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Thread: Honest Opinions of Canada's Capital "Ottawa"

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    Default Honest Opinions of Canada's Capital "Ottawa"

    Hi all i recently went on a drive down the 401 to Ottawa, Canada's Capital City~! I brought along my camera and took some pictures of the urban scene there! What do you all think?

    Fun Facts:

    Population: 785, 000 Proper, 1.2 Million Metro
    FACT: Gatineau, Quebec is just across the river
    FACT: Gatineau is building a light rail, Ottawa has the smallest Metro in the world.
    Main Thruways: 416, 417, 5, 148, 174, 50
    TV Stations: 6 3 English, 3 French

    Here are the pics:

    This last shot is about 40 minutes away from the city!

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    Bayview Metro Station in Ottawa

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    Nice pics. Ottawa's pre-war buildings are very nice, but there are too many boxes. Looks kinda like it's stuck in the '60s. But the setting is superb.

    Where does the name "Ottawa" come from, may I ask?

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    I belive its an indian name. There is a Ottawa in IL as well, not nearly as big tho.

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    I think it needs at least one new tall modern skyscraper to make it more interesting. But right now it doesn't look that exciting to me.

    Does it have a good office market?

    In philadelphia, there are a couple of cool modern office towers but nothing has been built since the early 90's (not a good office market at the moment) :?

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    Ottowa's best buildings to my opinion are the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau and National Art Gallery of Canada

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    Off ice space in Ottawa is very good, its just the fact that there is a height restriction in effect due to the Canadian Parliment Buildings.

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    Quote Originally Posted by LF22
    Ottowa's best buildings to my opinion are the Museum of Civilization in Gatineau and National Art Gallery of Canada
    I agree on both accounts. I also think the addition to the Mint or was it the Suoreme court also is very nice. I think Erickson did that.

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    I lived and worked in Ottawa for five years. If you like Gothic architecture then the Parliament and surrounding buildings are appealing. Recently, a multi-year cleaning and restoration of its exterior was completed. The tall Peace Tower structure at the front is impressive with its gargoyles.

    Ottawa is a very clean city. Wellington Street which runs in front of the Parliament buildings is washed clean every night with four street cleaners. During winter, small snowplows are used to clean the city's sidewalks.

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