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Thread: Red Sox v. Yankees

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    Quote Originally Posted by antinimby View Post
    ARod + Giambi = stinking garbage.
    ARod + Angry Fans = BOOOOOOO!!!!

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    Yankees are done, next big hit at the stadium will be the demolition crew breaking the "Cathedral of Baseball" as Michael Kay the idiot calls its facade.

    Its no surprise they have broken the curse and flipped this rivalry towards Boston, NY has a mayor who is a closet Red Sox fan!

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    That's nonsense. The Yankees are no longer dominant in the AL East because of the philosophy they had for the last 5-10 years, which was to trade all their young prospects for other teams' veterans. Bid for all the star players in the offseason. They went after the aging, veterans, that were overpriced and on the decline in their abilities.

    That might have worked except they scouted poorly or made bad decisions on the players they signed or traded for.

    Instead of Vladimir Guererro, George Steinbrenner chosed Gary Sheffield. He traded for Randy Johnson 1-2 years too late. Then there were the Kevin Browns, Carl Pavanos, Johnny Damons, Steve Karsays, Jeff Weavers, Jason Giambis', Raul Mondesi's, Jose Contreras', Esteban Loaizas, Javier Vazquezs, Kenny Loftons, Jaret Wrights, Kei Igawas and god knows what else I left out.

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    Default 'Steinbrenner's Brown Shirts'

    So, Yankee Stadium Takes This No Moving During "God Bless America"-Thing Rather Seriously

    Remember a little more than a year ago when George Steinbrenner, inflated with patriotic fervor, imposed a laughable rule that instructed security officials to ban anyone from "excessive movement" during the 7th inning rendition of "God Bless America." Granted, most New Yorkers seemingly abide by it, but sometimes the system must be tested by one man's agnosticism and patriotic indifference. Oh, and he had to piss.

    Meet Bradford Campeau-Laurion, a 29-year-old man from Astoria, Queens, and a director of web production for a "major website" who made the unfortunate decision to blatantly disregard "God Bless America" and hit the head. He was dealt with swiftly and aggressively by Steinbrenner's Red, White, And Blue Muscle. (Full story)


    "A baseball club is part of the chemistry of the city. A game isn't just an athletic contest. It's a picnic, a kind of town meeting."
    - New York Yankees President Michael Burke

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    $140 million for C.C.?!!

    The Yankees are nuts. Do they even know what's going on with the rest of the world.

    That team (Cashman, etc.) are so out of touch with reality, it's ridiculous.

    If they don't win this year, and I mean win it all in 2009, Cashman needs to be fired (and I was one of his proponents throughout his tenure).

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    ^^^ actually, it's 160 million. Damn, thats a lot of money..

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    Three highest-paid pitchers in baseball are currently all left handers. The other two are Johan Santana and Barry Zito. Monopoly money for Yankees considering what they have done to get talent of this kind in the past. (Even the Red Sox, reportedly, were unwilling to go there.)

    Is he worth it?

    After watching both Johan Santana and C. C. Sabathia in the A.L. Central a short time ago, I considered them to be the two best starters in baseball, or at least the American League. C. C. was just as good when he went to another league in the midst of a pennant run, raising his game almost to the level of perfection for a time there.

    But that body has always scared me ... and he has shown some down time at points in every season.

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    Two notes: the years are at seven for the $160M, and Carsten Charles prefers C C over C. C.

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    Last twenty World Series (winner in red):

    1992.....Braves..................Blue Jays
    1993.....Phillies..................Blue Jays
    2004.....Cards...................Red Sox
    2005.....Astros..................White Sox
    2007.....Rockies................Red Sox

    23 different teams have played in the WS since 1988, 13 NL and 10 AL.

    10 teams have played in the WS more than once, 5 in each league.

    Only 4 teams have won the WS more than once - Marlins in the NL; Yanks, Red Sox, and Blue Jays in the AL.

    Other observations:

    A's seemed to have something going, appearing in three straight; but they have gone nowhere in the last 18 years.

    Same for the Blue Jays, who were dominant in 1992 and 1993, but have disappeared since the strike.

    Next to the Yanks 6 appearances, the Braves have played in the most at 5, but their WS record is 1-4. Is that good or bad? With so many games being played, the toughest thing for a baseball fan is to stay engaged if their team is out of it. So on one hand, Braves fans were in it to the end, but on the other hand, it ended badly.

    The Angels always seem so dominant, but have played in only one WS.

    The Twins have played in one WS, winning it. However, they always seem to be competitive, and I think, the best run small-market team.

    Much has been made of the Rays and their small payroll, but they have been awful for a long time, and gradually built the team through draft picks. Will they hold it at the same level, or follow other one-shot wonders like the Padres, D'backs, and Tigers? The winning Phillies were also crap for a long time.

    Would Yankee or Red Sox fans tolerate so much down-time to produce a low-payroll winner?

    Are the Yankees successful? The answer is obvious by both measures, but we've been spoiled.

    The only fans that have a true gripe are Met fans.

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    The Yankees simply prefer to buy a single player rather than build an entire "Team" that can be successful playing as a group.

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    Building an entire team requires a lot of down-time, which goes to my point. Would the fans tolerate it?

    It was done in the mid 90s, but look at the time before. And what invariably happens when a team succeeds is you have to reward the players you've developed with big contracts, or they'll go elsewhere. And you have to protect the added investment by staying at that level. That means bringing in high priced instant-impact players.

    The Yankees tried team-building last year, and look what happened. Missed the playoffs for the first time in 14 years. For most places, it would be, "So what, had to happen some time." But fans screamed that Cashman should have gone after Santana; and, I'm sure if they don't win it all this year, you'll hear complaints about all the money that was given to CC.

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    Well it looks like there gonna send Melk Man to Brew Crew for 36 year old Mike Cameron, good friend of CC's. Way to get rid of young talent, thats what my Yanks do best!

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    Default $12 Measly Million Short?!

    Sources: 'Tex' takes Yanks' 8-year deal news services
    Updated: December 23, 2008, 6:33 PM ET

    The New York Yankees swooped in Tuesday and hooked prized free agent Mark Teixeira, reaching agreement with the first baseman on an eight-year contract worth $180 million, three sources involved in the negotiations told ESPN The Magazine's Buster Olney.

    The agreement, which is subject to a physical, includes a signing bonus of about $5 million, no opt-out clause and a complete no-trade provision, the sources told Olney.

    The contract will pay Teixeira, who made it clear he wanted to make a decision on where to play next season and beyond by Christmas, an average of $22.5 million per season. Boston's offer to Teixeira was for $168 million over eight years, an average of $21 million a year, the sources told Olney.

    The deal also virtually eliminates any chance that free-agent outfielder Manny Ramirez has a landing place with the Yankees. New York does have money left to add another starting pitcher, most likely veteran left-hander Andy Pettitte at $10 million if he agrees to terms soon.

    Teixeira's salary gives the Yankees, who are preparing to move into their $1.3 billion new ballpark in April, the four highest-paid players in Major League Baseball: himself, Sabathia, third baseman Alex Rodriguez (10 years, $275 million) and shortstop Derek Jeter (10 years, $189 million).

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    The deal also virtually eliminates any chance that free-agent outfielder Manny Ramirez has a landing place with the Yankees.

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