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Thread: New York Taxi

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    .....I call this BLOOMBERGING it....)))))))))))))

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    Hate hate HATE the look of the new cab fleet. They're down to 3 finalists but because of their design spec they're going to turn NYC into an army of ugly urban stationwagons. Can't believe these johnny cabs are almost here

    Take Me to the Future, and Step on It

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    The SERENITY PRAYER might help in this situation..))

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    New Bill Could Make Wheelchair Cab The Taxi Of Tomorrow

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    City Shelves a Plan to Legalize Hailing Livery Cabs


    Published: April 28, 2011


    An ambitious attempt by the Bloomberg administration to legalize hailing livery cabs on streets outside of Manhattan has been shelved after criticism from the taxi industry and lukewarm support from key lawmakers.

    Instead, the city is weighing a proposal to create a class of yellow cabs that would be prohibited from picking up passengers in most of Manhattan, the taxicabs' traditional territory, but would be able to do so in other parts of the city, according to three people familiar with the discussions.

    Under the plan, which is being made final, new medallions would be issued for the restricted cabs. The medallions would be sold for a small fee, or, in one version of the plan, at no cost. Regular medallions, which bestow the right to pick up passengers on any city street, are typically sold at auction and can be worth nearly $1 million.

    Officials say the revised proposal would achieve their goal of providing better regulated, more equitable taxi service to the wide section of New York City that is perpetually underserved by yellow cabs, which congregate in denser parts of Manhattan where they are more likely to find fares.

    Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg outlined a plan in January for improved cab service, which he said was a major aim of his third term. He said the plan would allow riders to hail livery cabs legally.

    Since then, however, the administration has faced strident resistance from a coalition of owners and drivers of yellow cabs who have said the plan would be detrimental to their livelihoods, arguing that their business models would be destroyed.

    The complaints were seen by some as the griping of an entrenched industry, but the concerns eventually translated into political trouble for the administration, which, by a quirk of city statute, needed approval for its proposal from the City Council, and members began to express misgivings.

    Stephen Goldsmith, the deputy mayor for operations, acknowledged in an interview on Wednesday that the city was trying to accommodate the wishes of many groups, including council members. Even the city's Transportation Department, Mr. Goldsmith said, had expressed concerns about the plan's effect on curbside access.

    "There are just, like, a hundred different issues," Mr. Goldsmith said.

    By not making it legal to hail livery cabs, the city hopes to mollify yellow-fleet owners who feared their medallions would lose value. (The city maintained that since more than 95 percent of taxi pickups occurred in Manhattan, no such devaluation would occur.) Some livery cab companies had expressed a preference for remaining with a model in which most customers arrange door-to-door rides by phone.

    The new plan would be enforced by tracking data from the taxis' GPS devices, which allow the Taxi and Limousine Commission to see where cabs travel in the city.

    An influx of new yellow cabs in the boroughs other than Manhattan could spell trouble for livery drivers accustomed to cruising those neighborhoods for rides. But Fernando Mateo, founder of the New York State Federation of Taxi Drivers, one of the largest livery driver unions, said residents accustomed to taking livery cabs would continue to do so.

    "Their habits for their entire life is to pick up the phone and reserve the ride, or go out there and look for a Lincoln Town Car and hail them down," Mr. Mateo said.

    (Hailing a Town Car on the street, of course, remains an illegal, if commonplace, practice in the city.)

    The administration's troubles with its initial proposal were reported on Wednesday by The Wall Street Journal.

    "The mayor's bottom line is quality taxi access in all five boroughs," said David S. Yassky, the taxi commissioner.

    "I am confident we're going to get there."

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    City council tackles taxi cab issue

    Wednesday, April 27, 2011
    Web produced by Jennifer Matarese, Eyewitness News
    NEW YORK (WABC) -- For New Yorkers who don't live in Manhattan, allowing livery drivers to legally pick up passengers who hail them could be a good idea.
    Most yellow cabs, 97% of them, drive only in Manhattan.
    But the idea isn't going down well with drivers.
    Now the city council is involved.
    In 10 years of city living, Fidel Amos has known the frustration of being refused a cab ride to the outer boroughs.
    "If they take that position as a taxi driver, you sign up to do the job, you should do it," Amos said.
    But, taxi driver Laz Lopez says sometimes he feels the need to refuse a fare.
    "This is our job, but this is not like an MTA bus where there's a 100 people on the bus. It's just me and the guy who pulls out a gun, perhaps. There's such a thing as instinct. If someone's shady, why can't I just say no? People get robbed left and right," Lopez said.
    Wednesday, city leaders were discussing the problem of service refusals.
    A new bill would, among other things, increase the fines for cabbies who refuse service.
    Right now, a driver can be fined $350 for the first offense and $500 for the second one.
    The third violation can result in the loss of a license.
    If the new bill passes, the fines could jump as high as $1,000.
    "We have to send a clear message, we need the higher penalties to send that message," said David Yassky, TLC Commissioner.
    "I think it's a little harsh, but if that's what it is, it's what it is," Lopez said.
    The TLC's commissioner says there has been a recent uptick in service refusals, which 500 reported in March alone.
    Cab passenger Rawan Muqaddas wouldn't mind the situation improving.
    The city council is also considering the mayor's proposal to allow livery cabs to accept street hails in the outer boroughs.
    The discussion of this issue continues.
    The city council hopes to vote on it in June.

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    Cab drivers ask for 15-percent hike in fares to combat rising gas prices

    Last Updated: 5:01 PM, April 27, 2011
    Posted: 5:01 PM, April 27, 2011

    More Print
    Cab prices are just not fare!
    With gas prices soaring, cab drivers are asking the city for a 15-percent hike in rates – a spike the city’s Taxi and Limousine Commission Chairman said he would consider.
    Bhairavi Desai, head of the Taxi Workers Alliance in New York, said she will formally propose the increase next week.
    “We don’t think there should be a major fare raise in these economic times but we haven’t had one in seven years and if you expect us to provide the service of mass transit then you need to make it economically viable for us to do so,” Desai said following a City Council Transportation Committee this afternoon on legislation that would raise fines for drivers who refuse to take passengers to destinations outside Manhattan.

    She said rising gas prices make it financially difficult to justify a trip to the outer boroughs because hacks rarely find passengers to bring back to Manhattan. Drivers pay for their own gas.
    TLC Chairman David Yassky did not rule out the possibility of a fare increase.
    “Gas prices to impose a real burden on drivers since drivers pay for the cost of gasoline. … When gas this $4.50 a gallon it could make it hard for a driver to pay the rent and put food on the table so I understand why they put that forward and we will certainly give it the consideration that it’s due,” Yassky said after testifying at the hearing.

    Read more:

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    Exclamation Get Used to this Ugly Piece of Sh**

    Here it is folks, your new fleet of 13,000 NYC soccer mom station wagons


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    Low slung and little tires will have some trouble on bumpy downtown streets.

    Time for DOT to do some street fixing.

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    I was rooting for the Turkish entry. Showed promise of becoming an icon.

    The choice shows timidity.

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    Very ugly winner.

    What's that about no fare increase in 7 years? seems they went up not very long ago! has it really been 7 years?

    Anyway, taxi fares are too damn high already.

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    bummer, those new taxi just look terrible.

    holy mother teresa

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    NYC will be uglyfied

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    Quote Originally Posted by MidtownGuy View Post

    ... Anyway, taxi fares are too damn high already.
    Good tag for next mayoral campaign:


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