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Thread: What's wrong with this place?

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    Default What's wrong with this place?

    Earlier today, I posted a comment suggesting civility after Kris made some truly inappropriate ad hominem attacks. My comment was quickly deleted. I don't know who erased my message, but I assume it was Kris.

    I suggest that Kris, as one of the leaders of this site, cool his rhetoric, stop his unethical censorship, and allow the polite expression of opinion to flourish.
    Last edited by Kris; October 4th, 2009 at 05:38 PM.

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    Who are you and what do you know? Not much, obviously.

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    I read your comment tmg, it was not out of bounds, it was deleted, and I can assure that it was not me.

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    Christian, I have a lot of respect for you, but sometimes your remarks really can be over the top. It wouldn't exactly kill you to act a bit more civilly.

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    Forgive me if I don't adopt your consensual style, TLOZ Link5.

    Stern, I'm not the one who got suspended. Keep up the opportunistic power struggle.

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    Christian why dont you do the forum a favor and resign?

    I would be happy to welcome back my friends who had left on your account.

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    And who would those be? At least your motives are transparent - certainly more manifest than your "friends".

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    I dont want a power struggle. I want you to stop bothering those members with an opposing viewpoint.

    I mean seriously Chrisitian, if you wanted a power struggle I can promise you that the forum is on my condition.

    Who's with me?

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    As you well know, the only way I've bothered members with opposing viewpoints is through debate - however harsh the tone employed.

    BPC has had a questionable and offensive behavior since his registration and received the treatment he deserved. One can be shocked at it only by reading very selectively. tmg has the nerve to teach manners while not having a clue or even searching for one. But at least this is the proper place for registering a complaint (unlike the other thread).

    Stern's despicable exploitation of this "crisis" has a simple explanation: He once was so upset that he, a moderator, was moderated that he started deleting my posts and topics for the sake of it. Refusing to settle the matter amiably (arguing already that he'd win a popularity contest), he was suspended.

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    BPC might have been dealt with accordingly, but there are cases where you've jumped the gun. The most prominent recent instance for me was when Liz L voiced a very innocuous opinion about Cesar Pelli. Your response to her was something along the lines of "He's a hack, and you don't know jack." Forgive me if I'm the only one who thought what you said was a bit too harsh.

    I'm not saying you should step down as moderator, nor am I trying to make enemies or take cheap shots as you accuse Stern of doing. This is, like you said, the proper thread to register a complaint and my complaint is merely that there have been times when you were way too heavy-handed in your criticisms.

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    "He's a hack, and you don't know jack." A provocation that rimes. Frankly, I find it melodious. And fruitful since it spurred Liz L to be more straightforward.

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    It is completely appropriate for tmg to voice his complaint in this section of the forum. That's why this section was created in the first place - to have a feedback from the members of the forum, to have a discussion on what this forum is and how it can be improved. However, I am troubled by the name of the thread - "What's wrong with this place?" - too depressing.

    This forum approaches 1000 registered members, has daily active discussions, and obviously, from time to time there would be conflicts; but does it mean there is something wrong with "this place"? - I don't think so. Can the forum be improved? - sure it can; every member is encouraged to provide his/her comments and recommendations, and we can civilly discuss how to improve this place.

    Regarding moderators, sometimes it is overlooked what a tremendous job they are doing. It's a difficult task - to keep this forum working smoothly, so, when discussing specific comments or decisions by a moderator, let's keep in mind the big picture.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stern
    Christian why dont you do the forum a favor and resign?
    I concur.

    In my opinion, this forum has changed significantly for the worse since the arrival of Kris. Elaboration is tempting but not worth it.
    Last edited by Kris; October 5th, 2009 at 04:34 AM.

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    Yield to the temptation. It is necessary to explain when the change occurred as I've been an active member since the forum's birth (and to convince that you're not just another tartuffe with a personal gripe).

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    The forum has changed, not because of Kris who has maintained his sometimes abrasive style from the beginning, but because it has become large.

    Regarding the incident that led to this topic, Kris’s response to Liz L was harsh, but the debate should have been confined to them. BPC’s remarks were inappropriate, and when TMG jumped in the next day, the issue was already over. If an argument becomes disruptive to the forum, a moderator or Edward will eventually step in. TMG should have used the PM feature or started this topic.

    So would the forum be better off without Kris? Consider the amount of maintenance it takes to keep this place running smoothly: posting relevant material, redirecting topics, eliminating duplicate material, and filtering out nonsense – all while participating in the discussions. Ever notice how long-dormant threads pop up with new information? We all know who is responsible for most of this.

    What’s wrong with this place? To get a true evaluation, visit the competition, where thoughtful topics are inundated with childish replies - free expression and lots of fun for the participants, but useless for those seeking information. Some of those morons once found Wired NY too restrictive. This forum should evolve and improve, but it’s still the best place in town.

    Tartuffe. I had to look that one up. :P
    Last edited by Kris; October 4th, 2009 at 05:40 PM.

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