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Thread: Red Sox v. Yankees

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    Never heard of that guy, but it figures that Casey Stengel was involved in his nickname.

    From Baseball Library: Boom-Boom Beck supposedly earned his nickname while pitching for Casey Stengel's Dodgers in 1934. Becoming upset during a July 4th game when Stengel came out to remove him when the Dodgers still had a lead, Beck angrily threw the ball into right field at the old Baker Bowl in Philadelphia, PA. The ball hit the tin-plated wall and caromed to center. The "boom-boom" of the rebound roused hung-over centerfielder Hack Wilson, who was daydreaming during the pitching change and thought the game had resumed. Wilson pursued the ball and fired a strike back to the infield.
    Casey talking to Boom-Boom Beck:
    Stop that, if you break a toe I won't be able to get anything for you.
    I wonder if Casey was referring to Hack Wilson when he said:
    I had this player in Brooklyn, and you could ask him for a match and find out what bar he was in the night before. After we traded him to another club, I always went up to him before the game and asked for a match. If he pulled out a match from some bar, I knew he had been out late and I could pitch him fastballs.
    Hack Wilson, when sober (One sports writer wrote that he was built along the lines of a beer keg, and not wholly unfamiliar with its contents), was quite a ballplayer. In 1930, he hit 56 home runs and his 191 RBIs is still the MLB record.

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    I got that nickname from the Bob McGee Book: "The Greatest Ballpark Ever"

    The pitching staff [in 1933] incuded Walter "Boom-Boom" Beck, so named for the quick reversal of his offerings and the sound they made when careening off the outfield walls.

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    Dear Jasonik,

    Wishing you and yours a Happy Babe Ruth Sale Day.

    90 years ago today.

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    Yankee-Red Sox schedule is weird this year.

    Two straight at Fenway: Opening day; May 7-8-9.

    Three straight at YS: May 17-18; Aug 6-7-8-9; Sept 24-25-26.

    At Fenway (end of season): Oct 1-2-3.

    Nothing in June or July.

    An interesting connection with interleague: Yanks travel to LA to play Torre's Dodgers; would have been better if the series was at YS. But a week earlier, Manny-wood will return to Fenway with the Dodgers.

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    Zippy, shouldn't the poll be changed now to Who Will Win the 2010 Al Pennent?

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    I'd like Brett Gardner a lot more if he didn't look like Dustin Pedroia.

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    Just got tickets for the Manny-Torre interleague circus at Fenway...

    The Sox will probably honor Nomar who retired as a member of the Red Sox at the beginning of the season.

    There'll be something for everyone -- even my date for the game can root for Joe to beat the Sox just like old times.

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    Will it be a theme day, with giveaways?

    Joe has that War of the Roses thing going on in LA. I think he's part of community property.

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    Marcus Thames Gets a Burnett Pie

    Two-run game tying homer off Papelbon in the 9th by Rodriguez; hit batter; two-run walk off homer by Thames.

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    Bobby V, welcome to The Rivalry.

    Through 5: Red Sox 9-0

    Final: Yanks 15-9.

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    Tonight's game rained out. No further ass-kicking until the Yanks are back in Fenway on July 6th.

    Red Sox don't visit YS until July 27th. Who makes up these schedules?

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    Ass-kicking resumed.

    Red Sox now at .500, tied for the basement.

    It was the Andruw Jones Show. Played the entire game with a big smile. Two homers, catch at the Green Monster, and nice relay to double up Papi.

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    Might as well start this now; can't see Valentine surviving into next season.

    In light of the ongoing blowup between manager and media, who will be the Red Sox manager in 2013.

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    Are the Red Sox back to 2011, Chicken & Beer in the clubhouse?

    Pablo Sandoval got benched for surfing Instagram and liking a woman's photo. Can't blame him, except he could have waited until the game they were losing was over.

    With Sandoval, you have to wonder if surfing involved snacks.

    This is how he looked when he reported for spring training, after signing a portly contract:

    From some of the things I've read, Giants fans are saying that the Red Sox should have known that Sandoval's weight was an oscillating affair.

    Some seasons, he could really get off the ground:

    In others, he was firmly grounded:

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