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Thread: Hong Kong vs Shanghai

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    Default Hong Kong vs Shanghai

    I never understood how you can compare Kong Kong to New York or Shanghai to New York. New York to my opinion is a completely different style to the hypermodernism of Shanghai and HongKong. All three cities are world class in thier own manner but comparing Hong Kong to Shanghai is much more easy because of thier similarities. So which do you think is better?

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    Shanghai's skyline is still under development; for the forseeable future its growth is going to appear too haphazard to form a very coherent skyline. Not so with Hong Kong.

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    There are several reasons why I wrote the poll of Hong Kong vs. New York. First of all, I just can't compare Hong Kong and Shanghai. They're both cities in mainland China. I still would rather compare Hong Kong to New York because Hong Kong is one if not, the only city in the world to ever challenge the skyline of New York.

    Also, it's the battle between the East and the West. Hong Kong and New York, to me is worth comparing. Both are financial centers, have dominating skylines, the same vibrant lifestyle and culture, the fast-paced lifestyle and similar geographical features (both city centers are in islands). I wrote HK vs. NY because I wanna show that there is a city that can rival New York.

    If Shanghai has reached at least second place if not, the first, than it's worth comparing! Besides, Shanghai is sinking an inch so I don't think there will be more skyscraper construction at this time!

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    Default Shanghai

    Well seeing as how Shanghai is sinking the officials have dramaticly slowed the pace fo construction and due to the magnitude of the problem (sinking over 1 cm a year) I feel Shanghai will never be given the oppurtunity to mature liek it would have to give HK a run for its money. I give my vote to Hk for sheer location and density.

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    Although I adore The Bund in Shanghai, Pudong just looks odd. Therefor my vote just has to go to Hong Kong.

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    [QUOTE=SUPREMO]Hong Kong and New York, to me is worth comparing. Both are financial centers, have dominating skylines, the same vibrant lifestyle and culture, the fast-paced lifestyle and similar geographical features (both city centers are in islands). I wrote HK vs. NY because I wanna show that there is a city that can rival New York.[QUOTE]

    I was just in HK for vacation, everybody there walks so slowly compared to NY. Most parts of the city I visited I found to be extremely unfriendly for pedestrians. Also, there is no street edge like in NY - for the most part, each block contains only one building, which, due to the set backs above the buildings' bases, one perceives more sky than building (similar to, say, Houston) as opposed to the canyon views in NY.

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    Someone mentioned that Shanghai was sinking pretty quickly. Is there any estimate on when the City might sink below sea level? Are we talking about decades or centuries here? This is pretty awful.

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    Honk kong has a higher density of skyscrapers then Shanghai.

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    Default Hong Kong vs. Shanghai

    I'm initially from Hong Kong soI would know that Hong Kong all that a large city has: a large skyline, influential people, and a western infleunce (i.e. Tokyo has a Amercan influence, Hong Kong has a British influence). So.., I guess Hong Kong is a better city...

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    Another great building for Hong Kong, and another reason why Hong Kong wins this battle:

    Union Square
    Hong Kong
    Harbor Vantage Management Limited

    Mixed use - Offices, Hotel, Retail

    200,000ft / 262,185 m

    Schematic Design

    At the end of December 2000, Sun Hung Kai sponsored a competition for the design of a major tower and retail development adjacent to the Kowloon Station, facing the Bay of Hong Kong, and towards the central city of Hong Kong.

    The programmatic brief given to Kohn Pedersen Fox by Sun Hung Kai encouraged the development of a tall tower structure which requested us to design a tall building that was both programmatically efficient and structurally economical. The programmed area for the tower was to include 270,000 square meters of office space and a 250-room "six-star hotel." Our response was to collaborate immediately with structural engineer Leslie Robertson and to determine the most efficient plan and a structural system for a building of these dimensions. These highly pragmatic concerns dominated our thought process and were the influencing factors in this building's design.

    Subsequent to the determination of sufficient form and structure we then introduced this theoretical form into a dialogue within the realities of the program in site conditions. Our primary challenge was to effectively draw together an external spatial environment which unifies the entire complex with the designs of the tall office tower.

    The 7-star hotel in the crown of the tower has extensive convention & conference facilities as it is meant as a business hotel


    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C., of Chevy Chase, Md. (USA) today announced plans to open a 300-room hotel in Hong Kong in 2009 which will be a showcase of contemporary design, as well as the highest hotel in the world. Additionally, a letter of intent has been signed to open a second Ritz-Carlton hotel in Shanghai on Century Boulevard in the heart of Pudong's Lujiazui District.

    Both hotels will be owned by Sun Hung Kai Properties Limited, one of the largest real estate companies in the world operating in Hong Kong and mainland China.

    The 1,574-foot-tall Ritz-Carlton will soar above the city's skyline and harbour, becoming a landmark structure from its strategic location above Kowloon Station on the Hong Kong Airport Railway line.

    Since 1993, The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company has operated one of the region's most successful and award-winning properties, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong in the Central District, under the direction of regional Vice President, and General Manager Mark Lettenbichler. The company will continue to operate this hotel.

    The new hotel will occupy the upper 13 floors of a 100-storey plus tower designed by the renowned architectural firm of Kohn Pederson Fox Associates PC. The site will be the home of a major mixed-use development, including condominiums, office space, retail and serviced apartments.

    Designed to make an impressive architectural statement, the new Ritz-Carlton in Kowloon will match its exterior quality with equally stunning interior appointments. Luxuriously-appointed rooms and suites will be spacious, featuring the latest in technological enhancements and the finest design elements. Windows will overlook Victoria Harbour with 360 degree panoramic views. In addition, the signature Ritz-Carlton Club level will provide an exceptional level of privacy and exclusive services for guests, including complimentary, round-the-clock food presentations and dedicated butler/concierge services.

    Three fine-dining restaurants will be complemented by The Lobby Lounge and Bar. Meeting space totaling 1,200 square meters, including a grand ballroom of 640 square meters, will offer customers an array of choices from board meetings to social functions. Of special note will be an indoor swimming pool, complemented by an outdoor swimming pool, set high atop the hotel. A world class spa and wellness center will occupy the top floor, offering a unique vantage point for Ritz-Carlton guests.

    "Asia continues to provide the best strategic growth opportunity for The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company," notes Simon F. Cooper, president and chief operating officer. "We are proud to partner with Sun Hung Kai Properties in the development of this extraordinary new property. The location offers significant advantages because of planned development in the area, as well as access to vital transportation links. This hotel will offer both our corporate and leisure guests an address that is exclusive, as well as highly convenient."

    Sun Hung Kai Properties' Chairman and Chief Executive Walter Kwok said, "We are very pleased to have The Ritz-Carlton as the operator of this magnificent six-star hotel which will occupy the top floors of the 1,574-foot mega tower. This property forms an important link in the Kowloon Station development and will be the highest elevated hotel in the world. Our Kowloon Station development will offer residential, office and retail space along with the luxury hotel, all designed and built to the most exacting standards. We are confident that the world-famous
    Ritz-Carlton hospitality and service will make this one of the finest hotels on an international scale."

    The Ritz-Carlton Hotel Company, L.L.C. of Chevy Chase, MD, (USA) currently operates 58 hotels in the Americas, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. It is the only service company to have twice earned the prestigious Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, which recognizes outstanding customer service. For more information, call toll free, 1-800-241-3333, contact a travel professional, or consult the web site at
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails Click image for larger version. 

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    My bad. I was just excited to post the news because this is such an incredible building. I knew I had seen it somewhere before. Apparently the there's a thread that specifically was made for it, but there hasn't been a post in it for over two years. Putting that aside, I find it pretty ironic that this building is being discussed in a thread entitled Hong Kong vs. Shanghai. The Ritz-Carlton hotel in this tower will be the tallest hotel in the world once it is built, taking away the title from the Grand Hyatt in the Jin Mao Tower, located in none other than...Shanghai.

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    Please forgive me if this is a stupid question, but can an American with a passport just pick up and travel to Hong Kong? or must one get a special visa? (I just noticed United was running a $599 roundtrip and well... I'm feeling adventurous...)

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    US citizens do not need a visa to visit Hong Kong.

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