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Thread: Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai) - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    ah, you have everything ... except the ability to spell and the knowledge to understand that everything that goes up must come down.

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    lol lofter, and the fact that he's still looking for recognition on a NYC website.

    Let's all go to Wired Dubai and post how cool us NYers are. We've got universities too! wow!

    It is my experience that those that have just come out of poverty need to brandish their appearance of wealth the most.

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    It's a happening site.

    Looks like they've got LOTS to talk about ...

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    Quote Originally Posted by mohammed View Post
    BOY U SAY We don't have universites we have high universiteies that rrovides us with everything we need for free laptops apartments an mountly poket money and evry citizen gets a villa there i just went to the us to study the english acent i already know english we don't have to pay to study like u we bring ur teachers and from enlgand and india and we treat them like shit just come and try to live here that if u can afford that . and we don't send anybody to india the carbage can we bring thier workers and ive them jobs that they can't get ever + free tickets india is shit
    even if you could speak english properly you'd still sound like an idiot

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    I am sorry, but have to say that Mohammed is most probably not an Arab from the Gulf, but some other.... Down here in Dubai is not like what he is imaganing or have heard else where. Few are lucky to get Government houses and less than few - Government scolarships for foreign studies. You have to be from the right family and have the right family connections to get privileges. Universities are plenty and brand new, which can suggest the level of education and culture and traditions. The country is 34 years old, but will eventually get older. Dubai is becoming very expencive and opportunities are less. Petrol soared since more than 10 years and is now merely 10 % from the Dubai Emirate budget (unlike Abu Dhabi where it's 94%). How long the boom will continue??? It will most probably for some couple of years. Before all , we are located in the Middle of the Gulf and surrounded from Oil rich states as Saudi Arabia and the Abu Dhabi Emirate.
    Now, I welcome you All to come and visit Dubai for a week or two. It may be a good expirience, but for Americans life will be better in America in a long term.
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    To be overly optimistic, which I rarely do, hopefully everywhere will have it well, or substantially better in the long term.

    As you said, Emirates is young, and it can take years and years for the cogs to fall into place. Imagine what the US would be like if all this crazy technology and architecture were available 400 years ago when we started building -- we would've had a similar initial 40 years.

    Anyway, good to hear a more informed, less biased opinion. Thanks!

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    Here's a silly question: What's going on commericially in Dubai? Is there enough business going on to fill all these buildings, or are these just prestige projects for there own sake? Skyscrapers happened in Manhattan because we ran out of land to go horizontal. In UAE, there's nothing but trackless desert. The only reason to go up is for show. It kind of makes the think the whole place is all flash, no substance.

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    What I think is going on??? More than a decade ago it was estimated that the petrol in the Dubai Emirate will dry out approximately in the year 2015. Since than the Government developed a strategy to open the Emirate for foreign investments in order to develop different kind of industries and attract finances, as well as population. In a result of that, the population since 1994 until today increased from 690 thousands to more than 4.5 Million. The local population merely consist of 10-15%. All tricks (my personal expression) are in use: Free Zones, Shopping Festivals, Tax-Free system (eventually value-added taxes will be introduced), free hold property developments etc. This is alright as economy its booming for the moment and many people are making lots of money very fasst. How real it is, it's another question. Now a day the international press is publishing positive opinions, but if you dig the Forbes articles it may look a bit different. We all here try to be optimistic and wish and hope for the best, but it’s a bit scary for conservative minds as mine. One think I can say for sure: Some people have made lots of money very fast, which is always the case in countries undergoing dramatic changes or makeovers. When the dust settle down it won’t be easy and as everything gos very speedy here, it won’t be in a faaaaaaaaar future.
    Trough my business I occationally help companies to sattle in Dubai. Some start well in less than a year, but the number f people coming here with high hopes and going back home in less than a year is increasing.
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    getting back on subject, as of Dec. 3, 2006 Burj Dubai has reached the 90th floor.

    latest news on:

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    Three things:

    1- it doesn't even look that tall to me since there's NOTHING there to compare it to, not even some small apartment building or something? This thing looks to be half a mile from the nearest other buillding.

    2- the shoulder on that highway looks like quicksand, once you pull over you never come back

    3- about all the cranes, I realize there's a lot of construction and maybe Dubai is becoming "popular" but can someone tell me if any, even the best, real estate market can handle anything of this sort? What does a square foot sell for in Dubai? Probably won't be much.

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    Actually rents and prices have gone up like crazy, however it should fall back once all this stuff's finished.

    It looks bloody tall to me though, it's easy to see by the floors. Also that particular angle is bad since there are more towers on both sides but none there. There's loads of stuff which hasn't even started in this project, some towers have been built but there are still loads left. Here are some pics of a model showing the entire thing:

    You can see the 2 towers in the real life pic here:

    Some more pics (remember, a lot of these towers are only placeholders)

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    Default Dubai

    I think that this recent massive boom in dubai is great and all, but I don't trust it one bit. What's their economy? Oil and tourism. Once the oil dries up, which it will; Period, there will be nothing there. Companies will have no reason to stay in dubai. Tourism may keep it alive, but with global warming the desert will overcome the city. Eventually, the money in the country will dry up because not enough is going into it. The real estate market will crash, and all of these huge new projects will be sitting there, mostly empty. I would never invest in something over there. Still though, this is something I fear will happen, but wish not too.

    I probably over emphasize a bit but this is just my opinion.

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    What's in all these buildings? It seems like there are new buildings announced for Dubai every day, but I don't know what they're used for. Residential? Hotels? Offices? I'm sure some of all these things. But it still seems like a lot of space. Is it being occupied full-time?

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    ^ A Potemkin city?

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