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Thread: 8 Spruce Street - Beekman Tower - by Frank Gehry

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    Does anyone have pictures of the base? I'm in Boston, so I'm familiar with his ill-fated Stata Center at MIT. The detailing of the masonry portions of that building were incredibly awful, almost malignly negligent. From what I've seen earlier in this thread, the design of the base could be pretty grim.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merry View Post
    New York by Gehry struggles to find its place among Manhattan skyscrapers.

    Thomas De Monchaux

    In what may be—or worse yet, may merely appear to be—a hasty exercise in value engineering, those ripples disappear altogether from the South facade, where their occasional shading effect might have been environmentally justified. This gesture puzzles all the more in this rare Manhattan skyscraper that sits on its own island; that fronts, thanks to that entrance plaza and an adjacent alleyway, all four compass points; and further, thanks to the rare open vistas afforded by City Hall Park, the bridge approach ramps, and the East River, might—like the former Trade Center Towers themselves—address the entire horizon with all the duty and splendid isolation of a lighthouse. Instead we have a front. And a back. And a displaced building waiting to be filed away among the narrow frontages and deep block interiors of midtown. Or Houston.
    Hit the nail on the head with that lighthouse analogy... thats why this tower is really nice [one one side], but in no way imbues the iconic status of a great NYC tower. Any reference to this being the best tower in the last 50 yrs is, IMHO, idiotic. Perhaps in a 2-dimentional universe it would be an iconic long as what was expressed was the northern side of the tower.

    Quote Originally Posted by futurecity View Post
    What a load of horse crap. He probably wants all NY skyscrapers to look like the empire state building.
    Yeah cuz the ESB is such a crappy source of inspiration.

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    I don't know. I still even like the flat side:

    And the base:

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    New York by Gehry’s Insanely Shiny Facade Sets Fire to Local Buildings

    by Jessica Dailey

    Critics raved when Frank Gehry’s soaring residential tower at 8 Spruce Street opened in February, but they may want to rethink their praise for the glimmering steel facade. The ‘New York by Gehry’ building is so incredibly reflective that it has set fire on more than one occasion to surrounding buildings. The New York Fire Department reported that the concentrated reflections from the shiny stainless steel are so hot that they caused fires on the roofs of several nearby buildings over the course of the last few weeks, including the Verizon Tower (shown below), Pace University and New York Downtown Hospital. Fortunately, no one was injured during any of the incidents.

    At a press conference yesterday, the NYC Fire Commissioner told reporters that a vinyl picnic table umbrella on a roof deck at Pace started to melt from the heat, and ultimately set fire to the deck. Students quickly noticed the wilting umbrella and called 911. A custodian used a fire extinguisher to small blaze, and the damage was contained to the deck area, which is now closed until further notice. The Verizon building suffered a larger fire, as there were no humans in the building to detect early signs.

    At the press conference, local residents, Pace students, and Verizon employees all expressed concern over the building’s glare. “It’s really quite dangerous,” said Christina Black, a junior at Pace. “I used to study on that deck all the time, but the heat from the Gehry building, even in the winter, has made it really uncomfortable. I’m glad I wasn’t up there when it caught fire!”

    This isn’t the first time that one of Gehry’s shiny steel buildings has had this problem. His Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles has a similar metal clad exterior, and it created reflections in a manner similar to a parabolic mirror. And predictably, similar problems were also reported by neighbors of his shimmering, titanium-clad McMansion in Los Angeles.The resulting heat made surrounding buildings so unbearably hot that the building had to be sandblasted to reduce glare. Now, some concerned citizens in NY are calling for the Gehry residence to get the same treatment. The Fire Chief said that the property managers were looking into a solution.

    New York by Gehry's Shiny Steel Facade Sets Fire to Local Buidlings | Inhabitat New York City

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    Haha, reminds me of Sim City

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    Quote Originally Posted by Merry View Post
    New York by Gehry’s Insanely Shiny Facade Sets Fire to Local Buildings
    ^ This is an April Fool joke ... right?

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    u really need clarification of that?

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    Not a good April fool's joke!!

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    I was delivering new kiosk to the South Street Seaport this week, let me tell you from that point of view it is truly one beautiful building.

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    The school gym up above Spruce Street ...

    Shed is down along William Street, and the plaza is starting to go in ...

    Around to Beekman ...

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    Free muggings in the rental gallery.

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    This is New York v.2011. Crime is outdated.

    More like a hidden spot for a quickie.

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    Any pictures of the lobby/entrance to the tower?

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    what a horrible color.

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