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Thread: Atlantic Yards Development - Commercial, Residential, Retail, NBA Arena

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    Of course, the opposition will gladly accept donations to help their cause....

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    Me too, Hopefuly they'll do it.

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    Whatever causes the least amount of demolition possible.

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    Brooklyn Paper (May 1 edition)

    Council airs Nets arena on Tuesday

    By Deborah Kolben

    As developer Bruce Ratner moves forward with plans to build his Atlantic Yards development, the City Council has scheduled the first official public hearing on the 21-acre proposal.

    The public hearing is scheduled for Tuesday, May 4, at 10 am inside the council chambers at City Hall.
    Both opponents and proponents of the plan are invited to testify.

    The sweeping, $2.5 billion commercial and retail development includes a 19,000-seat professional basketball arena, four soaring office towers and 4,500 units of housing.

    While Ratner has the support of high-ranking officials including Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Gov. George Pataki, he still faces opposition from residents in the footprint and surrounding neighborhoods.

    As part of the plan, Ratner is asking the state to use its power of eminent domain to condemn more than two square blocks of privately owned land. The MTA has said that it has not yet agreed to sell Ratner the air rights to build over the 11-acre Long Island Rail Road storage yards.

    The project will likely be co-sponsored by a state agency, such as the Empire State Development Corp., and will therefore not be required to pass the city’s stringent land use review process.

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    What the hell is that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stern
    What the hell is that?
    The community proposal for the Atlantic Yards site... :roll:

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    Is that the best the community can come up with?

    :x BORING!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by krulltime
    Is that the best the community can come up with?

    :x BORING!!!
    As boring as those renderings are, it would probably be worse in real life. And a waste of space...

    Fan club Brooklyn NETS....

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    You people have no aesthetic awareness. Can't you see how the statue is evocative of Big Willy.

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    Default Rally for the Nets - TUESDAY 5/4/04


    From: "Giovanni" <brkl97@a...>
    Date: Fri Apr 30, 2004 7:45 pm
    Subject: BROOKLYN NETS NEED YOU!!!!!!!!!!

    Folks, I have said before I was in close contact with the Nets team,
    and now is when I call for help from the group... On TUESDAY, there
    will be a City Council hearing on the Nets and the Arena and i just
    got a call asking to round up all the supporters we can to be
    there... this is not just please show your support this is big...
    SO...the information follows and please pass it on to WHOEVER you
    know that can come and support the team and the arena... this is an
    important day, more important than I can stress... I would love to
    see HUNDREDS of supporters there if we could...Thanks so much, I'll
    get to any questions soon... info is as follows:
    When: Tuesday, May 4th at 10:00AM

    Where: City Hall, Council Chambers, before the Committee on Economic

    Transportation: W or R to City Hall, 4, 5, or 6 to Brooklyn
    Bridge/City Hall

    From: "Giovanni" <brkl97@a...>
    Date: Fri Apr 30, 2004 8:12 pm
    Subject: NETS RALLY 2

    I just called and found out that people should be there as early
    as possible, but no latr than 9a.m. so they can get in on the
    event...and... the first 250 people who come out to support the team
    and arena will be thanked with the first official Brooklyn Nets t-
    shirt ever... so again, we need ya... now's the time!

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    I was going to attend the hearing today, but decided not to. Maybe someone else will be there to report on events. It won't affect the course of development however....

    More dates for various Brooklyn developments:

    Public Meetings

    Tuesday, May 4, 10am. PUBLIC HEARING on the Ratner Nets Arena Proposal held by the Economic Development Committee of the City Council. CITY HALL, 250 BROADWAY In the main Chambers of the City Council. Arrive early and bring identification. We need people to show thier support and attend. There will be some time for Public Comment, so Sign in to speak when you arrive

    Wednesday,May 12 @6:30 P.M. Community Board 6 General Board Meeting. Location Brooklyn Boro Hall 209 Joralemon St. Community room. To discuss Downtown Brooklyn Plan. Open to the public. PLEASE ATTEND!

    Wednesday, May 12, 7pm. Open Community Discussion on the Proposed Nets Arena and High Rise Complex. LOCATION: To Be Determined.

    Thursday, May 13, 6pm. Community Board 6: Landmarks/Land Use Committee - Public Hearing on the IKEA Red Hook Project. PAL Miccio Centern110 West 9th Street, GymnasiumnRed Hook. No pre-registration is necessary. Speakers will be given up to 3 minutes. Written statements are welcome and can be submitted to "" The anti-Ikea group wants to pack the place so it will be very hard for the board to vote overwhelmingly in favor of it, in spite of what the Executive Committee wants.

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    NY Post...



    May 4, 2004 -- The Nets will be a net gain.

    Developer Bruce Ratner's proposed arena for the New Jersey Nets in Downtown Brooklyn would pump more than $800 million into city and state coffers over the next 30 years, according to a study by a sports economist.

    Andrew Zimbalist, an economics professor at Smith College in Massachusetts, is critical of using public money for arenas. But this proposal is different, he said, because the city and state will put up relatively little money, and moving the Nets to Brooklyn will capture millions of dollars in tax revenue collected by New Jersey.

    "It's a very attractive project," Zimbalist said. "I think my $812 million is a conservative estimate."

    He said the report left out "hundreds of millions of dollars" in additional revenue - such as property taxes of new residents and the tax on any profit the Nets would make - because they are impossible to estimate accurately.

    Critics scoffed at the report, which was commissioned by Ratner himself and released on the eve of today's City Council hearing on the $2.5 billion arena, housing and retail complex.

    "This is a self-serving document written by a hired hand," said Councilwoman Letitia James (WFP-Brooklyn), whose district includes the intersection of Atlantic and Flatbush avenues, where the arena would be built.

    James pointed out that Zimbalist admits in a footnote that his attendance and construction-cost numbers came from Ratner.

    Zimbalist denied that his books were cooked. "These are my numbers and my analysis. The methodology is correct," he said.

    According to Zimbalist, the city and state would spend $690 million on infrastructure improvements and other costs over the next 30 years. But that money is offset by the $1.5 billion in tax revenues from the project. (All figures are based on current dollars).

    A large chunk of the revenue will come from income taxes on the salaries of high-priced players. Those income taxes, estimated at $110 million over the next 30 years, are collected by New Jersey.

    Ratner has promised to create affordable housing in the 4,500-unit project. James, whose committee will hold a hearing today, questioned Ratner's definition of "affordable."

    "This report says that 'middle-income' is up to $142,000," she said. "That's not middle income in my community. That's luxury housing."

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    Rep. Major Owens is pushing the Brooklyn Navy Yard. He cites the 300 acres are already city-owned, making the review and approavl process easier and less costly. However, he also cites that the available land makes it possible to create 25,000 parking spaces. This, I think, is totally opposite what thecity should be looking at. The one thing I like about Ratners Atlantic Yards is its reliance and assumption of mass transit usage. An arena surrounded by a 25,000 space parking lots is fine for Indiana, butnot for Brooklyn. Shea Stadium sits isolated in a parking lot and that lot only has 10,000 spaces.

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    Not to mention that is exactly what the team is trying to move away from. People have also been pushing Coney Island, but the site won't change. I've seen some coverage of the hearing on television, nothing new was said. This project will get done.

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