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Thread: 8 Spruce Street - Beekman Tower - by Frank Gehry

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    Quote Originally Posted by TLOZ Link5
    Very astute observation, London.
    Thanks. It's really ridiculous that these residents extort things from developers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by londonlawyer
    The local residents' absurd extortion is an example of what I was getting at in a prior post about how New York is an anti-development city. If this building were proposed for Chicago, Houston (or most any other US city), all of the local yahoos would be excited about it. They wouldn't flip out because it's too massive and demand amenities for their own properties. The saga with Lots 5B and 5C in Tribeca is another example of this.
    The reason this happens more with skyscrapers in New York than other cities is that New York is blessed with true mixed use downtowns in which people live. People don't complain in Houston or Chicago because nobody lives in the CBD, not because they are more pro-development or pro-skyscraper.

    I once worked on a project in a large midwestern city which shall remain nameless. We were developing a four story mixed use building on what was an abandoned, polluted gas station and an old religious hall. The site was on a busy commercial street, but backing up against single family homes across the alley behind. The reaction from many of the homeowners was what I would have expected if were were replacing the brand new building with the polluted vacant gas station, rather than the other way around. As a general rule, people don't like newcomers, and they don't like change.

    Look at the Bank of America tower. It will be the third tallest building in the city, but nobody raised a peep about it. Why? Nobody lives across the street.

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    There's a decent amount of people living in Chicago's CBD, actually. That's my pointless nitpick of the day.

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    Tomorrow is another day

    Scarlet O'Hara

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gulcrapek
    There's a decent amount of people living in Chicago's CBD, actually. That's my pointless nitpick of the day.
    True, but in the Loop, it's pretty new, like in the Fin. District for us.

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    do we actually have a CBD? If there is a CBD, wouldn't it actually be mid-town? Or do we have two CBDs? or is the whole of manhattan, below Central Park the CBD?

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    Quote Originally Posted by nybboy
    do we actually have a CBD? If there is a CBD, wouldn't it actually be mid-town? Or do we have two CBDs? or is the whole of manhattan, below Central Park the CBD?
    With New York, it's hard to tell because the whole city is built up so heavily. People sometimes say that Manhattan is like one large downtown. However, New York doesn't embrace the U.S. city model as seen in LA or Atlanta. It's definitely more European, with a widespread, multifacted central district as opposed to one that's primarily used for business.

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    But, it is generally recognized that New York currently has three major Business Districts: Midtown Manhattan, Downtown Manhattan, and Downtown Brooklyn.

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    BOA wont be the 3rd tallest will it? According to Emporis it goes-

    FT,Empire, Chrylser, NYT, American International, and THEN I right???

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    If you count spires BOA on completion will be the second tallest building.

    If you dont count spires BOA still will be second tallest building on completion.

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    But to ILUVNYC's question...

    Freedom Tower will not be completed before BoA. At the time of BoA's completion it will be 2nd tallest.

    Freedom Tower's completion pushes everything down a notch. NYTT also will be right up there, if you count spires. Although that spire, in my opinion, is just ridiculous.

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    Default NYC CBD

    Depending on who you ask NY's CBD can be one of two things:

    Manhattan south of 60th street is a CBD for a broader metropolitan area (the North-east megalopolis, if you will). I forget the exact statistics, but I think somewhere in the vicinity of 65% of jobs in the tri-state metro region are located in Manhattan S. of 60th.

    In terms of just the city, the NYC Dep't of City Planning considers Mid-town and Downtown manhattan each seperate "international" scale CBDs (i.e. competing with the likes of London, Tokyo, etc.) while downtown Brooklyn is being positioned as a National downtown competing with other regional centers like Chicago, Boston, Miami, Houston, etc. Mid-town manhattan is the second larget office district on earth (after the neighborhood in Tokyo who's name i can't help but forget), and is the largest CBD in the country -- Downtown manhattan is third largest in the country (still, even after losing WTC). Second is Chicago's loop area.

    By this model, Jamaica, Flushing, the Hub (bronx), etc. become regional/local CBDs serving areas with population equivalents to places like Kansas City, Syracuse, etc. Obviously places like Jersey City, Newark, Stamford, etc. also fall into this model -- some have national scale CBDs some regional/local scale.

    The reality is somewhere between those two models -- which is why bi-state arguments like between Jersey city and NYC are so pointless -- at this stage we have become a region competing against other regions like LA, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong, etc. Sort of the screwed up thing is that most of those regions have national or state backing, in addition to the municipal backing, whereas the NYC+ is very fragmented...

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    i never knew those facts. I always thought downtown manhattan was the largest of its kind in the world.

    As for the tallest buildings in nyc, i find them to be in this order with the spiral. FT,ESB,hopefully the building on this forum, BOA,Chrysler, NYT, and so on. I don't know were 80 south street will fit and tower 3 on wtc site has no official height so this is very,very possible to change.

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    Item in

    Ratner on Gehry

    Developer Bruce Ratner said he expects to release renderings of Frank Gehry’s tower design for NYU Downtown Hospital’s parking lot site by the end of the year and he hopes the building will be seen as comparable to Lower Manhattan’s landmark Woolworth Building.

    Community Board 1 and nearby residents at Southbridge Towers and on Nassau St. have raised objections to the building’s 700-foot height and the lack of proposed community space in the building. The building between Beekman and Spruce Sts. will have apartments as well as facilities for the hospital and Pace University.

    Ratner described Gehry’s proposal as spectacular and beautiful. “The issue is design, not height,” Ratner told Downtown Express at a fundraising gala for the hospital Wednesday.

    He said the building will not be reminiscent of Gehry’s most famous design, the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain, but will be similar to an idea Gehry had for the New York Times’ headquarters Ratner is developing at Times Square (Renzo Piano was ultimately selected as the Times building’s architect.) Ratner said the Downtown tower will curve in and out and he gestured in the shape of a woman to illustrate his point.

    Hospital officials say their existing building will get a facelift to match the Gehry design and there will also be green space added as part of the project.


    I don't know if that 700 ft statement is a typo or just old information. 700 ft would have been in the range for the building at 55 storeys. A 75 storey 700 ft building would have a floor-floor height of 9.3 ft, not adequate for the commercial portion.

    Frank Gehry New York Times HQ proposal

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    like i said before, this will become an amaizing building. I can tell. Can't wait for renderings.

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