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    Hungry, malnourished people are generally not in the mood to spend time walking the streets. I would assume the elevators in those buildings are unreliable if they even exist at all, if they are occupied.

    I visited Moscow in January 1986 and the streets were more crowded than the Pyongyang photos, however, the level of activity on the street was less than NYC. After dark the nightlife was virtually nonexistent and the streets were very empty.

    The Moscow subway stations are far more crowded at just about any hour.

    Those pictures do remind me of the endless miles of nearly identical housing complexes of Soviet Moscow.

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    I think the only solution to North Korea is unite with the south if that's possible! It just shows that communism does not work! Also, economic sanctions of the US to DPRK is one of the reasons why the people are malnourished, their economy is low and why people want to escape to South Korea. I think right now, the only solution of the DPRK is to recruit it's people to the army.

    DPRK - Democratic People's Republic of Korea

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    I think it runs deeper than that, Supremo. Yes, American sanctions have contributed to the impoverished state of the people, but there's also the fact that the DPRK government spends billions on its military (particularly concerning the development of nuclear weapons) and Periclean building projects in Pyongyang (i.e.: the Juche column, the Ryugyong, etc.).

    This standoff cannot go on forever. North Korea is unlikely to use nuclear weapons on the peninsula or in Japan, but it has enough conventional artillery along the border to brush Seoul off the map in the first hours of hostility. Bush's rhetoric is not helping matters, but then again neither is Kim Jong Il's. I want to see a unified Korea, as do many people on both sides of the DMZ. It's just a matter of geography that determines whether they believe Pyongyang or Seoul should be their capital. Let's hope that it's Seoul.

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    Looking at those photos the place gives me the creeps.

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    Those photos remind me of a 60 Minutes story about how controlled the North Korean society is. In the 3rd photo, the object in the center of the intersection is a traffic cop on a raised platform. The story showed a female officer with hand paddles directing traffic with military precision. The camera pulled back and the commentator said, "But there's no traffic."

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    This is an example of "1984" put into effect, except without those giant TV screens everywhere. BIG BROTHER is definitely watching you!

    More images of Pyongyang.

    Anti US poster, I think the style of this poster is more like Japanese manga. This is definitely not similar to Russian constructivism.

    Pyongyang at 5 pm. If this was in a capitalist country. The streets would be crowded street and people are just getting home from work!

    Nice place to drive huh! High-rises buildings lined the near-empty streets.

    An elementary school in DPRK. Television is a one of their teaching methods.

    Some entertainment. This is inside the Koryo Hotel.

    The Arc De Triomphe? This one is taller than the one in Paris

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    Wow, so that huge hotel just sits there, empty. Kinda scary. It's like they wanted to make a grand capital on the level of Paris or Moscow, but did a poor job.

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    I'd sure like to tour it if they allowed, which I'm sure they don't. Wouldn't it be amazing to have such a large building to yourself? I can't even imagine... A thousand footer, completely empty. Crazy!

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    This photo reminds me of Buffalo actually. New York State has its own problems.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Freedom Tower
    I can't even imagine... A thousand footer, completely empty.
    It is hard to imagine, but when the Freedom Tower is completed.....a much bigger nearly empty tower.

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    True. But the freedom tower will go from construction workers to businesspeople relatively quickly. In Pyongyang theres just nobody there. But yeah it's similar. It will be empty for a short while. That'll also be weird. To see such a huge tower unoccupied.

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    The elementary classroom had several empty desks...

    I took my 1986 Soviet propaganda posters out for a look - as mentioned above they portray the US eager to attach the peaceful USSR. Or boasting of the great accomplishments of the Soviet system. No images of the Soviets attacking the US, as the North Korean did.

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