hook line's slow, fitful and incomplete creation over the past decade, the work to remove tracks and freshly pave over the streets will be swift, promised Matt Monahan, spokesman for the city's Design and Construction Department.

    "We'll be cleaning those blocks and removing tracks to make them safe and drivable by January," Monahan said.

    The uncompleted tracks, as well as garbage that had collected there, made the streets impassable for cars, he added.

    Meanwhile, the last remaining vestiges of Diamond's failed dream - the historic trolley cars themselves - are in jeopardy.

    Diamond was served with eviction papers demanding he remove five historic trolley cars stored at the nearby Beard St. pier by the end of this month. But the trolley cars are trapped there, he said, because of an August 2001 barge accident that severed rail lines.

    "There's no way to get them out of the building short of cutting them up into little pieces," Diamond said.

    The trolley tracks that are being removed once led to a warehouse on the Beard St. pier, where trolley cars would have rolled out to pick up commuters.

    Originally published on December 22, 2003

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    Default Public Meeting re: BBP

    Next Public Meeting: January 8, 2004 The Coalition's Neighborhood Advisory Committee will meet at 6:30 p.m. in the Brooklyn Bridge Park Coalition Offices, 334 Furman Street at the corner of Joralemon.*

    The committee meets regularly on the first Thursday of the month to discuss issues regarding the development of the Park.* Open to the public.*
    RSVP to by e-mail, or by calling (718) 802-0603.

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    The city does good work, eh? How much do you want to bet that within 5 years a light rail line is proposed that would cover a similar route, but this time with the backing of certain politicians?

    (and the project would be millions over budget and schedule)

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    Just a gut feeling, but I get the impression that Bob Diamond is a likeable incompetent.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZippyTheChimp
    Just a gut feeling, but I get the impression that Bob Diamond is a likeable incompetent.
    I haven't met him so I can't comment on his likablity.

    But many many great men have failed to convince the public of the wisdom of public transportation projects in America. The car culture is ingrained deep here.

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    See the Newsday article in this thread.

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    I couldn't find an article, but I heard that the Port Authority has transferred ownership of piers 1-5 to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corp, and because of the savings in not having to maintain them, donated $85 million to the park.

    The park funding is in place, and construction will start next year.

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    That's always nice.

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    One of the Piers (I think 5) isn't actually owned by the PA. I know some people on the Park Coalition, I'm checking with them.

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    Default PA Press release

    It's sounds to me that the $85 million isn't new funds, just a re-interation of what was called "State" funds (the PA is a state agency) which we've known about for some time.



    December 23, 2003

    Bistate Agency to Donate Brooklyn Piers for New Park

    The Port Authority Board of Commissioners has committed $85 million for the planning, design and construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park, which will be built on surplus piers that will be donated to a state agency.

    The 63-acre property, known as Brooklyn Piers 1, 2, 3 and 5, will be donated by the Port Authority to the Brooklyn Bridge Park Development Corporation (BBPDC), an Empire State Development Corporation subsidiary responsible for the park’s design and construction. The Port Authority and BBPDC will enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to facilitate the property transfer and funding.

    Governor George E. Pataki said, “Brooklyn Bridge Park will be a world-class park in a world-class borough. When completed, the park will stand shoulder-to-shoulder with such New York City jewels as Prospect Park and Central Park.”

    New York City Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg said, “We continue to make enormous progress in the continuing construction of Brooklyn Bridge Park, which will be the biggest park to be built since Prospect Park once it is completed. We are committed to working with more the State on the design and development of this major park that will allow New Yorkers to reclaim Brooklyn's waterfront, and I want to thank the Governor and the Port Authority for their ongoing support.”

    Port Authority Chairman Anthony R. Coscia said, “This funding commitment will ensure that an underutilized property will have a new role as a vital and active part of New York harbor’s waterfront, attracting residents and tourists alike to a beautiful new waterfront park with spectacular views of the Manhattan skyline.”

    Port Authority Vice Chairman Charles A. Gargano said, “The concept for Brooklyn Bridge Park was developed through an extensive community process that resulted in an outstanding park plan that has broad community and political support. The detailed master planning and environmental review of the park is currently underway and is expected to be completed by the middle of 2004.”

    Port Authority Executive Director Joseph J. Seymour said, “Since 1995, the Port Authority has invested nearly $34 million to maintain the physical integrity of the piers in anticipation of the park’s future development. An additional $8 million is included in the Port Authority’s current five-year capital plan to complete this state-of-good-repair program.”

    In the early 1980s, the Port Authority determined that the piers were no longer needed for their original maritime use given the evolution of much of the maritime trade to containerization. In 1994, the Port Authority officially declared the property as surplus.

    In 1997, the Downtown Brooklyn Waterfront Local Development Corporation was formed to develop an illustrative master plan for the park. That plan, completed in 2000, provides the basic framework for the current park planning and design.

    In May 2002, Governor Pataki and Mayor Bloomberg announced the formation of the Brooklyn Bridge Park Corporation and committed $85 million in state funds and $65 million in New York City funds towards the park’s construction. The Environmental Impact Study (EIS) on the park plan began earlier this year. The transfer of title is expected to occur upon completion of the EIS.

    The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey operates many of the busiest and most important transportation links in the region. They include John F. Kennedy International, Newark Liberty International, LaGuardia and Teterboro airports; AirTrain JFK and AirTrain Newark; the George Washington Bridge; the Lincoln and Holland tunnels; the three bridges between Staten Island and New Jersey; the PATH (Port Authority Trans-Hudson) rapid-transit rail system; the Downtown Manhattan Heliport; Port Newark; the Elizabeth-Port Authority Marine Terminal; the Howland Hook Marine Terminal on Staten Island; the Brooklyn Piers/Red Hook Container Terminal; and the Port Authority Bus Terminal in midtown Manhattan. The agency also owns the 16-acre World Trade Center site in Lower Manhattan. The Port Authority is financially self-supporting and receives no tax revenue from either state.

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    Note they don't mention Pier 4, which is privately owned.

    PA is also in the process of relinquishing Piers 6-12, they've asked for development ideas and will award the piers to the most feasible and appropriate uses for the respective communities.

    Pier 6 looks like a lock to be annexed for the Park. Atlantic Avenue dead-ends into it, making it a perfect high-traffic enterance to the park. This will help silence or—at least quiet—NIMBY's complaints about the foot and car traffic the park will bring to Brooklyn Heights.

    Pier 7 seems a lock for a Carnival Cruise Line terminal. The Cruise industry is really up in arms about the lack of useful piers in NYC, I'm sure the gov't will be anxious to placate them, and stem the rush to Bayonne, NJ.

    Besides, it will be a great view from the edge of the park to see a big cruise ship (and you know any Cruise line is going to pay close attention to keeping their Pier looking nice). Plus the Park will be incorporting a large (350-room) hotel, so tourists could easily tack a few days of NYC sight-seeing onto their weeks cruise.

    It's great news all around!

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    Is Pier 4 the one that looks like a piece of rotten driftwood?

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    I think the number 85 million is a coincidence. The PA is bi-state, and not really a public agency, as is the MTA for example. The PA can't levy taxes or receive any funds from either NY or NJ, and is completely financed by it's own operations.

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