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Thread: Burj Khalifa (formerly Burj Dubai) - by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLOZ Link5
    Hmmm...not very many people on the streets.
    In Dubai, hardly anyone ever walks.... infact, people who do walk around are stared at. lol

    Everyone loves to drive and hence the horrendous traffic.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deimos
    I love this picture... it doesn't look real with that amazing reflection
    u should see it when the sun reflects off it durin the evenings.... its like a giant mirror:

    just for interest, this bulding is the National Bank of Dubai.

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    Getting this thread back on track now......

    Found a vid produced by REUTERS that was posted on a Danish website. I think many of u may enjoy watching it..... oh and she accidentally says says CNN Tower, when she meant CN Tower.


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    Smile !

    Quote Originally Posted by Kolbster
    For such a small place this tower is unfitting. 20 bucks says it''ll go bank rupt. So big a building for small a country
    30 bucks says you're wrong.
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    Default Don't Worry

    Quote Originally Posted by PHLguy
    I am Very worried for Dubai, 5000 Towers in a city thats 6 hundred thousand. This place will go bankrupt in no Time. Dubai is building nearly 15 1000 footers in the next 20 years and Trying to build 3 WTB's. News about a chessboard with 70 story peices comes out.

    This is really scary, people dont know how to use money.
    Have you been to Dubai? It's not 600,000 people, it's 1.3 million. And it's not 'trying' to build 3 WTBs, but it is actually building 2. The chess thing is all rubbish.

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    Default Suck it and see

    [QUOTE=Kolbster]True they have realized that (or they are just trying to keep up with international competition; make a name for themselves...but i doubt that), but i still feel as if they are over developing.

    Please realise that Dubai is not, and never has been, rich in oil. Dubai has always been a trading port. The Rulers realise that they need to diversify away from oil & gas, and have been doing just that. Dubai is now the regional base for many multinationals, and is a growing tourist destination.

    You need to look at what Dubai is doing in a regional context. It might be a small city, but it is a (Mecca is probably the wrong word) destination for the entire Arab world, as well as Europeans and Asians.

    In fact Dubai is doing something unique - it is being Hong Kong and Singapore (for business) and Spain and Greece (for tourism) and I don't know what else for quality of life.

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    Default So That's How It Works!

    Sorry guys, I've been posting all this drivel and didn't see it until I got to the last page.

    Anyway, the point is that Dubai does all these crazy things. By which I mean, it doesn't say 'wouldn't it be nice if..', and then hold a public enquiry that might go on for years. It just does them! Freedom Tower, where are you?

    WTBs apart, Dubai used to have a fairly short coastline - about 100 kilometers. The 3 Palms, The World and The Waterfront will increase that to something like 2,000 Kms! And guess what, lots of people want a house with a bit of private beach. Lots of rich people want their own private island. Well Dubai's building 300 of them, and they're all sold out!

    If you want to know more about the day-to-day nitty-gritty of living in Dubai, read my blog

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    i'm now on, it's the best forum with the most members for skyscrapers and so.

    here's a good link, follow it and it brings you to the 'construction updates of the international forums'. here can you go the the Burj Dubai Part 4.

    just see the pictures what dubaiflo and dubai-lover had made!

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    An image of how a part of Dubai will look in around 5 years time, all the towers seen here are either recently built, U/C or approved and due to start soon. Astonishing to think that this was all desert barely 5 years ago.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stern
    I agree, the bottom is a mess. I like how the top dissolves though.
    Yes, that's really great!

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    "In fact Dubai is doing something unique - it is being Hong Kong and Singapore (for business) and Spain and Greece (for tourism) and I don't know what else for quality of life."

    I wish Toronto would do this......

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    There is an interesting article by Ian Parker in this week's New Yorker about Dubai and Burj Dubai.

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    Quote Originally Posted by keefieboy
    30 bucks says you're wrong.
    30 bucks says that your

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    New Picture Update:

    First a new render:

    Update Of September The 22th.

    Check the difference between that 1 month.

    Update Of October The 14th. (Burj Dubai on 17 floors)

    I'm right now in dubai for some business and to begin a new part of my company there. today i've been on the construction site there. the tower looks HUGE!! it's so huge.. the tower is now at around the 17th floor. just another 150 to go!

    I've not make the pictures byself, Thanks to Dubai-Lover from

    I'm now in the city of Dubai. it's not the largest city in the world, it have not the largest skyline in the world, but i think it's the largest construction zone in the world! Dubai is lovely. all the gold what you see, and all that money they spend for some hotels.

    here is the hotel where i stay for now. (Emirates Towers)

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